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Five things I’ve learned since politics
My time on the frontlines of politics was enormously exciting and instructive. Representing people in both Fort Charlotte and Marco City was an honor, even if challenging at times. Serving as a Cabinet minister in the areas of youth, sports, culture...
I coulda, shoulda, woulda
The title of today’s article is indeed a popular phrase which just about everyone is familiar with ‘I Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda’ which people use when they know that they’ve not done what they knew in their heart they should have done. But My...
Has rail a future in the Caribbean?
Historically Caribbean railways existed to carry cane to factories, or raw sugar and molasses to ports. Later they were used to transport other agricultural crops and minerals, and as urban populations grew, provided passenger services. However, the...
Meningitis and hearing loss
There are many diseases that could result in a person losing some or all usable hearing. One such disease is meningitis, which is an infection affecting the membranes known as the meninges that encase and protect the brain and spinal cord. Although i...
Don’t ignore your child’s heel pain
Heel pain is a common childhood complaint, a symptom that demands attention. The number of children reporting heel pain increases in the fall and winter sports seasons. Increasing obesity in children is becoming a common cause of heel pain, even in s...
Your to-do list
I guess the very first question that I need to ask you is, do you have a to-do list? Well do you? You see there are a whole lot of people spread throughout this great big world of ours who really do want to be successful in life, however, they are so...
Putting your best foot forward
“It is not enough to do your best. You must know what to do, and then do your best.” – W. Edwards Deming   When I was growing up, before embarking on any undertaking, my parents often encouraged me to “put your best foot forward”. W...
Island insights: Inagua
Island overview Two things spring to mind when most Bahamians think of Inagua: flamingos and salt. While the industry and attraction may color public perception, Inagua brims with untapped potential in the growing field of ecotourism. With unrivalle...
The brief: Better instructions make better projects
Imagine you are a bride planning your wedding. One of the things you might do is get a wedding dress made. How does the seamstress know how to create the perfect dress? There are two things she has to do. First, she must measure your body, every part...
Everyone has a special gift
Have you ever heard someone say about another — he or she has a special gift and perhaps being jealous, and envious of them saying inwardly to yourself, I wish I had a special gift like he or she does. I bet many millions of people throughout this ...
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