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Churches and national development
Dear Editor, Over the past decade I have been watching the steady proliferation of churches throughout The Bahamas. This is particularly evident in the capital of Nassau, the island suffering most from social unrest, violence, poverty and poor educa...
We do not feel safe
Dear Editor, I don’t know about the rest of the population but I take cold comfort in the figures from the police commissioner and the attorney general, which are apparently given to make us feel safer. Unfortunately as I and some of my friends ha...
Things that really matter
Dear Editor, There has been much speculation and some bogus analysis of the size of the two marches conducted on Majority Rule Day. I marched with the group that left Windsor Park and congregated at Southern Recreation Grounds. The other group march...
Majority Rule Day march ill-conceived
Dear Editor, David Copperfield is one of the greatest illusionists to ever live. He, in my view, has been equaled by Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts and the PLP. I will explain. The Majority Rule Day march, the one organize...
Filthy in Nassau
Dear Editor,   It is appalling to drive the streets of Nassau each day and see the vast amount of litter all over our main thoroughfares. This includes East West Highway, Tonique Williams-Darling Highway, Sir Milo Butler Highway, John F. Kenne...
We March misguided in some ways
Dear Editor, I agree that there should be marches. And because we are an extremely obese nation desperately needing exercise, there should be one every fortnight. Seriously, though, except for the Burma Road March, marches in recent times have not s...
Homophobic pastors and politicians flame out
Dear Editor, In a desperate search for political traction for his vanity party, the newly amalgamated United People’s Movement (UPM), Gregory Moss has decided to dispense with common decency and to pander to the homophobic fears of some Bahamians....
The S&P downgrade
Dear Editor, In relation to the downgrade, it is unfortunate and should serve as wake-up call for us as a nation. We cannot afford to bury our heads in the proverbial sand wishing that our economic challenges would disappear without deliberate and c...
This is not your lane
Dear Editor, The fact that I no longer am shocked by treatment of women in the country is a tragedy in and of itself. Many things that I have to put up with, by virtue of my membership in the XX chromosome club, are enraging. For instance, I – an...
Taking care of the Family Islands
Dear Editor, When we see the devastation caused by the fire in The Current, Eleuthera, which took the life of one person, and then revisit the festive girding of the seagrape trees on West Bay Street, we can only scream at the wastage of public fund...
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