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Acknowledge the sleeping giant
Dear Editor, In 2012, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) made history on many levels. More than 13,000 Bahamians voted for it, even though it was a third party and this was its first political challenge for the government of The Bahamas. It did...
The work of the Bahamas Humane Society
Dear Editor, I write in response to Marvin Lightbourn’s letter “The stray dog problem in The Bahamas”, published in the October 1, 2016 edition of The Nassau Guardian. I believe that Lightbourn is trying to direct people to do the right thing...
Bahamas is not a failed state
Dear Editor, I usually try not to get into the “you say, I say” that passes for social commentary and erudition in the newspapers and on radio but I feel compelled having woken up on a beautiful Monday morning to respond to your story coverage o...
The stray dog problem in The Bahamas
Dear Editor, Do you have a dog? Yes? Is it a purebred dog or a potcake (mutt)? More likely than not, editor, if you have a purebred dog or a potcake you have it in your yard; and the yard is fenced in. If you do not have a fenced in yard, you probab...
PM should control his supporters
Dear Editor, Earlier this week the prime minister opened up and expressed his hurt and pain caused by the nasty, vile song that was written about him and his family. I join with him and all right-thinking Bahamians in condemning the song and gutter ...
The Committee on Privilege and the administration of justice
Dear Editor, A few words from the Byzantines on this topic: “The ruler’s highest achievement is the administration of justice,” Nicholas I Mysticos, 10th century ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople. Unfortunately it seems our rulers do not...
My selections for prime minister
Dear Editor,   Would you agree with me that The Bahamas is a small country? After all, we can only boast of a population of 350,000 people. But, notwithstanding our small size, The Bahamas has managed to etch out our place on the world scene f...
The Manchurian candidates
Dear Editor, The FNM emerged from the debacle of its recent national convention more divided than it was going in. The hapless leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis (FNM-Killarney), was voted back in the stark and notable absence from the leadership contest by ...
Homosexuality is a choice
Dear Editor, In reference to one of your readers recently printed opinions regarding homosexuality, I would like to make several comments. Over the years there have been numerous attempts to identify a “gay gene”. Those efforts have not met wit...
Sinister moves on Long Island
Dear Editor, I paraphrase the line from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” in responding to a columnist who wrote last week about Loretta Butler-Turner’s campaign roll-out on Long Island. Sir, me thinks thou dost protest too much. The part-time columni...
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