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We have no first lady, Mr. McCartney
Dear Editor, “The Monkey Song” is a once popular calypso about a frustrated gentleman who couldn’t seem to shake a monkey off his back. He tries and tries, but every sound he makes, every move he takes the monkey mimics him. You can hear it b...
Not to vote
Dear Editor, Why is the Parliamentary Registration Department (PRD) so concerned about Bahamians registering to vote? Shouldn’t the PRD be encouraging people not to vote, since the more people voting always seems to lead to a landslide victory? In...
Bradley Roberts is out to lunch again
Dear Editor, By his requesting that protestors meet with the PLP, what the PLP chairman has clearly missed is that the last thing the Bahamian people want now is more talk and promises from this government. The protestors have shouted “save it” ...
Is the Anglican Church dying?
Dear Editor, Today, Sunday, November 27, 2016, is the first Sunday in Advent/Commitment Sunday that begins a new year in the Anglican lectionary cycle, launching a new year for us Anglicans. Here in the Northern Bahamas Archdeaconry, comprising all...
The case of Alfred Gray and the Andros agri-fisheries proposal
Dear Editor, During the parliamentary sitting on Monday the 21st of November the prime minister suggested that the fishing controversy generated by the minister of agriculture and fisheries, the member for MICAL’s letter of the 3rd of October 2016...
Monopoly on common sense
Dear Editor, After a voice note by Cabinet Minister Fred Mitchell was circulated on social media, in true “PLP-esque” manner, I feel compelled to offer my unsolicited advice to Mitchell and the Progressive Liberal Party. As a young Bahamian it ...
Damn the popular vote
Dear Editor, Do you follow American presidential elections? Yes? If you do, you would know that just recently (on November 8, 2016) Americans voted in their president-elect, Donald J. Trump. Even if you don’t follow American presidential elections...
We’ve seen this movie before
Dear Editor, Gowon Bowe, chairman of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, has reportedly stated that the government’s new tax compliance initiative would assist in increasing annual revenue, decreasing annual deficits and generating annual surpluses. ...
Getting to know Alfred Sears
Dear Editor, Do you follow the American system of electing a president? It usually begins with a potential candidate for that position making a formal announcement that it is his or her intention to seek the position of president of the United State...
A case of incredible hypocrisy
Dear Editor, Permit me the liberty of dispensing a bit of advice to the leader of the opposition. Sir, you must dispatch forthwith an email to your anointed candidates advising them to stay on message at all times. And in the case of your man for F...
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