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Christie loses his cool and lets the bird fly
Dear Editor,   One of the many tasks of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is to keep an updated psychological profile of political leaders from around the world. The desk analyst responsible for The Bahamas must have fallen off her chair t...
Voter registration
Dear Editor,   We have all heard and read about horror stories about the registration process at the Parliamentary Registration Department and its assorted field offices. Some claimed that the lines were too long. Others claimed that there was...
Dump fire fiasco
Dear Editor, Almost two decades after The Bahamas government knew that the landfill in New Providence needed to be rebuilt, while employing new and emerging technologies, I had mixed emotions when Prime Minister Perry Christie said that his governme...
Fix the small things
Dear Editor, Do you know if a government that is serious about winning a general election would find the time on its busy campaign trail to ensure basic necessities, such as the traffic light on Village Road which has been out of order for weeks, ar...
Self-discipline and the schools
Dear Editor, The following is an article I penned in 2007, reflecting on the matter of schools and self-discipline, which is very much still appropriate today. Today, there is a lot of anxiety on the part of school administrators, teachers and pare...
Privy Council unrobes for our mimic men
Dear Editor, In 1967 Trinidadian Nobel Laureate V.S. Naipaul published his brilliant novel “The Mimic Men”, which wove a sad narrative about the colonial mindset embedded in many of those colonized by the British.  The protagonist in this ...
Spying bill process: Another abuse of govt power?
Dear Editor,The latest episode with the government attempting to pass legislation without public discussion or input is yet another apparent abuse of power by this government. Had civil society not raised eternal hell, the government proposed passin...
Moving beyond regret
Dear Editor, In an attempt to squeeze out some pity for himself for his latest indiscretion, the prime minister has decided to point a finger at the Bahamian public, levelling the accusation that we are not active enough when it comes to speaking ab...
Why no justice for Latore Mackey?
Dear Editor, I was extremely upset to learn that those accused of being responsible for the murder of Latore Mackey, former aide to Prime Minister Perry Christie, will not face trial. During my time at The Tribune I worked closely with Latore, who ...
Problems in the mortuary industry
Dear Editor, In becoming an entrepreneur in the mortuary field, it was my way of contributing to the “nation building project” of my country, of which I am truly proud. Having seen the evolution of the mortuary profession in The Bahamas, it is w...
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