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When will the PLP begin believing in Bahamians?
Dear Editor, From the very inception and introduction of Junkanoo carnival last year the question has been asked with the name of the original festival being carnival, just how Bahamian was it? This problem was quickly rectified with the affixment ...
What does China want from The Bahamas?
Dear Editor, What China wants from The Bahamas is an essential question for those monitoring the implications and assessing the risk imposed on the nature of China’s economic, social and political engagement with the Commonwealth. There’s a sus...
China outplaying The Bahamas
Dear Editor, The efforts to resolve the debacle at Baha Mar will not have resolution any time soon. The Chinese are not in a position where they have to sell the property in the forseeable future. The government of The Bahamas, though, is in a posit...
Defending Bishop Solomon Humes
Dear Editor,   I’m very pleased that Fred Mitchell publicly defended the late Bishop Solomon Humes who has been unfairly named and journalized in connection with the so-called Panama Papers matter. I commend Mitchell for his well-written let...
Not respecting what is Bahamian
Dear Editor,   Just when I believe that my mind cannot be further boggled I am sadly proven wrong. I have attached a photograph sent to me showing a billboard that is prominently displayed in the airport vicinity, the Ministry of Tourism’s ...
Carnival is no threat to Junkanoo
Dear Editor, The Nassau Guardian February 25, column by Front Porch/Simon on “The Brilliance of Junkanoo in The Bahamas” caught my eye. I seldom read articles shielded in anonymity, as they are usually propaganda pieces cloaked as serious commen...
STB, Nygard and the struggle for true democracy
Dear Editor, In Thursday’s edition of The Nassau Guardian, it was asserted that the longstanding dispute involving Save The Bays (STB) and Peter Nygard is a “distraction from other matters more fundamental to our lives and future”. With the g...
Why has Bishop Humes been singled out?
Dear Editor, On Saturday 9 April, I promised Bishop Franklyn Ferguson of the Church of God of Prophecy that I would speak to this issue and I do so now on the singling out of the late Bishop Solomon Humes in the local and international press in conn...
Dump fires - examination and solutions
Dear Editor, I wish to address the continuous burning of the city dump and the resultant health issues, firstly by examining the nature of the dump and then by looking at the reasons for the fires. There has been a lot of talk about Stellar Waste t...
Moncur not a good fit for FNM chairmanship
Dear Editor, No one can deny that Rodney Moncur is an indefatigable, tenacious political aspirant. The former leader of the defunct Workers' Party and former DNA candidate who shifted his allegiance to the FNM in 2014 has been a vociferous and ente...
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