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Health & Wellness

A focus on women’s health
Women tend to be better than men about seeking medical attention when they don’t feel well, but there is still a cross section that tries to get away with only scheduling an annual trip to the gynecologist. If you are one of those women, you may be...
Celebrating pretty brown girls
BreAnn Ferguson, founder of BreAnn’s Care Closet; Caden Smith, the preteen founder of Red Nose Day in The Bahamas; and Biteddie Bethel, a high school student and chief executive officer of her own business, Addiction Bakery, presented as part of an...
Maybe you need orthotics
Running, other sports and even walking can make a lot of demands on our feet and ankles. These demands cause stress on the feet that can lead to pain and injuries. Orthotics can help in positioning the foot correctly and prevent pain and suffering in...
REACH hosts penny drive to fund therapy for children with autism
REACH, a non-profit promoting awareness of autism and providing resources to parents and their children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), is hosting a penny drive to raise funds for a therapy room and after-care program at the organization’s ne...
Education is the gateway to your dreams
I heard the quote that is the title of this article, education is the gateway to your dreams on television recently and I immediately wrote it down as I thought it contained an extremely important message for all who wish to succeed in life, across t...
No romancing this stone
Many people don’t think twice about skipping meals — then there are the people who will crash diet in order to lose weight quickly to fit into a dress. And there are those people who don’t maintain a healthy weight. All these scenarios can set ...
Choose your hard
I know why you’ve been reluctant to jump on the fitness bandwagon, and I’m not blaming you for it — because fitness is hard. Want to know just how hard? Here’s a glimpse into the fit life.   Fit life truth #1: Exercise counts Lace up ...
Doctor-owned Green Cleaners focuses on chemical-free tactics for tackling toxic indoor air
Let’s face it — working in an office can sometimes feel like doing time in a germ factory. One cough or sneeze from a nearby cubicle and suddenly the entire staff is walking around with puffy eyes and tissue boxes tucked under their arms. But it ...
Back pain and your feet
Have you had lower back pain or have you ever said your back is killing you? Have you considered that the source of your pain could actually be your feet? Back pain demands almost urgent attention, but foot pain is a common complaint that most people...
A money-making formula
Now I’m quite sure that when people read the title of today’s article ‘A Money Making Formula’ they will indeed take note of it as just about everyone wants to make a whole lot of money; however, not that many are prepared to do what needs to...
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