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The Caribbean must help erase and correct the colossal Columbus lie
As they’ve always done for as long as all alive can remember, Saint Lucians on December 13 celebrated a dubious “National Day” holiday on a date with no place in the island’s history. For centuries, December 13 was celebrated here as “Disc...
A moment for careful reflection
Few people understand how great the daily pressures are on a prime minister or president. Instead they mostly observe the public persona, see their leaders in the context of tribal politics and are variously entertained or exercised by the media cove...
Christie and PLP responsible for looming economic disaster
Perry Christie has been a supreme disaster as prime minister, a job he covets with all his being, but for which he has conclusively proven he is woefully out of his depth. He is the worst head of government since the advent of internal self-rule, a ...
The unfortunate politics of S&P downgrades, pt. 2
Since 2008, credit ratings agencies have downgraded The Bahamas some six times, twice under the Ingraham administration and four times under the Christie administration. What could the administrations have done to avoid these downgrades? This is not...
Christie’s push to improve healthcare for all Bahamians
Early in his career, he recalled a personal experience that shaped his commitment to improving the accessibility of healthcare to all Bahamians. It is a story sewn deeply into his journey in public life captured in the reality of a 14-year-old girl a...
Seven things to watch in 2017
Two thousand and sixteen is now behind us and the dawn of a new year was marked by the rising of the sun all across our Bahama islands. In the words of the popular Christian hymn, through many dangers, toils and snares we have already come. In spite ...
The way we think and feel about others
Caribbean society is an integral link in the global network of nations, although some of us, despite the development of technology, still feel less inclusive in our dealing with others. Global society seems to have presented greater challenges to our...
Star ratings and the authentic Caribbean
Some time ago I received an email asking me how many five-star hotels there are in the Caribbean. I replied that there was no recognized or independently adjudicated rating system anywhere in the region other than in the French département d’outr...
Person of the year Arlene Nash Ferguson: The sound of fire
“We rushing, we rushing, we rushing through the crowd. We rushing, we rushing, we rushing through the crowd. We standing, we standing, we standing tall and proud. We standing, we standing, we standing tall and proud. Ain’t nobody can take it ...
The unfortunate politics of S&P downgrades, pt. 1
Credit rating downgrades are political red meat for opposition forces, but they should not be. Rather, there should be a mature, constructive, country-first approach to dealing with these kinds of issues. In the past, as is the case today, within ho...
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