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Go ye from us
The people were tired of Perry Gladstone Christie. They could take no more of him. Bad leadership did not know when to go. And so the people took the action they had long been waiting for. We can now finally see the backs of Christie and the PLP f...
Bishop Delton Fernander’s vision for the Christian Council
Like salt that has lost its savor, the Bahamas Christian Council too often failed to season our national life with the richness and redemptive power of the gospels. In the past, the council was more prone to political favoritism rather than inspired ...
‘Nuff said!
There is no case for or against in this column today. Enough has been said. There is no grand expository on the state of things and how that state should influence the decisions voters of The Bahamas are making today. Enough has been said. There is n...
Venezuela’s crisis raises wider regional issues
Last week, after months of growing street protests, detentions, escalating violence, at least 36 deaths, and shortages of almost all basic necessities, Venezuela's President, Nicolas Maduro, announced the creation of a constituent assembly with the a...
General election 2017: the party leaders, pt. 3
“The most important role of a leader is to set a clear direction, to be transparent about how to get there and to stay the course.” – Irene Rosenfeld  The 2017 general election campaign is rapidly winding down. The most chaotic advance po...
I am predicting Marine Le Pen will become the next French president
Some two months before the last American election, last September I accurately predicted that Donald Trump would win the ballot in the following November election; I am now, two weeks before the final French election, penning the prediction that Mari...
Politics is education, not tribalism
Rickey Singh, a popular Caribbean journalist, in an article in the Saturday Express titled “Promises of new Jamaican politics,” says that the PNP opposition leader in Jamaica, Dr Peter Phillips, made a plea for his people to pursue a new kind of ...
Dame Joan is incorrect on Baha Mar deal
I have read with consternation the public commentary over the last few months and days concerning alleged “secret deals” that has surrounded the Baha Mar transaction. I am deeply troubled by the rampant, reckless attempt to misconstrue the facts...
Christie and PLP allow Bahamians to get fleeced at Baha Mar
From its original flawed inception and his willingness to grant excessive concessions, to his inability to initially get the Baha Mar megaresort open, to its near collapse, to now giving away an incredible amount of national treasure, Prime Minister ...
Whatever you do, be a man!
That’s what my mother said to me one day after I told her about all the challenges I faced in life a few years ago. “Whatever you do, be a man!” she said. These were words coming from a woman who basically had to raise nine children – five bo...
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