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Disagreeing with Dame Joan’s view
Dear Editor,It is with great sadness that I read the comments of Dame Joan Sawyer, a former chief justice and president of the Court of Appeal, in The Nassau Guardian’s front page story of April 25, 2016. I find it very difficult to believe, or ra...
Minnis supporter’s attack on media unjustified
Dear Editor,  A letter written by Delvin Rolle complaining about media coverage of Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis is another sad example of his supporters’ belief that the media are somehow blind and just don’t get ho...
Minnis with ideas is an oxymoron
Dear Editor, Please permit me space in your daily to respond to a letter which appeared in your edition of Saturday, April 23, 2016. The letter is written by one Delvin Rolle, who seems to be a cipher for Dr. Hubert Minnis. He laments the alleged t...
Purposeful pseudonyms for Tennyson Wells
Dear Editor, Those of us old enough to still remember when Latin was taught in some schools and spoken in some churches have a few Latin words for the learned former Attorney General Tennyson Wells: argumentum ad hominem. In contemporary language, ...
Sidney Collie’s pyrrhic victory
Dear Editor, Sidney Collie’s victory over activist Rodney Moncur on April 14 for the Free National Movement (FNM) chairmanship post was a pyrrhic victory for the Hubert Minnis faction of the FNM. I understand that Minnis was backing Collie. Moncu...
NHI’s Achilles heel
Dear Editor, The legend of Achilles and the weakness that led to his death are well known. When the story is told, some question why the vulnerability was not covered or eliminated before disaster struck. I am left to ask the same question as an in...
NHI is BOB on steroids
Dear Editor,  It was revealed at the recent annual general meeting of that troubled institution that the bank needs $30 million in new capital. This follows the $100 million taxpayer bailout of this financial institution, whose majority shareho...
Fooling the people
Dear Editor, In the Roman Empire’s waning years, when its citizens could not afford bread, its leaders chose to appease and pacify the masses with the spectacle and sport of the arena. Instead of spending their dwindling coffers on running the emp...
Pastors’ Stone Age thinking
Dear Editor,   The coalition of pastors who seem to have but one string to their ecclesiastical guitar again launched into a chorus of hate in a now predictable attempt to blur the line between church business and state business. The church o...
Release young men incarcerated for small amounts of marijuana
Dear Editor,   I must mention publicly that I am disturbed about the incarceration of young black men for smoking a joint or possession of a small quantity of marijuana. It is a practice that must be discontinued forthwith. It is nauseating to...
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