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Sheriff Christie’s Wild, Wild West
Dear Editor,   In April of 2012, bad boy Sheriff Perry Christie of Centreville stood up at a rally at R.M. Bailey Park and waved a magic wand called a Charter of Governance that he promised would fix the economy and end crime. Crime, he said,...
Be safe Bahamas
Dear Editor,   It is a joy to know that we are heading towards an even more saved Bahamas; a royal people, a holy nation. Thank you, editor, for your continued support to make The Bahamas a more peaceful and caring country. We say again, thank...
A soldier’s heart
Dear Editor,   Worrisome is possibly the most newspaper appropriate adjective I can find to describe the minister of national security’s knee-jerk response to the “Wild West”style violence being perpetrated on our streets. There is appa...
Crime gatekeepers out of touch
Dear Editor, Finally, Minister of National Security Dr. Bernard Nottage has broken his silence on the recent crime spree in New Providence. But will his rant in the House of Assembly cause a crime solution to be effected? Nottage suggested the poli...
Long Island does not belong to Loretta
Dear Editor, Loretta Butler-Turner, the outgoing MP for Long Island, claims that she still subscribes to the policy/tenets of the FNM. But I am confounded by the actions and utterances of Butler-Turner and her surrogates of late, chief amongst them ...
The election to come
Dear Editor, The Bahamian people this year will have the opportunity to select which political party will solve the crisis on crime, education, unemployment, the $7 billion debt problem and Standard and Poor’s downgrade to junk status of the Baham...
The spy bill will cost the PLP the election
Dear Editor, The Progressive Liberal Party is about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with this crazy and dangerous spy bill that will allow them to eavesdrop on every single Bahamian, read our emails and listen to our phone calls. First of...
BPL, BEC, depression and fear
Dear Editor, Please allow me a small space in your paper for a short rant. As I watch what is going on in my country I have grown more and more depressed, and now, even worse, I have grown very afraid. What finally tore it for me and the reason for...
FNM: ‘More fire!’
Dear Editor, I’m going to make this letter short and sweet. During election time in The Bahamas at rallies and conventions and some other places, and sometimes even before or after election time, what is the response line from the crowds when a s...
Boundary changes: Do they matter?
Dear Editor, Members and supporters of the assorted so-called opposition forces are up in arms and are suffering convulsions over the boundary cuts which were just revealed in Parliament. Why they are doing so is beyond my pay grade, because no matt...
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