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The true face of the opposition
Dear Editor, I would be the biggest fool in The Bahamas if I were to say that the governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), my party of choice, does not have serious challenges as we prepare to go into the 2017 general election. There is still an u...
FNM needs to revise leadership election system
Dear Editor,  The “Dissident Seven,” Loretta Butler-Turner and the other six FNM MPs who support her, are being lambasted in many quarters. But tell me: What were they to do? They very clearly have no confidence in Dr. Hubert Minnis. And wh...
The seven should be expelled
Dear Editor, I am an FNM supporter and I have been since the late Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield’s “Free at Last” speech at convention in the early 1970s. I have followed with interest the actions of the “Dissident Seven” FNMs in wresting le...
The house of cards
Dear Editor,  The cobbling together of aspects of the political divide to create a monstrosity to take out Dr. Hubert A. Minnis (FNM-Killarney) and to emasculate the now tattered Free National Movement is nothing short of a spectacle and displa...
Do Bahamians want Minnis?
  Dear Editor,   Have you been following the latest brouhaha in Bahamian politics? Well, recently seven sitting Free National Movement (FNM) members of Parliament wrote to the governor general of The Bahamas to request of her that Dr. Hu...
Minnis has self-destructed
Dear Editor,   In the House of Assembly, the speaker read into the record the communique from the governor general confirming that the MP for Long Island, Loretta Butler-Turner, is the first woman leader of the opposition in the history of The...
Real property tax declarations for 2017, and public disclosure?
Dear Editor,   The Tribune published recently a legal notice to real property holders. It requires us, among other things, to file with the chief valuation officer (CVO) a form of the particulars of the property we hold to enable the CVO “to...
Thoughts on The Bahamas
Dear Editor,   As Bahamians we all have a stake in making the quality of life in our country better – in ridding it of crime and corruption and fear and bringing it that much nearer to being truly paradise. Do we do enough or do we hold back...
BPL is a failure
Dear Editor, Last year at our annual condo association meeting, members vigorously debated whether to purchase a generator or to do other major necessary property upgrades. We reasoned that with the new management company at the helm of the Bahamas ...
Solomon’s rule
Dear Editor, Excluding the Lord Jesus Christ, the biblical King Solomon is considered to be the wisest man who ever lived. Solomon once faced the daunting task of determining which of two prostitutes was the true mother of a child that both claimed...
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