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Open letter to BPL for relief
Dear Editor,Dear BPL, In Matthew’s wake, we have forgotten our manners. Clearly you have been waiting these past nine days for a formal invitation to restore power to the Village Road and Eastern Road areas. Consider this our apology for being so ...
Is the PLP throwing Fitzgerald under the bus?
Dear Editor, A long time ago, a political expert told me that whenever Sir Lynden Pindling was getting ready to throw a colleague under the bus, he would start letting off hints that that person might be his successor for leadership. The idea was t...
Trash can security during a hurricane
Dear Editor, Every hurricane season in The Bahamas the call goes out to Bahamians and residents to secure all trash cans, as they have the potential to become projectiles during a hurricane. It would be my advice to the government that it should ta...
Proper storm response
Dear Editor,   The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) extends every hope that everyone affected by Hurricane Matthew is safe. As we shift our focus to recovery as a nation, we encourage the government to heed the lessons gained fro...
Protecting our heritage under the sea
Dear Editor,   As we thank God that Hurricane Matthew has not caused any major loss of life as far as we know, we are now faced with the slow restoration of normal services, and the major costs and inconveniences. Some of us still like to cele...
Christie proactive leadership in crisis
Dear Editor, Thanks for this opportunity to shine a light. There are times when partisan politics overshadow what good is being done. We look at the players, and because we don’t wear their colors, we dismiss if the work that is being done is for...
Political choices: The DNA
Dear Editor, The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) just concluded a hugely successful and well-attended convention. Most of the featured speakers, especially the newly reelected leader, Branville McCartney, the newly reelected deputy leader, and, o...
National youth service: The necessity
Dear Editor,Decades ago, our premier founding father, the late great and deeply lamented Prime Minister Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, called for a form of national youth service. He had the vision to foresee that with the anticipated emergence of the so...
A letter to young Bahamians
Dear Editor, I write this letter to appeal to the young people of The Bahamas. Has anyone ever taken the time to write a letter to you? If not, today, I implore all young people to take the time to read this brief letter. It is my wish that all you...
A lesson for Dionisio
Dear Editor, Permit me to be so brash as to lecture the great washer Dionisio D’Aguilar in a course I call “Politics 101”. You, sir, are not the messiah. You peddle soap powder and washing solutions. It is perfectly logical for you to wake up...
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