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Never be quick to judge
Dear Editor, The women’s branch of the Progressive Liberal Party wishes to lend its voice to recent events of human interest, criminal conduct, our apparent inhumanity and the collective response to these issues of national import. We refer to th...
Zika and being sexually responsible
Dear Editor, As most of your readers are aware, Zika virus infection can result in abnormal brain and skull development in the developing fetus of women infected early in pregnancy. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that in up to 80 perce...
The eyes are useless when the mind is blind
Dear Editor, Bahamians are treated with disdain and disrespect by their leaders; disdain and disrespect veiled with contempt. Democracy is paid lip service, for surely there is a wanton display of power-filled entitlement rather than a respect for p...
Alfred’s challenge
Dear Editor, Sir Lynden Pindling was not fond of losing at anything, much less internal party elections. On those rare occasions when he was privately forced to stare defeat in the face the big man would absorb the winning argument and while never ...
Dear Editor,   It is often said that a promise is a comfort to a fool. In no way do I think our political leaders are fools, but it is no secret that the Leader of the PLP has promised to support so many of his colleagues in their quests to r...
Poor get rich, rich get richer
Dear Editor,   This is good for The Bahamas that the poor get rich and the rich get richer. This is what is being received by the poor, the underprivileged or the sufferers. To provide the inner-city residents or the Over-the-Hill communities...
The Wells FNM farce continues
Dear Editor,  If you needed proof that politics in The Bahamas is a farce, look no further than the saga of Tennyson Wells and the FNM. The party had their convention in June and concluded that they should all sing kumbaya and make nice for th...
Remembering 9/11
Dear Editor,  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration takes this opportunity to recall those who lost their lives tragically during the attacks of 11 September in New York on the World Trade Center buildings. This date continues to be ...
Have we colonized ourselves without realizing it?
Dear Editor, I am of the opinion we black Bahamians have colonized ourselves without realizing what we have done when it comes to economics and politics. In 2016, most of us still believe only a few established names can lead our beloved Bahamas. I...
Change needed atop PLP
Dear Editor, Since 1997, Perry Christie has been leader of the PLP. Christie has had one hell of a run. He has been in Parliament for more than 40 years. He has beaten Dr. Bernard Nottage three times to attain and remain party leader. He has been pr...
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