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Addressing the loss of health care professionals
Around the world, public health care systems are in crisis. From India to Australia, nations in the developing and developed world are struggling to meet the expectations of their local populations. The Caribbean is no exception. There are multiple...
General election 2017: races to watch, pt. 2
“Every time we go into the voting booth, we are choosing the moral and spiritual direction of our nation. That is a privilege and responsibility that should not be abdicated.”– Robert Jeffress   The 2017 general election campaign is now ...
Multilateralism is a key element in promoting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
The end of last year and the start of the current one were marked by major changes and enormous uncertainties, although there were also some notable advances and great opportunities, both at the global level and for Latin America and the Caribbean. ...
Mental health in the Caribbean: The silent epidemic?
Beyond the economic and political blockades experienced by small-island states, lies a silent epidemic called mental health. It is a cursed and shameful disease marked by poverty and stigma. Mental illness has now morphed into a disease of pain and e...
Fitzgerald and Gibson: Business as usual in the PLP
The most recent scandals engulfing Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald and Labour and National Insurance Minister Shane Gibson are emblematic of the rot in the PLP, which has metastasized over nearly half a century of the party’s existence. The P...
What if I win?
On the evening of May 10, 2017, provided all goes as expected, some 136 people of the 175 who nominated on April 20, 2017 will lose their bids to become members of Parliament in our Bahamian House of Assembly. Most will be disappointed; many may be a...
The new dimensions of regional security
It is no secret that governments around the world regularly practice their response to security threats. The objective is to prepare for eventualities that those concerned hope will never occur, and to demonstrate publicly a readiness and capacity to...
Identity and politics of our leaders
I believe that any leader selected without contest by political parties, and where the possibility exists for him/her to become the country’s first minister, brings into question the identity of who we are as a nation. I can truly speak to the con...
A code of ethics for hospitality entertainers?
Throughout the Caribbean, the hospitality industry is regarded more than ever as one of the main revenue earners and employment providers. Some countries take this for granted, as they have experienced the service sector to a greater extent than othe...
Perry Christie’s desperation and abandonment of Centreville
Two days after the date of the general election was announced, an embattled and desperate Perry Christie went to Windsor Park for the handout of 1,000 Urban Renewal food parcels to residents of his Centreville constituency. What an extraordinary coi...
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