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Making The Bahamas proud
Dear Editor,   Ever since Britain’s Roger Bannister broke four minutes in the mile in the 1950s, the athletics world has speculated on the limits of the endurance and speed of the human body. As these limits of human velocity shrink, Shauna...
Security guards and guns
Dear Editor,   Do you feel safe on this island? I mean, with all of these violent crimes (especially murder) being perpetrated in this country for years, some Bahamians might have the tendency to feel apprehensive about moving about this islan...
Questions about National Health Insurance
Dear Editor, Several nights ago I watched the House of Assembly on TV when members debated the controversial National Health Insurance Bill. Health is an emotional, personal thing, and the members took full advantage of it. They waxed and they tack...
Mr. Speaker, please bring an end to this madness
An open letter to the Speaker of the House of Assembly Dear Mr. Speaker, We, the members and directors of Save The Bays (STB), would like to publicly offer our heartfelt thanks to you and communicate the overwhelming sense of relief we feel followi...
Christie is not good for The Bahamas
Dear Editor, There were comments recently made by Obie Wilchcombe to let all and sundry know that it is useless to challenge Perry Christie for the leadership post in the Progressive Liberal Party in a convention. His reasons are that he has the sup...
Lord bind us together
Dear Editor,   Many of us in the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) have been asking and seeking to persuade our current leader, the prime minister, to consider retiring from frontline politics. Some of us are of the opinion that his political s...
Animal ‘Bahamian’ Farm, pt. 2
Dear Editor, Welcome back. Now let us explore a few characters and themes of “Animal Farm”. I acknowledge that in addition to my personal insights I also referenced a few literary online resources. The correlations between the “Animal Farm” ...
Loretta Butler-Turner as prime minister
Dear Editor, Since 1967 when the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) wrested the reigns of power from the United Bahamian Party (UBP), we in The Bahamas have been subjected to rule by an all-male contingent of prime ministers: the late Sir Lynden O. Pin...
Our elected members and privilege
Dear Editor, It is truly amazing how the members of Parliament can claim privilege to speak unfettered in the House of Assembly because they are speaking on behalf of their constituents, when it is those same constituents who are called “strangers...
No term limits for prime minister
Dear Editor, There remains a constituency of persons scattered far and wide throughout The Bahamas who are of the opinion that our system of governance should morph into a creature that resembles the American system of governance. In America a presi...
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