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Spending the people’s money
Dear Editor, When this present government made the decision to initiate VAT, it was based on its claims that all revenue collection would be used to pay down the national debt. I am grateful for the insight Michael Halkitis gave regarding how the f...
Make marijuana and other drugs legal
Dear Editor, Is alcohol legal in The Bahamas? I believe that it is. That has always been the case. In times past (I believe they called it the Bootlegging Era), alcohol was legal in The Bahamas, however, it was illegal in the United States. Some Bah...
The undemocratic PLP way
Dear Editor, Recently, one of our talented and beautiful young Bahamian professionals, Dionne Benjamin-Smith, said in a Facebook post that she hates when some people refer to election-time as the “silly season”. What she meant, I presume, is th...
Remove the sidewalks
Dear Editor, Are you ambulatory? I mean, can you walk? I have never met you, editor, but just for the purposes of this letter I am going to assume that you have use of your legs. Have you ever been walking downtown with your working legs? If you ha...
The NHI quagmire
Dear Editor,   In July 2016, I told y’all that there is no way on Earth that NHI could be rolled out in 2016, despite all the political talk and empty promises, but y’all ain’t listen. At the time, I also told y’all about my colleagues...
MPs have to be more creative than metal detectors
Dear Editor,   I was happy to see the article in The Tribune on Tuesday from Project Youth Justice presenting different ways to help rehabilitate our young people, instead of turning our schools into prisons. Our MPs and future MPs have to be ...
Leadership in a democracy
Dear Editor, Democracy is a system of government in which all citizens have an equal say in the decision-making process which affects their daily lives. Preferably, this includes equal (and direct) participation in the proposal, development and pass...
Haitians speaking two languages
Dear Editor, Are you a Bahamian? Yes? I am going to be presumptuous and assume that you are a Bahamian. And so, if you are a Bahamian, then what schools did you attend? Well, in the old days there were schools that were in existence that are not her...
We ready now
Dear Editor, One may say or think whatever they wish about the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), but my party has always risen to the internal and external challenges which we have encountered. We in the PLP do not give up, despair or break off runni...
Open letter to PM on leadership
Dear Prime Minister, I am not often one to get into public political commentary or debate but my heart is heavy. As someone who has watched your political career over the past 40 years, and witnessing where we are today, I could not resist re-readin...
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