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Health & Wellness

Lupus awareness in high gear
Lupus patients on average lose over $21,000 annually in medical expenses and work hours, according to Vice President of Lupus 242 Shonalee Johnson. Johnson said that even with insurance, medication can cost people with lupus between $200 and $300 pe...
Lemons for lemonade
We've all heard the saying, "when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade," a saying that means so much more than lemons or lemonade; a saying that means that whatever life happens to throw at you, find a unique purpose for it, turn it from boring i...
Teamwork makes Raymond Street shine
Being a good corporate citizen is something that is taken very seriously at Bahamas Waste. Recently the company proved its commitment by donating the supplies necessary to do a much needed cleanup on Raymond Street. “We have been working with Viol...
Plantar fibroma
There are many persons who complain of a “lump” or “bump” on the bottom of the feet. This may be painful, especially when wearing high-heeled shoes or when walking bare foot. This may be a plantar fibroma which occurs in both men and women.&n...
Don’t let the dream die
I believe that most of us when we were young had dreams of what we’d like to do with our lives. Dreams tend to make life really exciting as we start to use our imagination to see in our ‘Mind’s Eye’ ourselves actually achieving these dreams, ...
GB nurses undergo leadership training and certification
FREEPORT, Grand Bahama – A Nurses “Leadership for Change” (LFC) graduation ceremony was held at Le Chateau on the Green on Friday. Fifteen nurses were presented with their inaugural LFC certificates. Speaking on behalf of the Minister for Gran...
Your face: The window to your overall health
There’s a saying that the “eyes are the windows to your soul”. It’s no wonder that some doctors say the face is the window to your overall health which is why you always usually get a once over of your eyes, ears, nose and mouth when you visi...
For the moms
Mother's Day has come and gone. Hopefully, all mothers spent the day doing exactly what they wanted; they got all the love that they deserve for just being themselves and having the wonderful opportunity to be one of the most superstar things out the...
Rethink it
I remember very well, that some years ago I worked on a particular project for a long time. Everything appeared to go terribly wrong along the way as unforeseen problems kept occurring with amazing regularity. Finally, after what seemed like an etern...
Five signs your child may have a foot problem
Foot and ankle problems in children are common but often go unnoticed. Signs and symptoms can be subtle, and sometimes young children cannot explain what’s wrong or what they are feeling or experiencing. Many children are involved in sporting and ...
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