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Equality for whom?
Violence and domination through discourse (language) and bullying have become commonplace in our small society. We often talk about our independence and our success at promoting popular advancement, but if we really begin to investigate further we se...
Bearing the progressive mantle
Paradoxically, Pastor Cedric Moss is both correct and incorrect. In an Op-Ed published on April 16, he wrote that we are having a “dishonest debate” about “gender equality”. This is true, but not on the grounds that Moss provides. Moss advis...
Equality referendum: Apathy, prejudice and payback
The upcoming referendum is about equality. But the passage of the four questions will be difficult in the face of apathy, prejudice and payback, all of which are drowning out the message of equality and inclusion. There is a virulent and deeply embe...
It’s not all politics but it’s plenty political
Elections are coming and many Bahamians believe that their fortunes will change with a change in government. There are literally thousands of Bahamians who believe that the situation they are in, particularly their economic situation, has to do with ...
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