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Support and concern for the Bay Street March
Dear Editor, I feel compelled to write regarding your editorial that appeared Monday, November 21. Firstly, I find your daily writing absolutely on point and for the more recent years, they have been very relevant, as have been your Monday National ...
Why I march on Black Friday
Dear Editor,   I am marching on Black Friday because of the outrageous situation with Bahamas Power and Light. I am marching because a power company that used to be controlled by Bahamians was put under the control of an American company that ...
Wolves in sheep’s clothing
Dear Editor,   During the election season, there are many of us who, when we decide to enter the arena to become “servant leaders”, we do so with a sincere heart and unpolluted motives. At the same time, there are many involved or entering...
Gray’s fishy tales
Dear Editor,  “By hook or by crook” is an old saying that portends that any means necessary will be deployed to accomplish a certain end. How appropriate then that the minister responsible for fishing has been caught in his own net (again)...
The chamber of government
Dear Editor, Permit me a space in your daily to express my concerns on the state of affairs in our Bahamas. The truth is that I am too old and I am too invested as a business owner here to leave so I might as well speak. Plus, I have nowhere else to...
PLP: More whistling past the graveyard
Dear Editor, Confirming a lack of understanding of the depths of the economic problems facing the country, Prime Minister Perry Christie announced a “Competitiveness Council” to work out of his office to improve The Bahamas declining status in t...
Christie’s meddling in FNM matters
Dear Editor, The hypocrisy that is Perry Christie. It was reported that on October 20, two sidelined MPs were urged by Christie to fight for their political careers and to resist Dr. Hubert Minnis with all of their might. In this unsolicited politic...
The best interest of Bahamians
Dear Editor, I have read a number of articles recently in the newspaper regarding concerns of local pharmaceutical wholesalers that the government (Public Hospitals Authority) may be planning to bypass them and go directly to manufacturers to purch...
We must register and vote
Dear Editor, As a young political observer, I have been quite pleased with the Free National Movement’s selection of candidates thus far. Most of these men and women embody exactly what it is that so many Bahamians have been in search of for quite...
A good group of FNM candidates
Dear Editor, I must say that I am very pleased with slate of candidates approved and ratified by the Free National Movement to date. There is little doubt that the electorate wants to see fresh and new faces – new potential political leaders in ou...
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