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Schooling Christie on taking responsibility
Dear Editor,   The late Bahamian doctor, author, poet, sage and passionate lover of Bain Town, Dr. Cleveland Eneas used to say that the good Lord gave us two eyes, two ears but only one mouth for a reason. This divine architecture was to allow...
The ink and the X
Dear Editor,After the election dust has settled and voters are realizing that what was promised has not happened, or it has taken almost five years, up to the next election, for movement on the promise, should voters be blamed for allowing themselves...
Bahamian Musical Chairs
Dear Editor, Please allow me a space in your valued chronicle to dually vent and share as the general election looms. Arguably, the most momentous governance in recent Bahamian history was that of the then Free National Movement “Government in th...
White paint please
Dear Editor, White paint please. Why in God's name would sensible people leave speed bumps the same color as the road after installation. If undetected while driving, this highly dangerous combination can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle's ...
Bradley Roberts: rainmaker
Dear Editor, Of all people, PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts knows a thing or two about the consequences of leaking potentially damaging personal information to the public. Never mind his newfound rationalization that he must expose hypocrisy in public...
The 2017 Junkanoo Carnival
Dear Editor,   The 2017 Junkanoo Carnival, is a replay of King Belshazzar’s feast, recorded in Daniel 5:1-30. This is one of the most notorious, ill-advised and foolish feasts ever conceived. King Belshazzar’s Kingdom of Babylon was under...
VAT explanation flawed
Dear Editor, The prime minister’s explanation of how VAT receipts during the two year period from January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2016 amounting to $1.14 billion were used was at best wrong. To explain, I will consider just the portion of the PM...
Bahamians need a leader with a plan
Dear Editor, Pre-election rhetoric is in high gear and, as always, is mildly entertaining but lacking in substance. To date there are no clear, coherent, concise, commonsense suggestions or solutions from the official opposition to many of the count...
No one cares anymore
Dear Editor, Has anyone taken notice of the increasing number of homeless and destitute people that roam Nassau’s streets both day and night? Daily, at almost every intersection, traffic light or parking lot, one is approached by individuals, man...
Baha Mar casino license
Dear Editor, The present highly publicized controversy about the proposed casino license for Baha Mar, with full-page ads and letter to the editor, is being played out on a slanted stage that should not be provided by an eminent publication like The...
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