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The restraint of power and good judgment
“O, it is excellentTo have a giant’s strength; but it is tyrannousTo use it like a giant.” – William Shakespeare, “Measure for Measure”   The Crown”, the award-winning Netflix series, is a historical drama about the life and time...
Hope and the ballot
There is a lot more at stake in this upcoming election than the winning of the parliamentary seats of those who now hold them; and the hopes of those desiring to hold them. Rather, the very belief in the efficacy of government itself is at stake. In ...
Values, growth and economic globalization
In the coming months, it is likely that the way in which governments think about international trade and their fundamental values will evolve rapidly, as the promises and threats that President Donald Trump made on the campaign trail become U.S. poli...
Downgrading The Bahamas, pt. 3
“Progressive economic policies lead to a sustainable economy.” – Keith Ellison   Two weeks ago, in part one of this series, we noted that in December 2016 Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings (S&P) revised the outlook on its long-t...
The View from Europe: The message in President Trump’s Mexico policy
One of the few issues about which the new president of the United States has been consistent is his approach towards Mexico. Ever since his extraordinary electoral campaign first began, he has made his intention clear. He would build a wall to stop ...
Is a culture of democracy lacking in the Caribbean?
In the Caribbean, we tend to think that democracy came with universal adult suffrage. And we have been exercising this with varying levels of participation. Voting at elections has not only become a tradition, but an expectation, part of our civic du...
Perry Christie’s tragic and undemocratic legacy
Perry Christie is not much of a democrat. He has been bad for Bahamian democracy, both in terms of party politics and our system of government. During his years in office he has become more undemocratic, his lust for power growing by leaps and bound...
‘I knew a man once’
The world is full of males, but short on men. What’s a male? A male, at least to my mind, is a human being with a Y chromosome in his genetic makeup and usually born with that peculiar baby-making organ by which so many falsely define manhood. As ...
Majority Rule Day
As the famed Majority Rule Day 2017 loomed large, it seemed significant that so much of what government was celebrating has been falling apart. The Bahamas is becoming increasingly like Jamaica, a country that has been downgraded and is now totally ...
Downgrading The Bahamas, pt. 2
Last week, in part one of this series, we noted that in December 2016 Standard and Poor’s Global Ratings (S&P) revised the outlook on its long-term rating on the Commonwealth of The Bahamas to BB+ (speculative or “junk” grade) from BBB- (in...
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