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The power and the glory
Dear Editor,   I really wish to give the prime minister the benefit of the doubt, in most cases, but I have found myself asking the salient question: Is he still amongst the land of the living? With less than a year out before the next schedul...
Negotiating economic harm
Dear Editor,   Continually “negotiating” with government over the terms of negative public policy and suggesting this process helps make a bad public policy more palatable at the outset, is as corrupt as the bad policy itself. Claiming vi...
Unfair criticism of PM on Baha Mar
Dear Editor, Rip Van Winkle is awake. Like a newborn babe, he is screaming and kicking in excitement at the joy of finding in place a University of The Bahamas, National Health Insurance scheme and a real plan to complete the Baha Mar construction...
Keeping clean and orderly communities
Dear Editor,   The proliferation of derelict vehicles, garbage, run-down buildings and unkept streets through the inner city is disgusting and downright demoralizing. Your children seeing, living in and passing by these disgusting sights cann...
PLP has not helped with Baha Mar
 Dear Editor,   Prime Minister Perry Christie gave the nation the “good news” in a nationally televised press conference; his first in some time. The prime minister’s news was that an agreement had been reached between the Bahamian ...
Questioning proposed govt health monopoly
Dear Editor,   What is the difference between a government monopoly and a private monopoly? What is the difference between a socialist and a capitalist? Every time you turn around somebody is complaining about the “government”. What they ...
The eyes are useless when the mind is blind
Dear Editor,   Bahamians are treated with disdain and disrespect by their leaders; disdain and disrespect veiled with contempt. Democracy is paid lip service, for surely there is a wanton display of power-filled entitlement rather than a respe...
Rejecting abortion
Dear Editor,   I read with sadness comments attributed to Dr. Duane Sands in which he shared his belief that the law against abortion in The Bahamas should be amended to permit abortions in cases where microcephaly has been identified. Sands h...
COB’s march to university status: A more accurate history
Dear Editor,   Among the essentials for any development – whether of a product, or of a country, or of an institution, such as The College of The Bahamas – is history. Knowledge of what has gone before is indispensable in developing qualit...
The gamble of a lifetime
Dear Editor,   While the details are grossly lacking about the “deal” declared by the prime minister relative to Baha Mar, right-thinking Bahamians must give him the benefit of the doubt. I am legally trained and was privileged to practice...
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