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The Wells FNM farce continues
Dear Editor,  If you needed proof that politics in The Bahamas is a farce, look no further than the saga of Tennyson Wells and the FNM. The party had their convention in June and concluded that they should all sing kumbaya and make nice for th...
Remembering 9/11
Dear Editor,  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration takes this opportunity to recall those who lost their lives tragically during the attacks of 11 September in New York on the World Trade Center buildings. This date continues to be ...
Have we colonized ourselves without realizing it?
Dear Editor, I am of the opinion we black Bahamians have colonized ourselves without realizing what we have done when it comes to economics and politics. In 2016, most of us still believe only a few established names can lead our beloved Bahamas. I...
Change needed atop PLP
Dear Editor, Since 1997, Perry Christie has been leader of the PLP. Christie has had one hell of a run. He has been in Parliament for more than 40 years. He has beaten Dr. Bernard Nottage three times to attain and remain party leader. He has been pr...
Open letter to Alfred Sears
Dear Editor, Dear Alfred, I trust that all is well with you and your immediate family. I note that you will be challenging for the leadership position of the Progressive Liberal Party at the anticipated national convention. I have already informed ...
Parents’ back-to-school reminder
Dear Editor,  Dear parents, (including myself), as school starts again let’s remember the following. Bullying is unacceptable. If your kid is a bully admit it and take the necessary steps to correct it immediately. Kids are severely affected...
Working for the Bahamas government
Dear Editor, Do a large constituency of persons in The Bahamas work for the government? You bet your life they do. As a matter of fact, the government of The Bahamas is the largest single employer in this country. You might ask: “Should it be tha...
FNM has changed for the wrong reasons
Dear Editor,   It is so sad to see the careful destruction of the FNM, a party that many of us sacrificed our families to keep relevant. Many of us worked behind the scenes and even without any fanfare, but for a genuine concern for the countr...
Full disclosure needed on carnival
Dear Editor,   There is a recently released movie, a true story, entitled “Florence Foster Jenkins”. This film aptly describes the state of leadership in our country today to a T. Just like Aesop’s fables, and many of the fairy tales we ...
Revamping public transportation
Dear Editor,   There has been a lot of brouhaha and “combruction” surrounding the (relatively) new rules concerning embarking and disembarking of passengers on our public busses along Bay Street as of late. I am a regular patron of our pu...
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