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The best interest of Bahamians
Dear Editor, I have read a number of articles recently in the newspaper regarding concerns of local pharmaceutical wholesalers that the government (Public Hospitals Authority) may be planning to bypass them and go directly to manufacturers to purch...
We must register and vote
Dear Editor, As a young political observer, I have been quite pleased with the Free National Movement’s selection of candidates thus far. Most of these men and women embody exactly what it is that so many Bahamians have been in search of for quite...
A good group of FNM candidates
Dear Editor, I must say that I am very pleased with slate of candidates approved and ratified by the Free National Movement to date. There is little doubt that the electorate wants to see fresh and new faces – new potential political leaders in ou...
March on, Bahamaland?
Dear Editor,   The state of The Bahamas, and its future, have led me to break down the national anthem of the country as it now has new meanings within every stanza.   Lift up your head to the rising sun, Bahamaland Lift up your head a...
Hubert Minnis is no Donald J. Trump
Dear Editor, Many misguided and possibly naive Bahamians once held the bogus and patently unrealistic expectations that Hillary Clinton, the now politically demised Democratic presidential nominee, would have become the first female president of...
A party that has lost its way
Dear Editor, Am I the only one who is waiting for a response from the Christian community or its leaders on the remarks made by Alfred Gray; when he expressed our “need” of the Chinese investors in language that surprised many of us. This “out...
Agricultural development and environmental health for The Bahamas, pt. 4
Dear Editor, There are several points I would like to make in this final letter and they relate to the natural environment around us, the establishment of a healthy primary production environment (agriculture and fishing), and the protection of both...
Ball of confusion
Dear Editor, There is so much confusion going on in our country. It is overwhelming. Once again we have indeed become a “nation for sale”. It is truly a frightening state of affairs when each day brings to light another confusing debacle being ...
FNM is in a glass house
Dear Editor, There are some real issues as it relates to the confidence displayed in the leadership of the FNM. The appearance of a democratic process was unmasked when it was discovered that the deck was stacked against the challenger for the top s...
Agricultural development and environmental health for The Bahamas, pt. 3
Dear Editor, The reality of investing in Bahamian agriculture is “harsh” because of the nature of our natural and economic environments. There is little that can be done with our natural surroundings, but the economic one may certainly be modifi...
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