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An urgent mandate for the preservation of our Bahamas and Mother Earth
Dear Editor, My people, we are called to be the environmental consciousness pioneers, at this critical juncture of Earth’s dramatic agony, caused by our human species. Our mission is sacred; the indomitable laws of nature require us to preserve t...
Referendum results reflect a failure of leadership
Dear Editor, The results of the June 7 referendum is a sober reminder that unless leaders lead, bad things will happen. That the bills (at least bills one and three) should have passed on their merits is not really debatable. All leaders knew it wa...
Shame and scandal in The Bahamas
Dear Editor, Congratulations, women of The Bahamas! You've thrown the baby (daughter) out with the bath water! My heartfelt condolences go out to your daughters because now they know for certain that their mothers think even less of them than they...
Inefficient bus system
Dear Editor, Are you well traveled? How many countries have you visited? Five, ten, twenty? Well, I have only visited three countries in my 50 years on this earth (my birthday was October 12, 2015); and two of them have been industrialized countries...
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