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  Dear Editor,   Welcome to Wonderland – the country’s most exclusive estate where only the privileged few reside in blinded splendor. Wonderful Wonderland, where right is wrong and wrong is right; where you can luxuriate in cushy c...
Nicki Kelly’s historical revisionism
Dear Editor, Negative historical revisionism is as old as history itself. It has been practiced throughout the ages for different reasons. It has been used by some countries as a pretext to justify some action planned, in progress or completed. Dur...
Opposition forces must unite or face destruction
Dear Editor, I write in response to some recent comments by Branville McCartney regarding the unlikelihood of an alliance between the DNA and the FNM. However, my message is really for all the leaders of the various opposition forces. Simply put, it...
Wonderland mathematics
Dear Editor, Have we all been transported to Wonderland, where right is wrong and wrong is right, and topsy-turvy reigns supreme? The media this week informed the public about the heads of agreement tabled for The Pointe, concerning the discussions...
Reset and re-engineer
Dear Editor, The gold rush administration and the prime minister should have had a Cabinet shuffle years ago. While it may be too late in this term to do so, it is now clear that once we are returned to high office, as we will, that some of the curr...
Two questions
Dear Editor, I am one of the many who constantly ask the question, “Is Bradley Roberts ever going to shut up?” Or, “Is Bradley Roberts ever going to say something that he has really thought about?” Those who want to lead should always be in...
Three-day election vacation time
I have a question for you: How often do we have general elections in The Bahamas? If you said every five years you would be right. In my mind that is a long time. What about your mind, Editor? Is five years a long time in your mind? For instance, don...
Congratulations to the prime minister
Dear Editor,   The final night of the PLP convention was an incredible, mindboggling and sensational performance. It was a first-class success act and I can only say, “Congratulations, Perry Christie.” The lopsided victory experienced in ...
The Pied Piper of The Bahamas
Dear Editor,   “When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.” – Euripides, Orestes   The We March organizers have been highly successful at one thing: And that is to deceive the Bahami...
A compelling argument to register and vote
Dear Editor,   Americans are protesting. They are angry with Donald Trump’s decisions. In November of last year they had a choice. Trump or Hillary Clinton. They were going to be stuck with one. Despite the writing on the wall, many who cou...
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