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Jeffon Stubbs is the best and brightest
St. Anne’s School’s Jeffon Stubbs is the Alpha Phi Alpha Inc.’s 2016 Valedictorian, and the recipient of a $6,000 scholarship. Stubbs scored the highest on a standardized test at the 29th Honours Day Convocation examination to secure the win. ...
Students plant ‘tree of life’ at Windsor Preparatory School
Children dressed in every shade of green — from lime to forest and chartreuse —assembled in the schoolyard of Windsor Preparatory School at Old Fort in New Providence, for a tree-planting ceremony as part of the school’s Earth Week festivities....
E. Clement Bethel Award winner Rosi Birch-Lovdal encourages students to keep their courage
Students and artists at the College of The Bahamas (COB) were encouraged to stay with creative tension and to not run from it to a safe place. They were told to stay with their moments of creative chaos, as they were teaching them something. “Keep...
If you can’t cry, something’s wrong
Now my friend, I just wonder if you agree with the sentiments in the title of today’s very important article, if you can’t cry, something’s wrong. Well do you? Now some sensible, aware, spiritually awake people will indeed agree with it, whilst...
52 of the best and brightest young men
On Saturday, 52 of the country’s top graduating males will sit a scholarship exam comprised of general knowledge, mathematics and English, and an essay competition, after which, the highest exam scoring individual will be named the 29th Alpha Phi A...
Celebrating advances in preschool education
For many years, preschool teachers were viewed as “glorified babysitters” and not the educators they are, and in 2004 they sought to change that perception. Preschool educators came together to demand that they receive the recognition they knew t...
The TV in your head
I write a whole lot in these articles about self-esteem and what an important role it plays in our lives resulting in success or failure depending upon whether we have high self-esteem or low self-esteem. I’m well-qualified to do this as “A” I ...
Immersed in the French experience
Every person should know another language, and every foreign language student should get the opportunity to immerse themselves in a society speaking the language of their choice, according to Kingsway Academy student Paul Moss. Moss was one of 23 fi...
A student’s point of view
Elmira College student Kaurin Gibson received an A grade (98 percent) for an op-ed piece she penned on the topic “‘same rights’ and gender equality in The Bahamas”. Gibson’s professor told her that the op-ed was impressive and that she lea...
Simone continues to excel
Education is key to life and success — this was the message that was drilled into Simone Rolle during her formative years by her parents. Today, Simone is making herself and her parents proud as she matriculates towards a bachelor’s degree in for...
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