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Helping motorists out
Dear Editor,  This letter is addressed to government employees. Why is it that when there is roadwork, or any other obstruction, going on on the streets, you don’t make up a sign before we turn on to the street saying “road being repaired...
Let’s go with Perry one more time
Dear Editor, It is no state secret how I feel about the benign leadership style of the prime minister. It is also not hidden that I, at the appropriate juncture, will move for the elevation of the DPM to the level. Those who are unwilling or unable ...
True entrepreneurship
Dear Editor,  There is, and has been, a situation developing in this country that I consider very unsettling. You would think that I would be ecstatic about the number of businesses (of whatever category) that have been established in The Baham...
The Bahamas is increasingly becoming a secular, atheistic society
Dear Editor, Forty years ago, in 1976, as a young Seventh-day Adventist pastor, I conducted my first Bible Marathon on Bay Street. It took us almost four days to read the King James version of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, non-stop. Since ...
Following Christie to ruin
Dear Editor, The PLP will have its convention in November. Prime Minister Perry Christie wants to remain the party’s leader. He has held the post from 1997. So far only Alfred Sears says he will challenge him. Sears was a member of the Christie Ca...
Education reform needed
Dear Editor, A blessed morning to all. With the latest publicly released statement by the Ministry of Education of The Bahamas regarding graduation and the new requirements for graduation, one must ask the following questions. If 6,000 students are...
Increase salaries and allowances of members of Parliament
Dear Editor, Dear prime minister, it has come to my attention, and it also disturbs me greatly that the government of The Bahamas has deemed it fit to compensate members of Parliament only a meager $28,000 annually. As I am certain you will be able ...
Turning 50 graciously
Dear Editor,   When I was 15, I thought my parents were old and not 'down with it' to be around my camp of rebel alliances. They were loving and nurturing. However, they were in their late 40s and in retrospect, skin and health care were not ...
Marathon residents concerned about gunfire and crime
Dear Editor,   Since June 2013, after seeking the nomination in Marathon under the DNA banner, I have been on the streets in Marathon knocking on doors, speaking with people who live in the area, and asking them how they feel about the many un...
Poor service diminishing the economy
Dear Editor, Have you noticed the declining and unacceptable level of service and productivity in our country at all levels and in all sectors? While I cannot support that claim empirically, anecdotal evidence abounds. Please permit me to share a fe...
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