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Diversionary tactics
Dear Editor, I have just returned with my family from Exuma where we spent 10 days relaxing and admiring the beauty there. If there is anyone who doubts that there is a God, go to Exuma and they will quickly realize that there must be a supreme bein...
The arrogance and entitlement of power
Dear Editor, The PLP is faced with three major and almost intractable problems of national importance. They are: unemployment; crime; and the continued leadership of the prime minister. These are the fabled albatross hanging around the collective ne...
Tennyson’s astonishing proposition
Dear Editor,  How is it that former FNM turned PLP facilitator turned Dr. Hubert Minnis propagandist Tennyson Wells keeps interjecting himself into the affairs of the FNM that clearly are none of his business? Minnis has allowed the insufferab...
Sign your name
Dear Editor,   Let me first congratulate you on the exceptional job you have done in the past at your editorial function at your newspaper. Many people (including me, of course) have sent you “letters to the editor” over these many years, ...
Mitchell is out of touch
Dear Editor, I was shocked to see yet another statement emanating from our minister of foreign affairs and immigration that seemed to be way off base, perhaps even delusional. This time it was in reference to the so-called brain drain affecting our ...
Mitchell may be eyeing UN secretary general post
Dear Editor, Immigration and Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell is more a globalist than a nationalist; at least that is The Whistleblower’s opinion, which is shared by other thoughtful Bahamian observers. If Mitchell’s recent U.S. advisory...
Government mismanagement
Dear Editor,  The Tribune reported on Friday, July 15, 2016 that the Bahamian Donald Trump and self-proclaimed homeless domestic canine, Leslie Miller, rebuked the new CEO of BPL for stating that the company was not in talks with the government...
Animal ‘Bahamian’ Farm, pt. 1
Dear Editor, You know there is really a danger to being a reader. Ask Julius Caesar. He was wary of Cassius and accused him of having “a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much… such men are dangerous” was Caesar’s unfortunate assessment of...
Why and how the PLP will win in 2017
Dear Editor, The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is in a flux, as is our wonderful nation. The fireworks have gone off and the spectacle of the unwashed masses peeping through the glazed windows while our political, civic and business leaders, mover...
Minnis would help the poor
Dear Editor, The next election general will be a do-or-die election for the tens of thousands of Bahamians living in Nassau’s inner city and other urban centers. For the past four years they have been hanging on by a thread as a scary combination...
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