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Human rights questions should not be determined by referenda
Dear Editor, Recently, the leader of Democratic National Alliance (DNA) proffered the idea that a referendum to decide on LGBT rights in The Bahamas might be the path to resolving the issue now and for the future. I disagree. Notwithstanding that Th...
Is Alfred Sears Christie’s handpicked successor?
Dear Editor,   Alfred Sears has reentered frontline politics, which has oft been described as a rough and tumble business. The former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Cabinet minister and Fort Charlotte MP has decided to come out of a self-impo...
Healing the wounds
Dear Editor,   All is not well within our wonderful nation, no matter the herculean efforts of the spin doctors and wannabe interns within the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), which I support. I am not suggesting that all is doom and gloom bu...
Minnis can restore integrity
Dear Editor, Beyond a doubt, Dr. Hubert Minnis is the best chance The Bahamas has of restoring honesty, uprightness and integrity to the Office of the Prime Minister. As Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Minnis has shown time and again th...
Why I have rejected Bishop Neil Ellis’ referendum admonishment
Dear Editor, I hold Bishop Neil Ellis in very high regard. This simply cannot be overstated. I consider him to be an icon and pillar within the Christian community in The Bahamas and the region. Ellis is a very talented and anointed Bible expositor...
The referendum is important
Dear Editor,   The glaring headline in your paper of Monday, April 25, 2016 is reflective of the shock I felt on reading the article below the headline. It is not merely disappointing to read that a person of Dame Joan Sawyer’s standing in o...
The case of the purloined emails
 Dear Editor,   Speaker Dr. Kendal Major says he may hold minister Jerome Fitzgerald in contempt of the House of Assembly if he finds out that the private emails Fitzgerald read in the House were illegally obtained. What a joke. Is this ...
Questions for Dame Joan
Dear Editor,   Is Dame Joan Sawyer really serious? What would she have said if a clearly less qualified male lawyer had been chosen over her to be president of the Court of Appeal? Or if Parliament passed an act providing that male judges of...
Hidden agendas
Dear Editor,   I have observed that any idea put forth by this government usually has a hidden agenda that stands to greatly benefit select groups and not the country at large. It is this observation solely, not xenophobia, that forms the basi...
What’s wrong with fighting for women’s rights?
Dear Editor,  I am simply astounded by the public comments made by Dame Joan Sawyer, a woman of great privilege, for showing such disrespect for the women and men in The Bahamas who fought over the years to advance the cause of gender equality,...
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