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Open letter to BFM leader on question four
Dear Editor,   Pastor Dave Burrows Senior Pastor Bahamas Faith Ministries Nassau, Bahamas   Dear Pastor Dave,   In reference to your open letter to the prime minister (which you kindly copied to me), I’m wondering whether yo...
The real oligarch is Tennyson
Dear Editor, Tennyson Wells has been a member of the Bahamas Bar for 43 of his 68 years. It is safe to say that he only moonlights as a lawyer. His day job is making money and making political mischief. Tennyson has been a political opportunist all...
Don’t blame your beliefs on me 
Dear Editor, If I could I would ask Dr. Hubert Minnis to help me understand the following: If I express what I believe unapologetically, if I make it unflinchingly clear where I stand on an issue, how does that amount to “shoving the issue do...
Chinese agree to complete Baha Mar
Dear Editor, Didn't they agree to complete it the first time? – JB
PM should not concern himself with his pension
Dear Editor, Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it past the time of eligibility of Prime Minister Perry G. Christie to legitimately receive a prime minister’s pension according to Bahamian law? If it is or not, please take the following under c...
McCartney as leader of FNM
Dear Editor, Do you consider yourself to be an astute Bahamian? You don’t have to be coy, Editor, I won’t judge you for being braggadocios. You can tell me if you consider yourself to be more informed about Bahamian politics than Joe Blow on the...
Examine referendum questions carefully
Dear Editor,  Over the last two years in The Bahamas and specifically within the last six months, the four constitutional bills to eliminate discrimination against women has been a very “hot topic”. Everywhere you go, in the churches, schoo...
Further referendum considerations
Dear Editor, While the June 7 referendum has been framed as a “gender equality referendum”, there is the real possibility that it will create further inequality by taking away from unwed mothers a citizenship passing right they have enjoyed for ...
Minnis avoiding the question
Dear Editor,   Dr. Hubert Minnis, like any true politician, did not answer the question which was: Was the government doing enough to inform the Bahamian people? His answer was: “You cannot go and force something down people’s throat ......
The opportunistic cowardice of Hubert Minnis
Dear Editor, Please allow me space enough to express my utter disappointment in Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis. In the May 24, 2016 edition of your paper, Minnis suggested that the government has not done the work to educate the Bahamian...
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