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The PLP’s prison election promise
Dear Editor, In the face of threatened industrial action by prison officers, State minister for National Security Keith Bell says the government is launching an aggressive initiative to deal with the many problems at Her Majesty’s Prisons. The ma...
Randy Fraser’s apology
Dear Editor, Life has been good to Bishop Randy Fraser and his family. It was only some three years ago the nation watched on various evening news broadcasts the embattled pastor being hauled off to Her Majesty Fox Hill Prison where he was sentenced...
Fun walk spoiled by noise pollution
Dear Editor,The Atlantic Fun Walk was not fun for numerous residents of the Montagu area. While the cause was certainly worthy – to raise funds for the Cancer Society and the Diabetic Association – it was inconsiderate to wake residents up with ...
Fred Mitchell’s odd remarks
Dear Editor, Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell on Saturday highlighted the “disappointing” service provided by the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) since its privatization. “Speaking in Hong Kong, Mitchell welcomed the end of BTC...
Minnis should let the chips fall where they may
Dear Editor, Critics and naysayers of Free National Movement Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis are becoming impatient with him because there has not been a convention held in the two years since he was elected leader on Saturday, May 26, 2012 at a one-day co...
No such thing as a non-binding referendum
Dear Editor, It has been known for months now that the government intends to legalize gambling in July of this year (2014), despite the disapproval of the people in the last referendum. The prime minister has tried to justify his decision by statin...
A response to Craig Flowers
Dear Editor, I write in response to the comments of Craig Flowers on one of your radio shows last week. He suggested that those who voted against the regularization of web shop gaming essentially voted in favor of allowing numbers operations to “r...
Why we need to pay our taxes
Dear Editor, In the Anglican Hymnbook - Ancient & Modern Standard Edition, attributed to Martin Luther, there is a hymn that begins with the words “Great God what do I see and hear?" When one looks at what is happening in our formerly great co...
Keeping a regressive ideology alive
Dear Editor, After reading PLP MP and Labour Minister Shane Gibson's untimely response to a newspaper reporter concerning the FNM's allegations of imminent job cuts at BTC, the Whistleblower has gained a more thorough understanding of why The Bahama...
Tolerant yes, but not weak
Dear Editor, A letter printed in the April 5 edition of The Nassau Guardian under the headline “The PLP is making Commissioner Greenslade look weak”, submitted by The Whistleblower, referred, in my opinion, to certain criticisms leveled at the R...
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