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QC brings William Shakespeare to the stage
Theseus, Duke of Athens, is preparing for his marriage to Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. A courtier seeks the duke’s intervention because his daughter, Hermia, will not agree to his choice of Demetrius as a husband. She’s in love with Lysander....
Engaging in a vocabulary expedition
Reading isn’t just a habit or pastime to keep children out of trouble. It’s also a way for children to improve their spelling, reading comprehension and critical thinking abilities, according to Nickisha Deveaux, vice principal of the primary div...
University of Florida partnership brings dental care to Andros students
A team of 20 dentists and dental students from the University of Florida, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the Public Hospitals Authority and the Ministry of Education, brought oral healthcare to students in North and Central Andros. The i...
And this too shall pass
Now here’s a fact of life that no one — but no one can dispute. At times in each of our individual lives, we’ll all inevitably pass through some really rough times, as this is the way life works in reality. There are the good times and the not...
Helping each child — one trial at a time
Carla Gibson grew up close to her special needs older cousin, LJ, who had sustained brain damage at birth. The love she had for her cousin initially led to her volunteering at a self-contained special education school and to her later studying specia...
Eardrum perforations
The eardrum is a thin, cone-shaped piece of skin or membrane, less than half an inch wide that separates the ear canal from the middle ear. It is also known as the tympanic membrane. A perforation of the eardrum is a hole or rupture of the eardrum le...
Caring for working feet
Your feet bear the brunt of your daily working life. The average person walks the equivalent of five times around the earth in a lifetime and each step can exert up to two times your body weight in ground reactive forces through your lower limbs. Pro...
Past record or present performance?
Now let’s face it, there are thousands and thousands of people spread throughout this great big world of ours who have some “skeletons in their closet” so to speak, who have a record of not performing too well in the past. Quite frankly, if I l...
20 to battle in 20th year
Students from as young as eight years old, in the person of Leviah Martin, up to age 14, in the person of Jannie Joseph, will participate in the 20th Bahamas National Spelling Bee. Martin, eight, a fourth grade student at Old Bight Primary School, wi...
BTC awards BMES top achievers
D’Ajonae Jayawardana, Kiara Williams and Amor Ferguson learned that excellence in the classroom pays off well beyond the sitting and recognition of excellent national examination results as Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) recognized Bishop...
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