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Life is reality
In the last article I mentioned a quote by Fabio which he mentioned when he was being interviewed by Jesse Watters on the program “Watters’ World” on T.V. Well the title of this article is another quote by Fabio … he said, “Life is reality....
Hearing loss in men
In countries all around the world there are a far greater number of men with hearing loss than there are women with hearing loss. Studies reveal that men are 50 percent more likely to have hearing loss than their female counterparts, particularly men...
The tragedy of Bahamian development Faustian or Shakespearian tragicomedy?
Banks and historical development The stage provides great entertainment, except when we are a part of it and we are the ones being laughed, jeered at, or at the receiving end of rotten tomato throwing. As the country sits poised to lose its self-pro...
It takes courage not to be discouraged
I was watching the show “Watters’ World” on TV a while back, a show that incidentally I find hilarious, and he was interviewing Fabio who has just become a U.S. citizen and who lives in California. Now during the interview, that covered a whole...
Island insights: San Salvador
Unlike neighboring islands, San Salvador's greatest assets lie beneath the surface of its waters, offering world-class sports fishing and scuba diving opportunities. However, greater competition and entrepreneurial spirit are needed to energize the l...
Removing the strip on asphalt shingles
Especially during the hurricane season, when high winds cause damage to roofs, owners, builders and building supplies executives are drawn into an argument. It begins when someone picks up a shingle that has been blown from the roof, notices the cell...
Sit down and shut up
“There is a time to speak and a time to listen, and sometimes people need to shut up.” – David Hope, Baron Hope of Thornes   Since the general election on May 10, there have been many revelations from the newly elected administration th...
Solid waste management in The Bahamas has some history: Let’s learn and apply the right lessons
The recent fires that plagued the Harrold Road landfill in early March of this year were a turning point for many residents on New Providence Island who suffered the shutdown of schools and public facilities, and in some cases, evacuation from their ...
Pain must be dealt with
Pain is an inborn warning system that tells you loud and clear that something is wrong with some part of the body that needs to be dealt with by a medical professional as soon as possible. Two of my closest relatives, a daughter and grandson, where i...
The saga and bravura of Haitian migrants
I was recently at the Toussaint Louverture airport in Port au Prince, Haiti, departing for New York City; the real action was not with JetBlue or American Airlines passengers leaving for the Big Apple, but with the LAN airline transporting Haitian mi...
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