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Judgment always a test of leadership: A test Minnis cannot pass
Dear Editor, A fundamental truth of leadership is that, once earned, it is incessantly tested. Most of the time that test comes in the form of difficult strategic, tactical, moral and ethical judgment calls. Put another way, judgment is almost alway...
Respect for all in our community
Dear Editor, In view of several anti-LGBT incidents recently reported in the national news, it appears that The Bahamas continues to grapple with the struggle for LGBT rights in our rather homophobic and misogynist society. Moreover, provided the vi...
Let my people go
Dear Editor,   In biblical days, it is recorded that God commanded Moses to approach Pharaoh and to tell him to let His people go. The Jews had been held captive by successive Egyptian rulers ever since they migrated to that country to find fo...
Govt should apologize for 2002
Dear Editor,  It is unfortunate that the call by Sir Michael Barnett and others to the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government to apologize for its role in the referendum debacle of 2002 has been met by senior members of the government with ...
Vote no to all bills
Dear Editor, It would appear, according to the media, that our attorney general has been quite busy criticizing opponents of the proposed upcoming referendum on the constitutional amendments. I saw a quote in one of our dailies attributed to the at...
Govt being disingenuous
Dear Editor, Among the “YES Bahamas” propaganda commercials being run on various radio stations in an effort to encourage a blanket yes vote on the four constitution amendment bills is one that talks about a girl named Rachel who can’t open a ...
A victim of foot-in-mouth disease
Dear Editor,  The 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, one-time leader of the Republican Party, used to live his political life according to a simple creed that he called the 11th commandment: Thou shall not speak evil against a ...
Exercise your right to vote
Dear Editor, Ladies and gentlemen, young men and women across the landscape of this beautiful archipelago called the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, as we approach the fast approaching June 7 referendum, and more so the next general election, I want to...
Negative effects of Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival on indigenous music
Dear Editor,   Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival 2016 is over. We played mas. We feted. We bacchanaled. But what have we really accomplished? From its inception concerns mounted about the plans to ensure the preservation of the indigenous “Bahamia...
Dear Editor,   I must say I was initially apprehensive and unsure. It felt like a political meeting because how can you separate Michael Pintard’s message from the message of the Free National (FNM)? However, upon arrival I was pleasantly su...
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