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The need for change
Dear Editor, Kindly permit space in your good newspaper for a few burning questions and a brief comment on the current turbulence in the political sphere of The Bahamas from a Bahamian who loves and fears the future for our country. “Disappointed...
Media should stop negatively spinning unemployment statistics
Dear Editor, November’s unemployment statistics are out and they seem, once again, to have disappointed many in the media, who had hoped for a nice negative story to top off the year. The folk at The Nassau Guardian were so relishing the idea of l...
Poor, poor service
Dear Editor, Good morning. I write this letter in response to Simon’s “Front Porch” article in Thursday’s Nassau Guardian paper (Dec 22). It was entitled “Cable Bahamas Failed Revolution and Other Poor Service”. I often read this colum...
Hoping for change in the PLP
Dear Editor, With the collapse of the opposition it seems clear now that Perry Christie will have a third term as prime minister. His government has been poor at the job, but at least the PLP is a coherent party. The FNM/DNA/Tribe of Loretta is a da...
Shock and awe or lunacy?
Dear Editor, As a progressive Bahamian I am deeply shocked and awed by the demonstration of pure and unadulterated political lunacy by the newly appointed Cinderella. There are some people who still have faith in the judgment of Loretta Butler-Turne...
A good piece of writing
Dear Editor, I write to express my appreciation for the obvious enormous effort put into writing The Guardian’s National Review each week. I especially appreciate Candia Dames’ “Strange Bedfellows” piece in the December 19, 2016 issue. ...
Police profiling in The Bahamas and U.S.
Dear Editor,   How would you characterize our police force in The Bahamas? Do you think that they do a more than exceptional job at protecting our citizenry, residents and visitors from criminals and even would-be criminals in this country? Yes...
Our current governance
Dear Editor, The recent occurrences of disruption and conflict amongst and within the three major political parties (yes, I said three, not two) here in The Bahamas have been very disconcerting. What I read in the press and on social media is even m...
Rise of the thrones and political deception
Dear Editor,   2016 is, mercifully, drawing to a close and we who are privileged to leap into 2017 will be witnesses to history even as it continues to unfold. This year was a challenging one for many of us. The economy, while improving, is s...
An ugly use of the Bahamas constitution
Dear Editor, We have witnessed the removal of the leader of the opposition through a rarely used constitutional provision. The result has led to the elevation of Loretta Butler-Turner as leader of the opposition. I congratulate her on her historic ...
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