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Talking Tips

How to keep your staff engaged after a crisis
Hurricane Matthew has left our small country in a state of disrepair. Though we have reason to be grateful, there is much to do to bring restoration. As a business owner, manager or supervisor, how do you keep your team motivated and engaged to perfo...
How managers can get maximum team performance
Many managers may not understand the value of building rapport with those who report to them. However, this is a critical key to helping them shine in their own position and it makes the job so much easier. You can choose your management style. Some ...
Five tips to succeed at your new job or position
Congratulations, you got the job or new position. You are fresh and full of zeal. If your goal is to make an impact, if you are just brimming over with new ways to make things bigger, faster, leaner and stronger, consider the pointers below to create...
The powerful manager
Managers often label themselves as being aggressive. In other words, they consider themselves to be go-getters. They do not allow anything to hold them back. They go for what they want, they are determined and uncompromising, a trait many admire. How...
How to make conversation
If you absolutely hate being in situations that require you to ease awkwardness with insincere chit chat, you are not alone. Online polling company Amplicate, recently found 78% of their participants feel the same way. Some see Small Talk as meaningl...


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