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Pindling continues to loom large in the PLP
Dear Editor,   There are calls within the PLP for a complete rebranding of the party after the devastating May 10 general election loss which saw virtually the entire Christie Cabinet wiped out, with the exception of Philip "Brave" Davis and G...
Regarding immigration, both governments have failed
Dear Editor,No man would be well thought of if he seems to take better care of those outside of his home than those in it. Nor would that same man be held in high esteem if he allowed all and sundry to enter his home without properly ascertaining th...
The people have spoken
Dear Editor,  FNM and PLP are cautioned: The people voted for country, not party. The race is over and the dirt has settled. Some are happy and others are sad, but the Bahamian people have spoken. They sent a clear message, "We are in charge."...
Accusations of racism the oldest play in the PLP playbook
Dear Editor, Prominent PLP Errington "Minky" Isaacs' racist rant at a PLP meeting for the retirement of former PM Perry Christie encapsulates the history of his party's perennial usage of the race card in order to woo black Bahamian voters to the ...
Demanding better from a new government
Dear Editor,   Allow me to congratulate Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and the Free National Movement on their tremendous, overwhelming victory at the polls on May 10! To God be the glory! Although I am a lifelong FNM, I never supported Dr....
Adrian Gibson’s comment comes off as ungrateful
Dear Editor,   Adrian Gibson is a highly accomplished young Bahamian. He is an MP, attorney at a reputable law firm, former columnist for The Tribune and also an occasional radio host. Gibson is what every parent in this country would want for...
The new PLP leader owes the RBPF a public apology
Dear Editor,   Philip "Brave" Davis' replacement of former PM Perry Christie as PLP leader cannot be viewed as a substantial upgrade. He takes on the leadership post with his share of political baggage that will drag down the opposition party....
First glimpse of a Minnis doctrine
Dear Editor,   Students of politics who parse words and debate policy were absolutely delighted with the first public statements by the new prime minister. To the surprise of many, Dr. Hubert Minnis ascended the stage on election night as the...
Economic empowerment and creativity
Dear Editor, On behalf of Creative Nassau, I should like to respond directly to the urgent need for economic growth in The Bahamas by presenting two common sense solutions. In 2014, Creative Nassau (www.creativenassau.com), a non-profit organizatio...
Shuffle them up prime minister
Dear Editor, The swearing in ceremony for the Cabinet ministers was a jubilant occasion. Many Bahamians are optimistic that there will be change. Prime Minister Minnis’ speech reinforced this belief, but there was one moment that I felt demonstrat...
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