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Political party reform
The Conservative Party in the United Kingdom is one of the more successful political parties in history. The Tories’ success is due in large measure to its internal culture and conventions, party structures and party discipline. There is much that...
Christie and Minnis are co-dependents
Prime Minister Perry Christie and Dr. Hubert Minnis both need each other to realize their diametrically opposed ambitions in the upcoming general election. Christie needs Minnis to keep power and Minnis needs Christie to have any shot at taking power...
Can we dare to dream in The Bahamas again?
Growing up on a small archipelagic nation, Bahamians have a choice as to how they see themselves and the world around them. We can choose to focus on the dots that portray our chain of islands on a map of the world and limit our dreams to the invisib...
Reconnecting with the disconnected
“In real life, the most practical advice for leaders is not to treat pawns like pawns, nor princes like princes, but all persons like persons.”– James MacGregor Burns   As I travel around The Bahamas, the questions that I am most frequen...
Lightbourn should not have apologized
Dear Editor, The haste with which Richard Lightbourn retracted his statements regarding tubal ligation was unwarranted and so are the attempts to eviscerate him in the media. It is clear to me that his detractors completely missed the premise of hi...
The View from Europe: A ‘President Trump’ and the Caribbean
In the last few years the world has seen the emergence of what has become known as post-factual politics. This is the practice whereby some running for high office speak untruths, draw factually incorrect conclusions and provide no policy detail. Do...
The notion of educational leadership
Educational leadership is the strategic function that produces the critical changes required in the educational system so that the vision and mission of the system are realized to the benefit of its clients. The notion is that if educational leadersh...
The splintering of opposition forces
The further disintegration of the Free National Movement, on spectacular display last week at the party’s shambolic convention, is the latest chapter in the splintering of opposition forces in the country. Bahamians watched in shock and dismay as ...
Lightbourn’s gaffe symptomatic of leadership
Bahamians were rightly outraged by member of Parliament Richard Lightbourn’s suggestion that Bahamian women with more than two children tie their tubes. The statement was insensitive and crude. However, the fact that the comment was aired from a po...
True emancipation for our Bahamaland
Emerging from the valley of grief and sorrow in the aftermath of the loss of a loved one is a difficult and long process. The pain and agony brought on by the sudden transition from mortality to immortality of my brother – Brandon Bradley Braynen p...
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