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Nygard has done more for this country than most Bahamians
Dear Editor, I must agree with V. Alfred Gray's timely statement when he said Peter Nygard has done more for The Bahamas than most Bahamians have. That might sound controversial, but it is the undeniable truth. It upsets me to no end to see this ou...
Non-voting Cabinet ministers in House of Assembly
Dear Editor, Do you like our system of government as it is structured now? I don’t. Do you want to know why, Editor? Well, I’ll tell you. We, in The Bahamas, by patterning our system of government after the Westminster system of government, have...
It’s the people’s time
Dear Editor,   It’s the people’s time, not because the FNM’s slogan says so, but because, in a few short days, it will be time for the people of The Bahamas to cast their votes as they are moved by their consciences to elect a candidate,...
Dangerous driving
Dear Editor,   The reckless driving I witness, and do my best to avoid, on Nassau’s streets has gotten progressively worse over the years. The other day, at the intersection of Kemp Road and Parkgate Road, I narrowly escaped what could have...
GB Junkanoo Carnival was a major flop
Dear Editor, Junkanoo Carnival has often been hailed as one of PM Perry Christie's crowning achievements this term. The inaugural event in 2015 as well as in 2016 were smash hits. Despite costing taxpayers $12 million in 2015 and $10 million in 2016...
Dear Editor,  Few things have come to symbolize the morning ritual better than a hot cup of coffee or tea and a roaring laugh over the political cartoon in the newspaper. Editorial cartoons have been published continuously since 1721, when the...
Noise Pollution: Concerts, loud public events and other noise in residential and work areas
Dear Editor, Thousands of Bahamians are being physically and psychologically harmed by the environmental impact of noise in the city of Nassau. We are not alone. This is a global problem that is multiplying as a function of the exponential growth of...
Independent Speaker of the House of Assembly
Dear Editor, Do you know what the Westminster system of government is? I’m sure that you do. It happens to be the system of government that we in The Bahamas have chosen to pattern our system after, as founded and followed by The United Kingdom. W...
March on to glory and to God by Rex Major
Dear Editor, I would like to recommend to all Bahamians a powerful book, “March on to Glory and to God” written by great Bahamian evangelist Rex Major. It is a great book and was really informative about our Bahamas leading up to independence an...
Nomination Day: Time too short
Dear Editor, Are you a busy person? I suspect that you are. What about your readers, Editor? Do you suspect that some of them might be busy people too? Yes? You, Editor, and they (your readers) no doubt have important things to do during the cour...
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