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Health & Wellness

The lupus patient and oral care
While everyone is encouraged to visit their dentist twice per year, it is imperative that lupus patients do so as well, and those with active lupus disease are urged to visit the dentist in three month intervals, according to Dr. Shamika Strachan. T...
The men: What about Us TOO
Eight years ago, the cancer registry at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) identified 85 men who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer that year. That was not a true picture of the national incidence rate, as many affected men sought diagnosis an...
PM promises new child health and maternity wing at PMH
Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said the government will build a new child health and maternity wing at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), during a recent visit to the hospital. “I don’t know the specifics in terms of when it will be complet...
Hearing aid use and care
A hearing aid is a small electronic device that is constantly exposed to ear oils, hair care products, wax, sweat, moisture, and frequent handling. To ensure your hearing aids function optimally throughout their five to six year life expectancy, it i...
The daily struggles of living with Lupus
For a month, Petrell Lloyd, who was then in her early 40s, didn’t remember she had a toddler at home. It’s a time in the mother’s life that she looks back on as terrifying, but with some degree of relief as well, because what transpired from he...
Adjusting to new hearing aids
When it comes to enhancing a hearing impaired person’s ability to hear and communicate, hearing aids are by far the most effective means of staying tuned in to the rest of the world. Although hearing aids do not restore normal hearing, they do help...
Falls and footwear
Every year in the United Kingdom, one in three people over 65 will fall. This rises to almost half with people aged 80 and above. Falls are the single, biggest reason for admission to the hospital and presentations to the emergency department in peop...
Remain open
As we all know only too well we have some good times in life and, of course, ultimately we’ll have some not so good times as that’s the way the cookie crumbles, as that well-known saying puts it. Now the real test of anyone and how successful the...
A body under attack
Imagine some days waking up and your entire body aches — you’re fatigued to the point that you’re completely drained. Then there are days you wake up and have problems with your vision; another day your hands or feet could be purple (caused by ...
Purchasing hearing aids
People always ask me how they will know which kind of hearing aid is best for them. There are essentially tens of thousands of different possible hearing aid manufacturers, numerous hearing aid styles, unlimited hearing aid features, and varying leve...
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