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Butler-Turner engaging in gutter politics
Dear Editor,  FNM leader hopeful Loretta Butler-Turner is engaging in gutter politics. She along with her surrogates are determined to wash the FNM’s dirty linen in the public square with the unscrupulous intention of making the FNM look woef...
Troubling signs for the PLP
Dear Editor, Whilst some may think that the crowds at the rallies held in support of the leader of the opposition and the intended leaders, Dr. Duane Sands and Loretta Butler-Turner, only relate to FNM affairs, the hierarchy and think tank, if such ...
Bahamian lives do matter
Dear Editor, Fred Mitchell seems to always come under fire because of his foreign affairs policies; and rightly so. He is a controversial figure. Some call him a spin doctor and many people forget that he is a Harvard graduate. When he issues resp...
Time to live the dream
Dear Editor, Many have claimed that Dr. Hubert Minnis lacks oratory skills and therefore is unfit to be leader of the FNM or, for that matter, to be leader of this country. While it is true that he is not the orator that Perry Christie is; neither i...
Mitchell’s travel scare
Dear Editor, Our Chinese friends have a very instructive proverb that advises that you should never try to extract a tooth from a tiger’s mouth. In layman’s terms it means don’t take unnecessary risks. Our Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell shoul...
Moving away from corporal punishment
Dear Editor,  “Together we create gardens of possibility in the parched earth. If we grow the babies up right, they just might redeem us all,” wrote Imani Perry, professor of African-American Studies, Princeton University. The ar...
Minnis is lost
Dear Editor, It is pretty obvious at this point that Dr. Hubert Minnis just does not get it. In spite of the nauseatingly abysmal performance by this present administration, as leader of the FNM, he is simply unable to win the next general election....
Making the university its best
Dear Editor, There has been much movement and discussion in relation to transitioning The College of The Bahamas (COB) to The University of the Bahamas (UOB). Various fund-raising initiatives have taken place. The private sector has invested million...
Misleading editorials and societal consensus
Dear Editor,  The editorial in The Nassau Guardian for Thursday, June 23, reveals all that is wrong and flawed with the way many of our so-called opinion-molders and intellectual elites think when it comes down to societal norms and acceptable ...
The PLP wants Minnis to win
Dear Editor, Hubert Minnis should be ashamed of the dirty tricks he is employing in his bid to retain the leadership of the FNM. The manipulation of the Bahamian public is in high gear by the PLP and the Hubert Minnis faction of the FNM. It is ver...
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