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Poor Richard Lightbourn
Dear Editor, Richard Lightbourn stumbled into a room full of FNMs and bumbled around like an old gelding that couldn’t tell the difference between an abattoir and a stable. Either way he is political dead meat and he will surely be put out to past...
A defense of Richard Lightbourn
Dear Editor, I continue to be surprised by the unfair criticism that is being levelled against Richard Lightbourn for his “tube tying” comments at the recent FNM convention. First of all, Lightbourn issued a prompt and unconditional apology for...
Those who cause blunders
Dear Editor, I have observed a pattern over the past four years of this Christie-led administration. The mishaps, bad decisions, poor judgment and detrimental actions of the government have all had one common denominator. The attorney general and he...
Gang of Six members abandoned Butler-Turner
Dear Editor, FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis has extended the olive branch to Loretta Butler-Turner and her large group of senior FNM supporters as well as members of the media who have been busy undermining him over the last three-plus years. It rema...
Loretta Butler-Turner
Dear Editor, It’s so sad when we as Bahamians have no respect in desecrating some of our finest ladies in our country. Don’t we have mothers, sisters? Are they scorned when they stand up for what they believe? Or, does everyone have a caveman me...
Condemning Richard Lightbourn’s remarks
Dear Editor,   The long historical contribution of Bahamian women to every sphere of development in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas has been heralded and recorded for decades. Therefore, I am sadden and dismayed by the historically incorrect ...
Support for the Montagu MP
Dear Editor,   Richard Lightbourn is our MP. He has assisted in the community of Kemp Road consistently and without any issues. He is genuine. He cares about the people. He shows up to the plate when he is really needed and is very involved in...
Stronger Bahamas?
Dear Editor,   Rosa Luxemburg said, “Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.” My Bahamas is not a Stronger Bahamas. Our land is dirty and run down. The daily news is disheartening, filled with the verbal garbage that spews fort...
I support PM Perry Christie
Dear Editor, There has been much commentary regarding Prime Minister Perry Christie’s decision to remain as leader of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and the validity of his statement that he was encouraged to do so by the younger members of h...
Only in The Bahamas
Dear Editor, The audacity of the cronies in our Bahamas is astounding. Only in The Bahamas would a leading physician in the Ministry of Health in conjunction with some politicians have the audacity to be a partner in a physician group which has pres...
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