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The prospects for the FNM
A recent Public Domain poll provided bad news for the PLP and the FNM. It demonstrated how low the PLP has sunk and how unpopular Prime Minister Perry Christie is. Most Bahamians are fed up with the government and believe the country is on the wrong ...
The five types of political candidates in The Bahamas
For a while now some people have been up and down constituencies seeking their party’s nomination in the upcoming general election. They have been ingratiating themselves to so-called “generals”, whose motto ever is “out with the old, in with...
The Bahamas: A nation and a people in transition
As a nation, we have certainly embarked on a voyage into the unknown and we find ourselves in unchartered territory. It is fair to state that we live in one of the most interesting times in Bahamian history. The challenges we face as a nation are wel...
Benedictine bridges, part 2
“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” – Isaac Newton   Last week in part one of this series, we recounted the immensely impactful influence of the Benedictines from Saint John’s University (SJU) in Collegeville, Minnesota o...
The influence of feudalism on Caribbean politics
In his recent, brilliantly discussed commentary in Caribbean News Now, David Jessop suggests that over the next 10 years our way of thinking about the Caribbean will radically change as a result of new discoveries in oil and gas, presenting new oppor...
The changing face of the Caribbean, pt. 2
How should we regard the Caribbean’s future? Should it be with pessimism as some commentators suggest, or with optimism? The answer seems to lie in how one measures the likely effect of change. Looked at objectively, it is probable that over the n...
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