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Dionisio’s pontifical performance
Dear Editor, You didn’t have to listen too intently to Dionisio D’Aguilar to hear the unmistakable rumble of a train-wreck in the making. In the style of Donald Trump, Dionisio wants to soak, wash, rinse and spin Bahamian politics just like he ...
Andros land proposal an election issue
Dear Editor, Much can be said about the government considering/negotiating the transfer of 10,000 acres of land in Andros to the Chinese government as confirmed by your newspaper months after Dr. Hubert Minnis’ persistent warnings. However, I shal...
A poor agricultural history
Dear Editor, Every agricultural project the government has been involved in that I know of has been a disaster. The thriving Hatchet Bay Farm, which helped provide full employment in Eleuthera, collapsed under the PLP. The starving cows at BARTAD ...
Creating linkages with China
Dear Editor, It has come to my attention, and I must say that I am very pleased, that China and its relationship with The Bahamas has been the popular subject of the public discourse in the news media within the last few years. Creation and enhance...
Selling Andros to China
Dear Editor, It is important for the Bahamian people to register to vote. If we allow Perry Christie to continue as prime minister we may not have a Bahamas left in five years. I was shocked to read the reports in the newspapers this week about a $...
Utilities after Matthew
Dear Editor, Please allow me some space in your column to discuss the utility repair response in New Providence after the passing of Matthew. I had written previously to note the community spirit and support given by neighbors and friends. I found ...
Chinese fishing proposal
Dear Editor,  No! No! No! The fisheries industry provides one of The Bahamas’ few natural resources and the government must not sell our birthright to satisfy China’s voracious appetite for seafood. China is currently flexing its military...
Police reserves and the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew
Dear Editor, I would be most grateful if you would afford me some of your valuable space in your news daily in your next publication. I am a resident of Grand Bahama and have been for many years. My boyfriend is a police reserve officer here on the...
Don’t let Hurricane Matthew blow CLICO policy holders away
Dear Editor, A progressive government must find the financial wherewithal and the political will to finally resolve the CLICO debacle, in spite of the pressing and ongoing challenges the country now faces, most recently compounded by the devastating...
Baha Mar crap shoot
Dear Editor,   The Chinese are working out their long-term, geo-political strategy. The government is playing for short-term immediate gain. One hand can wash the other. What Perfect Luck! Too bad for the non-players.   – Leandra Es...
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