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Financial sovereignty
Dear Editor, Whilst Bahamians have been actively opposing one another for the past several weeks leading up to the recent referendum, it would appear that other serious business has been silently but inexorably moving full steam ahead on the other s...
The illogical fallacy of C.A. Smith
Dear Editor, I should be grateful if you would permit me a little space to comment on the unwarranted attack by retired and ambassador to Washington C.A. Smith on retired Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes, which he made by open letter on June 10, ...
Open letter to Bahamian pastors
Dear Editor, Bahamian pastors, I have a question for you. What did you preach about this Sunday past? It was the Sunday since the referendum, so I imagine that many were engaged in praise and thanksgiving for The Bahamas' of changes to the s...
A disgraceful act by C.A. Smith
Dear Editor,   I am compelled to respond to the unwarranted, baseless and belligerently scathing attack that C.A. Smith launched against Sir Arthur Foulkes to whom he erroneously attributed the nom de plume of Front Porch by Simon. In the int...
C.A. Smith has hallucinated
Dear Editor, I am appalled! Cornelius Alvin Smith has lost it. I cannot for the life of me fathom why a supposedly intelligent man, who seems to be stable, appears to have his wits about him, suddenly “fly over the cuckoo nest” at an alarming...
FNMs must do better
Dear Editor,   For love of my dearest country and my darling FNM, I now find myself daily asking why? Why are some of my fellow compatriots and FNMs publicly demonstrating a lack of political wisdom in how we treat and portray some within our...
C.A. Smith apologizes to Sir Arthur
Dear Editor,  I would be grateful if you would kindly publish the below note of apology to Sir Arthur Foulkes who has confirmed that he is not the writer of the article published in The Nassau Guardian of June 2 under the nom de plume Simon. I...
C.A. Smith crosses the line
Dear Editor, It appears that foot-in-mouth disease is going around these days. Flat-footed Tennyson “Oligarch” Wells came down with a bad case of it recently and now it appears Cornelius A. Smith has caught it too. Symptoms of the disease appea...
Disheartened by the referendum vote
Dear Editor, I am a sixth generation Bahamian woman who has been living stateside since college days. I married an American and now have a three-year-old child. Both my husband and child have no access to live and work in The Bahamas. It is especial...
It took courage to oppose referendum process
Dear Editor,  In the aftermath of the referendum, there is much speculation. It is disturbing to hear accusations that the Bahamian people are ignorant or misogynistic, xenophobic or homophobic. To begin with, I believe that the majority of ci...
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