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Health & Wellness

Preventative measures
Candice Taylor (name changed), the mother of a teenage son and daughter, has not had her children vaccinated against the human papillomavirus (HPV). Last year when their pediatrician spoke to her about the preventative vaccination, she said she opted...
Traveling feet
The summer is here and most Bahamians are busy planning or going on their next vacation. Whether you are planning to walk around the parks at Disney World, shop until you drop in Dubai or even explore one of our beautiful Family Islands, travelling c...
Love everyone
Now I can just imagine many of my readers saying to themselves as they read the title of today’s article “Love Everyone” D. Paul I really think you’ve gone a bit too far here today. I’m a very loving and caring person generally, but let’s...
Ending the silence
Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a disease that affects sweat glands in the groin and armpit, known as the apocrine glands, with symptoms that include painful red bumps or sores in the armpits, groin, anal areas; under the breasts, for women; pus dra...
BTC delivers hot meals and groceries to those in need
Honoring a pledge to tackle hunger by feeding Bahamians who need it most, the BTC iVolunteer Team prepared bags of groceries and delivered hot meals to over 200 families in need in the Gambier community. For this event, in an effort to spread the spi...
The basics of wearing flip-flops for healthy feet
Summer is officially here and the heat is on! People are happily sporting their favorite footwear — flip-flops, which are a popular choice for the summer because they are versatile and easy to wear. They can be casual or dressed up, and here in The...
Yes I do!
Wow, now that I think about it, the title of today’s article sounds like I’m getting married and when the minister says, “Do you take this woman etc …” I’m saying “Yes I do!” However, that’s quite definitely not what this article is...
Betty Taylor loses and wins big
Betty Taylor was always heavy growing up, and like most people she engaged in yo-yo dieted — she would lose a few pounds here and there when she decided to lose weight, but would inevitably gain the weight back — and then some. She eventually bal...
Empowering women’s choices for good health
On average, women tend to be better about seeking medical attention than men when they don’t feel well — but there is still a segment of the female population that still only schedules an annual trip to the gynecologist — and if you’re a part...
Your feet and the summer heat
As we enjoy the long, hot summer, we think only of long strolls on the beach and the feel of sand through our toes. We never think of the dangers that might be lurking outside with all that fun, sun and sand. From playing sports on the beach and swim...
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