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Green Files

Expanding our disaster preparedness
We have made it through another major hurricane with New Providence this time taking a direct hit. And with the benefit of time we will look back at the effectiveness of the warning systems, disaster preparedness, emergency response and ability of th...
Building for resilience
As another hurricane threatens, we are reminded that we have a full two months to go before the end of the hurricane season, so it is important to keep our guard up especially during this time. It also tends to make us ponder how resilient our buildi...
Reclaiming the energy in food
Every day a lot of food gets thrown away by grocery stores, restaurants and hotels because it cannot be sold or donated. There are also numerous inefficiencies in the supply chain of our agricultural sector that often result in a significant amount o...
Rediscover The Bahamas – Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park
For the past eight years I have spent more time out of The Bahamas than in it, giving me a fresh perspective and appreciation for the land I call home. I had the privilege last week of flying over the Exuma Land and Sea Park in a helicopter; this off...
Ease of business is good for the environment
If you go to the World Bank Group website, you can see the ratings for countries as it relates to whether or not the regulatory environment is conducive to opening and operating a business. The Bahamas ranks 106 overall in the world and has shown pro...
Climate change and phony engineers
Record-setting global high temperatures, more powerful and more frequent storms, have led us to believe that climate is changing and perhaps more rapidly than ever in history. It is at this time that we need to be ever more vigilant and ensure that t...
Collaborative consumption: Uber
If you spend a lot of time outside of The Bahamas, as I currently do, some of the things we have come to live with no longer seem acceptable. Glaringly obvious is the lack of accessible, affordable public transport to cover the very small island of N...
China, let’s talk energy
China was late to the game of advancing renewable energy technology but they are making up for it, and fast. The Chinese have by far the most aggressive renewable energy policy of any country in the world and are investing billions of dollars to impl...

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