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Questioning proposed govt health monopoly
Dear Editor,   What is the difference between a government monopoly and a private monopoly? What is the difference between a socialist and a capitalist? Every time you turn around somebody is complaining about the “government”. What they ...
The eyes are useless when the mind is blind
Dear Editor,   Bahamians are treated with disdain and disrespect by their leaders; disdain and disrespect veiled with contempt. Democracy is paid lip service, for surely there is a wanton display of power-filled entitlement rather than a respe...
Rejecting abortion
Dear Editor,   I read with sadness comments attributed to Dr. Duane Sands in which he shared his belief that the law against abortion in The Bahamas should be amended to permit abortions in cases where microcephaly has been identified. Sands h...
COB’s march to university status: A more accurate history
Dear Editor,   Among the essentials for any development – whether of a product, or of a country, or of an institution, such as The College of The Bahamas – is history. Knowledge of what has gone before is indispensable in developing qualit...
The gamble of a lifetime
Dear Editor,   While the details are grossly lacking about the “deal” declared by the prime minister relative to Baha Mar, right-thinking Bahamians must give him the benefit of the doubt. I am legally trained and was privileged to practice...
Tired of PM’s promises
Dear Editor,   I am not a lawyer or an outstanding businessman. I am a simple Bahamian trying to wrap my head around the roller coaster ride that has been the Baha Mar fiasco. Putting aside the numerous proclamations of potential positives fr...
Concerned about web shop gambling
Dear Editor,   The government has released regulations (see The Nassau Guardian August 17 and 19) concerning web shops, and I wish to share with you a few of them, along with some information I have researched in Abaco. 1. The distance betwee...
Poor get rich, rich get richer
Dear Editor,   This is good for The Bahamas that the poor get rich and the rich get richer. This is what is being received by the poor, the underprivileged or the sufferers. To provide the inner-city residents or the Over-the-Hill communities ...
Narrow focus in governance
Dear Editor,   The obsession that we have had with Baha Mar for more than seven years is a clear indication that we are not strengthening the internals of our economy. We have permitted a single privately owned and funded entity to distract ou...
Down the rabbit hole, pt. 3
Dear Editor,   “Abracadabra!” shouted the emperor perched atop a golden podium securely mounted on the armored tank. With a flick of his voluminous red silken cape and a dramatic flourish (worthy in motion to his Junkanoo shuffle) of the m...
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