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Star ratings and the authentic Caribbean
Some time ago I received an email asking me how many five-star hotels there are in the Caribbean. I replied that there was no recognized or independently adjudicated rating system anywhere in the region other than in the French département d’outr...
Person of the year Arlene Nash Ferguson: The sound of fire
“We rushing, we rushing, we rushing through the crowd. We rushing, we rushing, we rushing through the crowd. We standing, we standing, we standing tall and proud. We standing, we standing, we standing tall and proud. Ain’t nobody can take it ...
The unfortunate politics of S&P downgrades, pt. 1
Credit rating downgrades are political red meat for opposition forces, but they should not be. Rather, there should be a mature, constructive, country-first approach to dealing with these kinds of issues. In the past, as is the case today, within ho...
Has Caribbean politics ever been about the people?
Is democracy in the Caribbean a myth? Are elections a smoke-screen blurring the mythical underpinnings of democracy? Have Caribbean people really ever had a say in governance, apart from voting at every election then things return to business as usua...
Action needed to guide U.S. regional priorities
On December 13, the U.S. Congress sent to President Obama The United States-Caribbean Strategic Engagement Act of 2016 for signature into law. This extraordinarily important development comes just as a new U.S. administration is about to take office...
Cable Bahamas’ failed revolution and other poor service
The gap between the hype and promise of Cable Bahamas’ “Join the Revolution” marketing campaign, and the quality of service by the company, is as wide as the Tongue of the Ocean is deep. The often poor service of the cable television and Inter...
Rebellion against the Rebel Seven
Make no mistake about it, there are many people, particularly FNM supporters, who do not like what the so-called “Rebel Seven” did in ousting Dr. Hubert Minnis as leader of the Official Opposition. What is more, there are many more in the general...
Education and inequality
The debate continues as to whether education fosters inequality, or is it the force guaranteeing equality. Some observers feel that education by its very nature promotes inequality, which in turn is reproduced in society. The fact that the structure...
China – a tourism opportunity for the Caribbean?
At the end of last month, China published a detailed 16-page document, “China’s Policy Paper on Latin America and the Caribbean”, which sets out a new approach to relations between the Americas and the world’s second largest economy. The doc...
Political earthquake and aftershocks
Last week’s political earthquake is reverberating still with aftershocks and fallout throughout the country. The move to remove former Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis and replace him with Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner was done wi...
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