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Just breed
Dear Editor, So stunning to hear a Christian priest say that black Bahamians breed too much. Sounds like something the “massa” would say about his slaves. I didn’t realize we were still a plantation nation. I wonder, though, what is the Chris...
Open letter to MPs on Freedom of Information Bill
Dear members of Parliament,  We, as 20 civil society and private sector industry groups, with an estimated collective membership of over 100,000 private and corporate citizens, are writing to you once again concerning a strong and fair Fre...
PLP cannot change the quarterback now
Dear Editor, My sentiments are more about common sense than personalities. The PLP has been the party that rescued the Bahamian people and forced the playing field to be levelled. The naysayers would have you to think that the party never did any g...
Political thunder and lightning
Dear Editor, With the recent convention press briefing for the upcoming national Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) convention, our members and core supporters have been called to prepare for the mother of all political campaigns within a few short mon...
The gay agenda
Dear Editor,   Quite interesting how the Christian community is so concerned that the government of the day, and the United Nations, might have a gay agenda. It’s time for Christians to face the truth. Christianity is the gay agenda. The ga...
A case of racial hypocrisy
Dear Editor,   I’m writing this letter on January 15, 2017, a day that has been set aside around the world as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. As I thought about the sanctity of all human life, regardless of the circumstances of their concept...
It’s time for a change
Dear Editor,   Proverbs 14:34, “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” How long will it take our beloved prime minister to realize that it’s time for a change? How long will it take the Progressive Libera...
I did not try to return
Dear Editor, To avoid giving credence to the babble that sometimes masquerades as truth, I generally ignore misstatements and inaccurate statements in the media that deal with me. But an assertion made by your editorial writer in this morning’s p...
Unrighteous talk from the Venerable James Palacious
Dear Editor, In the interest of fair play, the Venerable Archdeacon James Palacious needs to join Richard Lightbourn in the penalty box for his recent insensitive public outburst. The archdeacon is familiar with the need for nuance and diplomatic l...
Sour grapes
Dear Editor, Sour grapes? Three months after Category 4 Hurricane Matthew passed through The Bahamas, Flamingo Gardens Park still has not been fully restored. The fence by the softball field remains on the ground and both dugouts need to be rebuil...
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