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Arts & Culture

From the collection
"On the Way to Market” (ca. 1877-78) by Jacob Frank Coonley, looks to be a work in progress, an experiment, with boxes in the foreground and a window decidedly within the frame of the shot. Ordinarily, a background so carefully constructed with tha...
‘All of My Emotions’
This time last year Bahamian ceramicist Alistair D. Stevenson was preparing for his solo exhibition ‘Pomp & Pageantry’ at Doongalik Art Gallery. Stevenson’s practice at the time was concerned with translating fine art and organic forms into...
Generational inheritance
Art is considered by many to be one of the most critical subjects in the development of a young mind. It informs the way one processes math and science. It alters and expands the manner in which individuals seek solutions to complex problems. Underst...
What’s in the frame
Frames capture or remove things, images, objects, people for or from the public eye. The frame of the photo can bring something into sharp focus, or it can reduce that same thing into an abstraction in the fore or background and highlight something e...
From the collection
Britain may have Sir David Attenborough, America might have Michelle Obama, but we, ladies and gentlemen of The Bahamas, have the wonder that is Darold Miller. Now, this is a bit facetious, as we have many a national hero to represent us, but the cha...
The joy of fostering creativity
The air was filled with anticipation, impatient little legs swinging from the laps of their parents, who were awaiting the brief remarks and activity ahead. Younger siblings toddled through the center aisle while teens, hovering in the back rows, eye...
Finding home
A lonely husk of a seed floats across the oceans, from either India or Southeast Asia– we aren’t quite sure which–and finds itself in various locales across that lateral band of the planet we call the tropics. This foreign species found itself ...
Studio Visit: Robin Hardy
Last summer, I had the pleasure of turning my first bowl from Madeira wood with established woodturner and furniture-maker, Robin B. Hardy. With no formal training, he has developed a niche for one-of-a-kind pieces hand-crafted from a variety of woo...
If an entire population moves, is it still a nation?
Sam Shepard has died. Sam Shepard has died and we are left to remember his works. It is a different dying than Derek Walcott because he is further away, perhaps, but he throws into sharp relief our refusal to see ourselves as we pass through our eve...
Reporting from Rome
Three weeks of Italian summer and being surrounded by art professionals sounds like a dream, and in many ways, of course, it is. From the “shallow” things—like eating gelato for breakfast (which, I’ll have you know, is entirely civilized)—t...
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