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Nothing could be further from the truth in blaming the colonial mindset
According to Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) Justice Adrian Saunders, in a recent lecture in St. Kitts, a "colonial mindset" is to blame for the reluctance on the part of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) governments to embrace the court as the final co...
Vision politics
Many political leaders think that the use of the term vision suggests a path well deliberated, and once achievement measures are attached, all will be well. There is no real thought as to whether vision clarity is achieved, or the possible hidden zig...
Christie and the PLP’s Baha Mar debacle and revisionary history
“14 March 2017 – Despite announcements of an opening date in April, the [Baha Mar] resort is still not taking reservations as of mid-March.”– www.hotelnews.com   Baha Mar will not open in April. Any so-called opening will be a public r...
I am no Bahamian dystopian believer
There are people who believe or imagine that The Bahamas today is a place in which everything, or almost everything, is bad, ruined or unpleasant. I am not one of them, not by a long shot. Yes, there are some things, perhaps too many things, to feel...
The changing face of Caribbean rum
In a few weeks’ time, the European Union’s (EU) long running programme to support the development of the Caribbean rum industry will come to an end. It has been one of the most successful private sector related undertakings ever to be supported ...
A crisis of confidence
Confidence is contagious.So is lack of confidence.– Vince Lombardi Many Bahamians with whom we regularly speak express a disappointing degree of uncertainty and angst about where our nation is headed. There is an uncomfortable and unsettling sense...
Labor market: The key to women’s equality in the Caribbean and Latin America
Latin America and the Caribbean is the only region in the world where, for the last four decades and without interruption, states have met to debate and commit politically to eradicating gender discrimination and inequality and moving toward guarante...
Character-based leadership: the game changer
The idea of leadership has come in for much analysis and discussion recently. It has replaced management as a strategy for organizational and employee development, and has deeper dimensions, including areas such as winning the confidence and commitme...
Improving client service in the public service
Some years ago a woman in her 80s who was at the Passport Office to get a 10-year passport, exclaimed, “Thank God!” When asked if everything was OK, she replied: “This is the last passport I will ever need to get.” It was not the seemingly i...
Making Minnis the primary target a flawed political strategy
Dr. Hubert Minnis, leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), is not a compelling politician. Compared to Hubert Ingraham, his predecessor, he is weak. This might explain why he distanced himself from Ingraham in the first place; he wanted to erase ...
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