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A well-deserved extension
Dear Editor I am pleased to see that the Chief Justice of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Sir Hartman Longley, has been granted an extension of his stellar career in this invaluable judicial office. This man is a man of the law, so to speak, but, a...
Turnquest represented the new generation
Dear Editor,   Would you allow me to brand as irrelevant whether I am of the opinion that OAT “Tommy” Turnquest, former leader of The Free National Movement, was capable of leading this country or not? What is relevant, however, is that To...
Ian, Nicolette and Alicia need a civics lesson
Dear Editor, Two academics and an activist want to use disaffected Bahamian voters as guinea pigs. In what can only be described as some kind of weird social experiment, these highly educated people want to run a ridiculous test that has as its goal...
Remembering a public servant
Dear Editor, I read with considerable sadness of the passing of CAP Smith, a former permanent secretary. I extend my profound sympathy to his wife, Rachel, and his children, all of whom I know personally and who CAP loved beyond measure. CAP Smith,...
What would be good for the opposition
Dear Editor, “Like actors on a stage directionless”. That is how I perceive the present leader of the opposition in the House of Assembly and her band of rebels. It appears that the playwright did not complete the script and the actors decided t...
Clarity on VAT
Dear Editor, I read with frustration the awkward responses of the Minister of State for Finance, Michael Halkitis, when asked to account for his ‘where the VAT money gone’ speech at the Progressive Liberal Party’s recent convention. Even thou...
The Bahamas and Israel
Dear Editor, The Bahamas recently received the credentials of Israel’s non-resident ambassador to The Bahamas. The ambassador, Jonathan Peled, was quick to announce that The Bahamas could learn from Israel’s technological advances and that Israe...
Minister needs to get serious
Dear Editor, The Nassau Guardian, on February 8, 2017, has a news story where the minister of education dismisses the effectiveness of single-gender classrooms, even opining that, “This old, outdated thing about separating doesn’t work. There is...
The wrong view on Majority Rule Day
Dear Editor,   Talking fool is a very serious thing. A cold dish of trash talk was served up a few weeks ago by fellow letter writer Bruce G. Raine who obviously marches to a drumbeat that is out of step with the historical record. It is fai...
  Dear Editor,   Welcome to Wonderland – the country’s most exclusive estate where only the privileged few reside in blinded splendor. Wonderful Wonderland, where right is wrong and wrong is right; where you can luxuriate in cushy c...
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