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A response to the call to legalize marijuana to cut crime
Dear Editor,   I write in reference to a letter advocating for the legalization of marijuana which was published in your daily on 20/7/17. Many Bahamians seem to forget that just a generation ago tourists came to The Bahamas not for the sun, ...
Fred Mitchell’s campaign for PLP leadership has begun in earnest
Dear Editor,   The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) will be holding a convention this year in order to elect a substantive leader, deputy leader and chairman. The MP for Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador, Philip "Brave" Davis, is the interim...
Legalizing marijuana can reduce crime
Dear Editor,   Parents, guardians, siblings, cousins, aunties, uncles and friends mourn today because of the non-stop shooting deaths in New Providence. The cycle is all too familiar. Young Bahamian men are having their breath removed from th...
It’s high time we get a domestic airport terminal
Dear Editor,   The time is long past for air transport officials to recognize that there is such a thing as domestic air travel in this country. We have copied a U.S. system, which basically sees no need to segregate international and domesti...
The availability of bathrooms
Dear Editor,   Have you ever had occasion to walk downtown? Of course you have! Have you ever eaten in any of the restaurants downtown? I suspect that you have, and when you were finished with your meal or even before you started your meal, yo...
Cancel carnival, don’t privatize it
Dear Editor,   Some time ago I drafted a letter to the editor to commend Bahamian musician and producer Fred Ferguson for withdrawing his support from carnival, but in the hecticness of life, I did not finalize and send it. Recently, I saw Mr....
The illusion of the French elections 2017
Dear Editor,   The election of the Europeanist Macron, who is a real child of the banking system and of the forces of globalization, to the presidency of France has prevented, on the one hand, the automatic activation of the decomposing proced...
Get serious about hurricane preparation
Dear Editor,   Since June 1, efforts have been made to sensitize the public about the seriousness of a disaster striking The Bahamas. Hurricane preparedness has been stressed, because if we as a people are better prepared, the blow could be le...
Police in our schools
Dear Editor,   Call 911!!! That’s right, Editor, call the police!!! What’s the matter? Well, I’ll tell you — there’s a fight going on in one of our schools!!! Remember the good old days, Editor? A fight was just that — a fight ...
Rehabilitation of our males is a fundamental priority
Dear Editor,   The single most pressing societal problem facing The Bahamas today, as we celebrate 44 years of so-called independence is the self destruction and demise of the younger black males and the apparent abandonment of responsibilitie...
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