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FNM is in a glass house
Dear Editor, There are some real issues as it relates to the confidence displayed in the leadership of the FNM. The appearance of a democratic process was unmasked when it was discovered that the deck was stacked against the challenger for the top s...
Agricultural development and environmental health for The Bahamas, pt. 3
Dear Editor, The reality of investing in Bahamian agriculture is “harsh” because of the nature of our natural and economic environments. There is little that can be done with our natural surroundings, but the economic one may certainly be modifi...
Clean up this town
Dear Editor, Nassau is a dirty little town. Would you agree? The roads are dirty, the buildings are dirty and the empty lots are dirty. What the hell is going on? For a town that plays host to millions of tourists each year, we have not acquired tun...
Concern with agriculture and fisheries proposal
Dear Editor, When I wrote my last letter (Nov 1, 2016) expressing my concern for the increased Chinese influence, I was not aware of the information that has surfaced regarding the proposed 10,000 acres of farm land in North Andros. My interest in ...
The politics of perception
Dear Editor, Two of the biggest and almost insurmountable problems which my party, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), has are its penchant for secrecy and a stark lack of transparent accountability. Yes, many PLPs will hate me for declaring this u...
Agricultural development and environmental health for The Bahamas, pt. 2
Dear Editor,   Following from the first part of my discourse I would take the opportunity to examine the input of the government of The Bahamas to developing an agricultural sector since independence in 1973. Up to the time of independence th...
Trash can security during a hurricane
Dear Editor,   Every hurricane season in The Bahamas the call goes out to Bahamians and residents to secure all trash cans, as they have the potential to become projectiles during a hurricane. It would be my advice to the government that it s...
Christie’s assurances ring hollow
Dear Editor, Foreign direct investment is one of the many tools for economic growth, but Perry Christie’s assurances that he will “protect Andros’” agriculture and fisheries from Chinese government exploitation rings hollow. In fact this pr...
Agricultural development and environmental health for The Bahamas, pt. 1
Dear Editor, Historically The Bahamas has never been able to establish a permanently viable commercial agricultural sector. This is first reflected in the failure of the plantation system in islands throughout the archipelago. Investment in both pi...
Dionisio’s pontifical performance
Dear Editor, You didn’t have to listen too intently to Dionisio D’Aguilar to hear the unmistakable rumble of a train-wreck in the making. In the style of Donald Trump, Dionisio wants to soak, wash, rinse and spin Bahamian politics just like he ...
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