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Much ado about nothing
Dear Editor,   A firestorm appears to have been unleashed against me by elements within the ruling Free National Movement (FNM), generally, and by forces within the Ministry of Tourism, in particular. It is absolutely amazing to see the juveni...
The maxim ‘everybody is equal under the law’ has been thrown out with the baby’s bath water
Dear Editor,   Listening to the posturing of the attorneys for the erstwhile political "sacred cows" I have to wonder if the maxim "everybody is equal under the law" was thrown out with the baby's bath water. Acknowledging that it was unneces...
Much to do about nothing
Dear Editor,   Last week Mr. Doug Manchester, the nominated Ambassador to The Bahamas, made remarks to the U.S. Senate Committee vetting his selection by President Donald J. Trump. Manchester referred to The Bahamas as 'a protectorate' of the ...
Buddy Hield has done more for The Bahamas in one NBA season than Rick Fox has in 13 seasons
 Dear Editor,   In a February 2015 edition of The Tribune, former columnist and current Free National Movement Long Island MP Adrian Gibson wrote an opinion piece titled "Ministers get their final grades in Cabinet report". In his assessm...
Times change but standards must not
Dear Editor, It’s easy to see why politicians love sports, champions and celebrities. But all too often we are left wondering if the affection is reciprocated. One of the rituals of being governor general or prime minister is the protocol of the ...
Are we no longer governed by the rule of law?
Dear Editor, 1. How is it that we permit the police to invite suspected persons to their office on the pretext of questioning them about a matter, only to detain the person all day and then make them languish one night in a police cell? In the mo...
The beginning of the end
Dear Editor,   I enjoy what I do as the number one-rated (or so some say) talk show host in the nation. As host of The Real Deal, I have been presented with a huge electronic platform to promote nation building public policy initiatives and to...
The opposition exposing themselves with their ‘blah, blah blah’
Dear Editor,   A member of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), has exposed his party’s Achilles heel when expressing contempt for the newly elected prime minister’s national address. The spokesman’s co...
Cultural consultant Ian Poitier
Dear Editor,   I was interested to read, in the letters section of the July 25, 2017 edition of your newspaper, continued comment on the compensation received by Ian Poitier as cultural consultant to the government of The Bahamas during the pr...
We must reject the civil union position
Dear Editor,   In a recent National Review article titled “Let’s start with civil unions”, Brent Dean makes an unambiguous call for civil unions for homosexuals. The support Dean espouses for civil unions is largely based on his view tha...
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