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Our ancestors’ strength
Hurricanes have inflicted great damage to The Bahamas. Wayne Neely, who works at the Met Office, in his book “Great Bahamas Hurricane of 1929”, wrote that the September 1866 Hurricane caused 387 lives; the 1899 Hurricane took 334; the July 1926 H...
Attacks on the ambition, intellect and bodies of women
There are two propositions, one religious and one civil, often voiced about the equality of women, but not fully observed by those expressing the propositions. Many people of faith and church leaders note the radical dignity of women made in the ima...
What we need in our nation today
• First published January 27, 2016.   We need a crystal clear vision for our country. We need something around which the people of this nation optimistically and enthusiastically rally. Since leadership is about leading people, it is necessa...
Unraveling the mystery of CCRIF
Just a month ago, very few Bahamians had heard about the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF), otherwise referred to as CCRIF. Alas Hurricane Matthew descended upon our chain of islands with its fury and refused to spare our capital ...
Hurricane Mathew: state of emergency
“Hurricane season brings a humbling reminder that, despite our technologies, most of nature remains unpredictable.” – Diane Ackerman   In the wake of Hurricane Matthew that struck The Bahamas in the early days of October, many Bahamians...
The view from Europe: Time to reshape and clarify ACP solidarity
What does solidarity between nations mean in the early 21st century? Are the values inferred practical or advisable, in a multipolar world in which self-interest, overlapping relationships and multiple economic and political ideas compete? Solidarit...
What does a national university mean for Bahamians
Two researchers from the London School of Economics recently (August 2016) explored data using United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) materials on the location of nearly 15,000 universities in about 1,500 regions acr...
Clarity, insight and vision after Hurricane Matthew
Last Sunday, Anglican Bishop Laish Boyd, a man of tremendous pastoral sensitivity, preached about his reaction to the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in Grand Bahama, where reportedly 7,000 structures have been damaged or destroyed, according...
Grand Bahama Power shows real leadership
The Grand Bahama Power Company Limited has showed effective leadership following the passage of Hurricane Mathew. I say this even as I sit in my home without power now for some 11 days after the Category 4 storm pummelled our chain of islands. Last ...
Hurricane Matthew: Time to rethink financing
Now that the proverbial dust has settled a bit, it is time to face the realities before us as a nation. Hurricane Matthew could not have impacted The Bahamas at a worse time, as we were in the midst of arguably one of the most economically challengin...
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