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Health & Wellness

Restoring spirit, soul and body
The epitome of relaxation (for me at least) is a spa day, as treatments are crucial to spiritual, mental and physical well-being. At Amber Spa at Warwick Paradise Island, the luxury boutique spa is definitely where you can experience a new journey to...
DQ Miracle Treat Day to benefit Down syndrome community
The dog days of summer are here. With temperatures soaring into the 90s, staying cool may seem like mission impossible. On Miracle Treat Day, Thursday, July 27, DQ will help you cool down while supporting those in need. For one day only, DQ will don...
A gift of life
Anthony Michael Watkins has been given not one, not two, but a third chance at life really. And he does not take it for granted. He says his life is precious to him. Six months ago, Watkins, 61, underwent heart transplant surgery after his own organ...
Sitting with legs crossed actually comes with some health concerns
Sitting with your legs crossed feels very natural and even good. Not to mention many feel it looks sexy to sit that way. In fact, most of you probably cross your legs at least once while you’re having dinner, working at your desk, sitting on a benc...
Be happy for others
I know that when we work really hard to achieve a particular goal and eventually it comes to pass, we feel real happy for ourselves, and, of course, that’s only natural. However, it is my opinion, that when any of our friends achieve something wort...
Lollipops of love
If you’re dealing with a crabby co-worker or sour-faced friend, offering them a sucker may help sweeten them up, according to a 2011 North Dakota State University study which came to the conclusion that people with a sweet tooth have sweeter dispos...
Exercising common sense in the summer heat
The temperatures are soaring and it’s to the point where it can feel like it’s more than 100 degrees at times. When the sun’s rays are not at their hottest, it can still be uncomfortably hot. Even the people who engage in outdoor exercise progr...
A ‘get your mind right’ fun run/walk event
The “Get Ya Mind Right 5K The Jay Way” was no ordinary fun run/walk. Many early Saturday morning risers of all ages gathered at Goodman’s Bay for what turned out to be an exciting event. Donovan “Jay” Rolle, coach/trainer of Jay Fitness, pu...
CIBC FirstCaribbean bankers turn to baking to help cancer charity
Some of the island’s bankers recently turned into bakers for a very worthy cause. As part of its region-wide Walk for the Cure cancer awareness and fundraising campaign, CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank will host a bake sale on the last Frida...
One foot in the grave, the other on Earth
Like many people, Kimberly Munroe, 28, grew up hearing the adage that alludes to a pregnant woman having one foot in the grave and one foot on earth. It’s a saying she has an appreciation for after her own life and death experience while pregnant. ...
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