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Benedictine bridges, part 2
“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” – Isaac Newton   Last week in part one of this series, we recounted the immensely impactful influence of the Benedictines from Saint John’s University (SJU) in Collegeville, Minnesota o...
The influence of feudalism on Caribbean politics
In his recent, brilliantly discussed commentary in Caribbean News Now, David Jessop suggests that over the next 10 years our way of thinking about the Caribbean will radically change as a result of new discoveries in oil and gas, presenting new oppor...
The changing face of the Caribbean, pt. 2
How should we regard the Caribbean’s future? Should it be with pessimism as some commentators suggest, or with optimism? The answer seems to lie in how one measures the likely effect of change. Looked at objectively, it is probable that over the n...
The virulence of racist ideologies
The cancerous and virulent nature of white supremacy and its attendant racism is manifested not only in those white people who consciously or subconsciously perpetuate this ideology of prejudice and discrimination, particularly through cultural habit...
The seven types of voters in The Bahamas
The parties are announcing their candidates. The campaigners are beginning to hit the streets. The faithful are beginning to draw lines in the sand; putting everyone in the category of who is for their man and who is not. The rich are beginning to ...
Friends, family and lovers: A Bahamian pandemic?
The apathy of the Bahamian electorate towards politics and the political directorate is obvious for all to see. The results of the recent polling conducted by Public Domain is not only telling but disturbing for a country that prides itself in high v...
Benedictine Bridges, pt. 1
“Through their works, you will know that they are My disciples” – John 13:35 During a visit to Saint John’s University (SJU) in Collegeville, Minnesota, this past week, I visited Fr. Magnus Wenninger, my math teacher at St. Augustine’s C...
The United Nations in the case of Haiti may have done more harm than good
I remember exactly where I was when the news broke out that some people in Haiti were dying of a strange disease. It was around this same time of the year, October 8, 2010, six years ago. I was on a bus going from Port au Prince to Cape Haitian; one ...
The changing face of the Caribbean
Over the next ten years it is likely that the ways in which we all think about the Caribbean will change radically. Oil and gas discoveries in countries once seen as being at the margins of the region; deep water ports offering close access to the e...
Perry Christie’s colonial mindset and backward thinking
Cable Beach was a prime location for redevelopment in The Bahamas and the Caribbean. There were various ideas espoused for its makeover as one of the leading tourism destinations in the region. Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, one of the country’s and ...
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