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History repeating itself
Dear Editor, In the latter part of 1971 a by-election was called in central Andros to fill the vacancy left by the demise of the late Clarence Bain, who had represented that constituency in Parliament. The NDP led by the late Paul L. Adderley, who a...
The electricity problem we face
Dear Sir,While the government of The Bahamas has thus far kept details of the BPL agreement and business plan close to the chest, concealed, hidden away and secret, the cat has nevertheless been let out the bag. “Pandora’s Box” has been opened....
Personal reflections and resolve regarding the referendum
  Dear Editor,   We Bahamians are a peaceful people – in spite of sometimes boisterous rhetoric. Thank God for a violence-free referendum. The presence of “to show abiding respect for Christian values” in the preamble of our const...
Butler-Turner and Rollins make for strange bedfellows
 Dear Editor,   The saying that politics makes strange bedfellows aptly applies to the current political soap opera unfolding within the FNM between Dr. Hubert Minnis and the six MPs who are pushing for his removal as leader. Loretta Butl...
Perry Christie should resign
Dear Editor,  Following the second rejection in three years of the government’s direct proposals by the people of The Bahamas, Perry Christie must resign. And the members of his party who have not made him do so must be dealt with by the Bah...
In defense of Dame Anita’s right to speak
Dear Editor, It has become apparent since the recent presentation of the 8th Annual Eugene Dupuch Distinguished Lecture, hosted by the Eugene Dupuch Law School and by Dupuch & Turnquest & Co. Chambers, that much public debate has emerged rel...
Tennyson dead wrong – again
Dear Editor, My self-serving, narcissistic, overbearing, thin-skinned, oligarchic newest best friend Tennyson Wells has elevated me to the level of superstar. He has gifted me my very own groupies. For the record, Tennyson, I collude only with my c...
Who’s to blame?
Dear Editor, I have followed the recent gender referendum and its aftermath with great interest. It is now common knowledge that voters overwhelmingly rejected the proposed changes to the Bahamian constitution and have preserved the gender biases in...
He that is without sin, cast the first stone
Dear Editor, In recent times, Bahamians have been consumed with the realization that many of our sons and daughters are not subscribing to what we call “old school” methodology. The discussion of alternative lifestyles has caused us to abandon C...
C.A. Smith is being excessively punished
Dear Editor, Former FNM parliamentarian C.A. Smith stirred up a hornet’s nest when he alleged that the former governor general, Sir Arthur Foulkes, is Nassau Guardian columnist Simon of Front Porch, who has a penchant for writing disparaging thing...
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