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Fred Mitchell sounds like an old, bitter political retiree
Dear Editor, Former PLP MP Fred Mitchell's press statement over the weekend portrayed him as bitter and angry that he has lost the trappings of Cabinet ministers. All that expensive first class travelling around the world that cost taxpayers million...
Decimated and forced into retirement
Dear Editor, The Bahamian general election of 2017 is now over with the Free National Movement (FNM) being the victor. The party soundly defeated the incumbent Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) at the polls. Official results show that the FNM won 35 ...
What I believe caused Christie to lose in Centreville
Dear Editor,   Former Prime Minister Perry Christie was rumored on social media to be strongly considering contesting the election result in Centreville in election court, after election officials had recounted the ballots over a 24 hour perio...
The Bahamas Chamber should be helping business, not encouraging more regulation, taxation and bureaucracy
Dear Editor,     On Thursday past (May 11,2017), the CEO of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation was lamenting that people renting their homes through Airbnb should be regulated. His concerns seem directed more...
Patty Roker’s disastrous election night
Dear Editor, When will our television broadcasters invest in the modern bells and whistles and state-of-the-art technology needed to give their viewers 21st century election night coverage? As the nation retired to watch the election returns, we go...
It’s the people’s time
Dear Editor,It is heralded as "The people's time". We, the people, were frustrated and felt helpless to the ills that abound. We needed to be rid of the leeches that were draining our blood; fattening only themselves and their own. The results are i...
Let’s clean it up Bahamas
Dear Editor, Allow me to congratulate my fellow Bahamians for once again conducting themselves in a civilized and peaceful manner during the recently held general election. I am calling on all political parties and their candidates, both those elec...
BTC - The other sale
Dear Editor, Parliament has been dissolved. The parliamentary committee established to investigate the sale of BTC (an issue deemed by some to be of national importance) never reported. I'm not sure they ever met. I had hoped they would. I had hoped...
Cool and steady won the race
Dear Editor, In the end, cool and steady won the race. Stabbed in the back by his parliamentary colleagues and ridiculed by a biased and gullible media, Dr. Hubert Minnis remained focused during a vicious and relentless campaign, shoulders squared,...
Bahamians were very angry with Christie and his scandal ridden PLP government
Dear Editor, The Whistleblower predicted in this daily some weeks ago that the FNM would win at least 29 seats in Parliament. His projections were off by at least six seats, as preliminary results show the FNM having won a staggering 34 or 35 seats....
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