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Health & Wellness

The future of health care
The future of primary care — health care provided by the doctor who sees the patient first and provides basic treatment and who will determine whether a patient needs to be referred to a specialist — is basically the future of health care accordi...
Trotting for tots
An unfortunate event turned out to be the motivation for a special event — Trot for Tots 242. In June 2016 Rhaine Russell was admitted to the children’s ward of Princess Margaret Hospital with a skin rash. She was hospitalized for approximately t...
Traversing the hearing aids market
I am often asked by people how they would know which kind of hearing aid would be best for them, as there are essentially tens of thousands of different possible hearing aid manufacturers, numerous hearing aid styles, unlimited hearing aid features a...
Diabetic foot ulcers are very serious and can lead to many months or even years of suffering and an early death
A diabetic foot ulcer is an open sore or wound that occurs on the foot of a person with diabetes. It is very serious and can lead to many months or even years of suffering and an early death. In fact, a person with a diabetic foot ulcer or an amputat...
You never lose, you learn
I was listening to a politician on television one day who was being interviewed at the time. The interviewer brought up the question of the fact that this particular politician had ran for office before and lost, so why run again for the same office,...
‘Zika is here to stay’
Acknowledging Zika is "here to stay", the United Nations’ health agency on Friday lifted a 9-month-old emergency declaration and prepared for a longer-term response to the mosquito-borne virus that can result in severe neurological defects in newbo...
The gift of pain
Pain is not often thought of as a gift. A famous doctor and scientist call it just that, a gift. After long years of studying the feet of people who could not feel pain and seeing all the complications this caused, Dr. Paul Brand call pain a gift. Pa...
Hereditary breast cancer: Are you at risk?
For about five to 10 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer, hereditary factors are the root cause. In fact, having a first-degree relative (such as a mother, sister, daughter) with breast cancer, increases the potential that you are carrying ...
How to solve problems
I bumped into someone who I hadn’t seen for quite a while just last week. When I asked him how he was doing, he said that he was plagued with problems, both at home and at work which were causing him a whole lot of grief leading to some serious he...
BTVI students queue for HIV testing
As an 18-year-old who already has a baby, a Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) student spoke candidly about why she recently participated in the school’s free HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) testing. The teenager said she takes ev...
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