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Two important issues
Dear Editor, As a Bahamian, two issues that I would like to see come to fruition under the next government are a fixed election date and a term limit for prime ministers. It is patently obvious that a fixed election date would provide all sorts of ...
Damian Gomez hung out to dry by PLP
Dear Editor, By all accounts, Central and South Eleuthera MP Damian Gomez is one of the top attorneys in The Bahamas, and perhaps even in the region. As the son of Drexel Gomez, former head of the Anglican Church in the West Indies, Gomez hails from...
Child please, the PLP is still only checking for PLPs
Dear Editor, Chile please, the current iteration of the PLP is only checking for PLPs. Nothing really has changed about the PLP since the Pindling era. Ever since 2012 it has been PLPs to the spoils of victory. FNMs, swing voters and other oppositio...
To registered voters, Long Island, The Bahamas
Dear Editor, To my fellow citizens of Long Island. This general election is set to be the most important election in The Bahamas since 1967, and for my generation, 1992. It will be the last standing ground for politicians of Sir Lynden Pindling’s ...
The Observance of Lent
Dear Editor, I am certain you are all aware that we are in the holy season of Lent, and as such our religious heritage demands specific respect in the protocol of our culture. It is certainly most unfortunate that the month of May has been captured ...
Reminiscing about the June 7th, 2016 gender equality referendum
Dear Editor, In the May 7, 2016 edition of The Nassau Guardian a letter to the editor was published from me under the caption "National Constitutional Review". In that letter I said a number of things: (1) That the constitution of The Bahamas is co...
Edison Key is no true-true member
Dear Editor, A metronome is a mechanical device that marks time by swinging back and forth. Oddly, that definition would appear to make Edison Key a political metronome. The old timers playing dominoes at Chester’s Bar in Acklins will tell you th...
PM Christie is falling apart at the seams
Dear Editor, Are reports true that PM Perry Christie told an audience that it is easy to "piss away" money? If so, this crude language comes on the heels of the PM raising his middle finger. One look at the photo of Christie and his crude gesture re...
The spin doctors & biased media
Dear Editor,   The two major daily newspapers in The Bahamas are ‘committed’ to dethroning the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) for reasons that they are spinning and because, clearly, they are bitter toward the prime minister and his progr...
Gambling culture challenge
Dear Editor, I wish to refer to The Nassau Guardian of March 16, 2017 and in particular to the opinion page entitled, “The dangerous consequences of a growing gambling culture”. I wish to thank and commend the author for an excellent article, s...
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