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Govt acting immorally over tax compliance certificates
Dear Editor,   During the last budget presentation, the government sneaked a provision through that businesses would have to apply for a tax compliance certificate in order to be paid by them for goods and services. In essence, if your taxes ...
Provide details on Baha Mar
Dear Editor,   I am as concerned about the Baha Mar new deal as many others are. While being able to go forward and finally complete/open this resort is a wonderful and long overdue accomplishment, the many questions that are unanswered regard...
Payback doesn’t pay back: U.S.-Cuba Claims
Dear Editor,   The excellent article by the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, published in The Nassau Guardian by permission of Caribbean News Now, highlights the uncertain economic results of desperate people who overturn dictators. First, I w...
Questions about the Baha Mar deal
Dear Editor,   On the matter of Baha Mar. It is encouraging that, according to the government, the project appears to once again be funded and that works will recommence. If this is accurate, the government is to be commended for working to en...
The Bahamian people need answers
Dear Editor,   A wise person once told me that if you are to understand the purpose of a thing you have to pay attention to the results, good or bad, positive or negative, and if you are really looking you will see. This present administration...
Hard to trust Christie on Baha Mar
Dear Editor,   Monday’s announcement that the government has reached an agreement with the China EXIM Bank to complete the construction of the Baha Mar resort was welcome news to the thousands of Bahamians directly impacted by the project’...
The DNA: The next official opposition or a coalition?
Dear Editor,   As a constitutional scholar I do not subscribe to coalitions in opposition or in governance as there are too many conflicting policy initiatives and huge personalities in the mix. It is clear, however, that unless there is an ac...
More investment needed in Eight Mile Rock
Dear Editor,   Thank you for allowing this humble message to be sent to the Bahamian people by way of your daily. When general elections are imminent, it always gives reason for pause and reflection on the state of the country and its perspec...
What about govt’s foreign workers?
Dear Editor, The Department of Statistics recently released work permit details for the private sector. A total of 9,208 permits were granted for 2015. All this confirms there is no need for our xenophobia. For the economy to grow, the country needs...
Freedom of speech isn’t freedom to abuse
Dear Editor, I have never been more un-proud of who we are becoming. When I see the blunt disrespect for the prime minister, his family and the office he holds, just the level of disrespect is disheartening. Such disrespect may have far longer lasti...
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