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We must not give up on basic human rights
Dear Editor,   We collectively owe a debt of gratitude to the 46 percent of citizens who exercised a fundamental right guaranteed to all of us under the constitution and voted in the recent referendum. As free participants in our democracy we...
Minnis is the man for these times
Dear Editor, It is clear that Zhivargo Laing, Focus, Front Porch Simon and The Graduate see the world as they want to see it and not as the world is; therefore facts and truth are alien to them. They want to attack others with propaganda and innuend...
Faction against Hubert Minnis
Dear Editor, It is quite obvious that there is a faction of the Bahamian community which is of the opinion that the leader of the Free National Movement, Dr. Hubert A. Minnis, is not of the caliber worthy of leading the party to victory during the n...
What is needed to address our crime problem
Dear Editor, I pen this letter with mixed emotions today, hovering somewhere between immense relief and immense sadness. The sentencing of those arrested in my brother Kurt’s death marks the end of a long chapter of pain in my life and that of my ...
Prominent FNMs who abandoned party have resurfaced to oust Minnis
Dear Editor, With a little over nine months before election 2017, prominent FNMs who abandoned the party wholesale after it was routed by the PLP in 2012 have conveniently resurfaced and are now working feverishly via the print and social media to t...
Secularism is on the rise
Dear Editor, The Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals must be running scared if they have to use the preamble to the constitution of The Bahamas to support their Bible basis for marriage. I guess they must have heard the news: Christian fundam...
Regardless of the lack of logic, price controls will be applied
Dear Editor, The spectacle of the Price Control Commission (PCC) visiting and demonizing businesses in the press has recommenced, but with a twist. This time the accusation is food stores have not reduced prices on items that the import taxes were ...
Earth to Fred Mitchell
Dear Editor, After declaring that he will dedicate his 2017 election campaign to the fight of women’s rights, Fox Hillians should shout: “Earth to Fred Mitchell, you and your PLP colleagues please wake up from your la-la land dream and address t...
Politics and the Bahamian public service
Dear Editor,  If you ask an average Bahamian to describe a public servant I’m sure you’ll get anything but a response such as “intelligent”, “hardworking” and “dedicated”. Sadly, for many of us, this couldn’t be further from t...
The rise of judicial activism
Dear Editor, I attended the 8th Annual Eugene Dupuch Distinguished Lecture and heard for myself the presentation of the president of the Court of Appeal, Dame Anita Allen, on the subject “Law in a Changing Society: Reconstructing Marriage.” The...
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