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Lightbourn’s gaffe symptomatic of leadership
Bahamians were rightly outraged by member of Parliament Richard Lightbourn’s suggestion that Bahamian women with more than two children tie their tubes. The statement was insensitive and crude. However, the fact that the comment was aired from a po...
True emancipation for our Bahamaland
Emerging from the valley of grief and sorrow in the aftermath of the loss of a loved one is a difficult and long process. The pain and agony brought on by the sudden transition from mortality to immortality of my brother – Brandon Bradley Braynen p...
The Caribbean needs a full response to Brexit
Earlier this month, Caribbean Community (CARICOM) heads of government met in Georgetown, Guyana. Among the many issues they considered was Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. Their focus was on a secretariat paper largely intended for i...
Educational improvement or transformation?
Education in the Caribbean seems to experience identical problems of performance of students, and the way teachers are prepared for the classroom. In one country, an institution that prepares teachers was said to have only three of its 17 courses acc...
The leadership qualities of Loretta Butler-Turner
Leadership is tested in times of crisis. Some leaders panic and crumble. Some are paralyzed. Others excel and demonstrate grit and mettle. A leader’s strengths and weaknesses are exposed and highlighted during national emergencies, natural disaster...
The FNM convention: Before, now and after
Today the FNM begins its convention – the one that will decide who will lead it into the next general election. High drama preceded this event and there may be more high drama during it. The leadership race has been fierce and, at times, nasty. Mo...
A better way to protect the world from the next pandemic
The growing concern over the Zika virus highlights a frightening reality. The world remains ill-prepared for a fast-moving virus. Over the past decade, Ebola, avian flu, swine flu and other pandemics have shown how vulnerable the world can be when ma...
There can be no real change without challenge
Change is inevitable. Change is constant”. This quote, which is attributed to Benjamin Disraeli, the first Earl of Beaconsfield and former British prime minister, is often separated into two quotes to highlight the certainty and continuous nature o...
The long and winding bridge… to the future
“What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal.” – Friedrich Nietzsche   Last week Prime Minister Perry Christie announced that he will lead the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) into the next election for two reasons: because...
The view from Europe: Millennials turning away from cruises and casinos
Although the definition is quite loose, the expression millennial is usually used to mean those who were born between 1980 and the mid-2000s. In many parts of the Western Hemisphere this group now proportionately makes up the largest generation, acc...
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