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The workload of a member of Parliament
Dear Editor, During this term I wrote an open letter to Perry G. Christie, prime minister of The Bahamas, addressing the inadequate salaries of our members of Parliament and sent a copy of it to you and other reputable newspapers in The Bahamas. I w...
Androsians need ownership of Crown land
Dear Editor,  Please permit me to share my view on the leasing of Crown land in Andros to foreigners while Androsians remain unable to access Crown land ownership in their homeland. It is ungodly and unjust that in a 21st century Bahamas many ...
U.S. Embassy out of line
Dear Editor,   While segments of the United States are deeply concerned about the very appearance of the involvement of foreign governments in any aspect of their recent elections, the tone deaf U.S. Embassy in Nassau decided that now was a go...
Chamber not capitulating to govt?
Dear Editor, The CEO of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce is quoted in one of Monday’s dailies as saying his office needs a very close relationship with the government and because they are not “bashing” them it does not mean they are not holding...
Letter to from St. Andrews Kirk: Hurricane Matthew relief for Bain and Grant’s Town
Dear Editor, In the wake of Hurricane Matthew’s devastation, there remains much work to do in cleaning up our neighborhoods and repairing damaged homes. The resources required for this cleanup and rebuild are beyond the ability of many. Thankfully...
The moment in time
Dear Editor, The recent politically based march and demonstration clearly unmasked the “hidden hands” hell-bent on the destabilization of the gold rush administration. They are anxious to see the backs of the Progressive Liberal Party and its le...
We have no first lady, Mr. McCartney
Dear Editor, “The Monkey Song” is a once popular calypso about a frustrated gentleman who couldn’t seem to shake a monkey off his back. He tries and tries, but every sound he makes, every move he takes the monkey mimics him. You can hear it b...
Not to vote
Dear Editor, Why is the Parliamentary Registration Department (PRD) so concerned about Bahamians registering to vote? Shouldn’t the PRD be encouraging people not to vote, since the more people voting always seems to lead to a landslide victory? In...
Bradley Roberts is out to lunch again
Dear Editor, By his requesting that protestors meet with the PLP, what the PLP chairman has clearly missed is that the last thing the Bahamian people want now is more talk and promises from this government. The protestors have shouted “save it” ...
Is the Anglican Church dying?
Dear Editor, Today, Sunday, November 27, 2016, is the first Sunday in Advent/Commitment Sunday that begins a new year in the Anglican lectionary cycle, launching a new year for us Anglicans. Here in the Northern Bahamas Archdeaconry, comprising all...
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