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Not the Republic of The Bahamas
Dear Editor,   Have you ever heard of the Westminster system? Well, if you haven’t, it is a system of government that we, in The Bahamas, inherited from our former colonial masters in the United Kingdom. As you well know, this system of gove...
Hurricane tax a dumb idea
Dear Editor,   I was surprised to hear Prime Minister Perry Christie suggest a tax to pay for the hurricane damage. A lot of homes and businesses were hit badly by the storm. Some people are homeless and some business owners may not be able to...
FNM South Beach wants Cartwright
Dear Editor,   The silly season in politics has started in earnest and the craziest things are happening. The FNM selection of candidates has taken all sort of twist and turns. Incumbent candidates have been dissed and political unknowns have ...
Paradise: Paralyzed by fear
Dear Editor,   The Democratic National Alliance is saddened by the gruesome attack in which the party’s Nassau Village chairperson, Wendy McIntosh, was shot multiple times. It is deeply disturbing that at a time when many of us in the count...
Baptism by Matthew
Dear Editor,   Many Bahamians are able to say, and have said so, what they like and do not like about Leslie Miller (PLP-Tall Pines), but he, God bless his soul, calls it like he sees it. He has served the people of this wonderful nation at al...
Invisibility after Matthew
Dear Editor,   The invisible BEC people are hiding behind every corner and around every house. According to the folks at BPL/BEC, they have been out working on the lightless communities around the island. Never mind that we do not see them, n...
Community spirit after the storm
Dear Editor,   I do not have electricity, Internet, telephone, cable, and have minimal water, but what I do have are fabulous neighbors and community members. All of us were impacted by the recent hurricane, some more than others. I am gratefu...
Adding more tax burden to Bahamians
Dear Editor,   The national debt is teetering around $7 billion. Most Bahamians are aware that $2 billion of that amount was borrowed and squandered during the past four years by this present government. I say squandered because no matter how ...
Govt must do its part too
Dear Editor,   Following the disastrous aftermath of the monster Hurricane Matthew and the need for hundreds of millions of dollars “to fix the country”, it is unbelievable to hear talk about the possibility of a “hurricane tax” to be ...
Can we please have the old BEC back?
 Dear Editor,   I thought that with the arrival of Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) we were supposed to have improved service at a lower price, delivered through a modern system. After all, they are a big American company and are supposed to...
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