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We March should get serious
Dear Editor,   In order to express their displeasure at the persistent problems caused by the fire at the dump, the We March group is planning another protest march in April 2017. To what end, I ask? Multiple groups and individual Bahamians ha...
Serve with honor, remember with pride
Dear Editor,   In recent weeks I read an article in the local press in which a report attributed to the IDB has compared the manpower resources of the Royal Bahamas Police Force with those of Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Jamaica. The repo...
Only a boy
Dear Editor, One of the classic children’s songs of all times is “Only a boy named David”. The story of David’s selection to be king of Israel is recorded in 1 Samuel 16:1-13. The story, in brief, is that the prophet Samuel intended to selec...
Great expectations and Baha Mar
Dear Editor, Since the work on Baha Mar has begun and 600 persons have been hired so far, is it safe to say that the sale of Baha Mar has been completed? Are we going to have to wait until April 21 like attorney Wayne Munroe is saying? He says that ...
Road Traffic Dept. – a job well done
Dear Editor, I am now convinced that because most Bahamians tend to be too late when it comes to renewing drivers licenses, voters cards and passports, that you all get frustrated and start carrying on bad because the lines are too long or, as some ...
Landfill an explosion waiting to happen
Dear Editor, Why does the dump burn? Is it old cars or just rubbish going up in smoke? A study needs to be done on Methane gas and how it is produced. It is the accumulation of Methane that has to be addressed. Most landfills have an extraction pr...
New Lexus for the prime minister
Dear Editor, Any emperor worth his salt is worthy of a new chariot every now and then. But when his kingdom is broke, even the mightiest emperor must lead by example and publicly demonstrate that austerity starts at home. Our prime minister never g...
Loose lips and political ignorance
Dear Editor,   There was a time long ago when I dared to believe that Dr. Hubert A. Minnis (FNM – Killarney) possessed the ‘stuff’ of which prime ministers are made. In fact, I prophesied his rise to high office as leader of the oppositi...
Did the PLP pay?
Dear Editor, I watched the PLP on TV on Friday night. The PLP was on ZNS at a church service rally in Grand Bahama. ZNS aired the event with many staff dedicated to airing it. Did the PLP pay for that political broadcast? The event certainly was no...
The coronation of Wayne Munroe, QC
Dear Editor, The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has now selected Barrister Wayne Munroe, QC, as our standard bearer in the newly renamed and revamped constituency of Free Town. He will be going up against Dionisio D’Aguilar (FNM), a well-known an...
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