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Grand Bahama Power shows real leadership
The Grand Bahama Power Company Limited has showed effective leadership following the passage of Hurricane Mathew. I say this even as I sit in my home without power now for some 11 days after the Category 4 storm pummelled our chain of islands. Last ...
Hurricane Matthew: Time to rethink financing
Now that the proverbial dust has settled a bit, it is time to face the realities before us as a nation. Hurricane Matthew could not have impacted The Bahamas at a worse time, as we were in the midst of arguably one of the most economically challengin...
Matthew and the indomitable Bahamian spirit
“Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.” – Bernard Williams Two weeks ago, Hurricane Matthew entered the Bahamian chain of islands in Inagua as a Category 3 hurricane. For the next few days, Matthew pulverized the archip...
Climate change – a test of the region’s staying power
After a period of uncertainty, it has been confirmed that the Paris Agreement on Climate Change will enter into force on November 4. This is good news for the Caribbean, one of the most at risk parts of the world from sea level change and severe clim...
Leadership in times of crisis
Prime Minister Perry Christie was determined not be caught flat-footed and off-guard in issuing proper warnings ahead of Hurricane Matthew as he was in advance of Hurricane Joaquin. His administration adroitly raised the alarm about the seriousness ...
A good people’s response to a hard hurricane
There is a lot of goodwill out there to help our people in the aftermath of the passage of Hurricane Matthew. Both at home and abroad, kindhearted folks want to put their hands to the plow to make things better here. It’s an awesome confirmation of...
Statement on Hurricane Matthew
My fellow Bahamians and residents, Having just suffered the most severe hurricane to have affected The Bahamas in many years, I am sure that, all would agree that above all, we owe a deep sense of gratitude to Almighty God, through whose power alone...
Hurricane Matthew: On the other side of the storm
As the nation emerges from what is arguably the worst natural disaster to affect the entire Bahamas in modern times, the hymn written by Isaac Watts, “Our God, Our Help in Ages Past”, comes to mind. The opening stanza of this popular hymn of the ...
Grand Bahama Health: Emerging trends in medicine
Recently I brought remarks to the Bahamas Dental and Medical Association opening ceremony of its annual education conference. What follows is the essence of what I had to say to the group. Over the course of my life, as is true for so many people I ...
The calm before the storm
This week, the nation and indeed other parts of the Caribbean, including Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti, brace up, as we all prepare, for what is shaping up to be a dangerous and potentially catastrophic storm of the 2016 hurricane season for the region. Th...
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