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Health & Wellness

The obesity
Carla Smith’s battle with her weight started after she had her first child at age 18. Over the years and after a second child, the weight kept piling on. At her heaviest she tipped the scale at 283 pounds. But reality hit home hard for her when she...
AIDS Foundation president and Scotiabank employees perform ‘mannequin challenge’ in recognition of World AIDS Day
Camille, Lady Barnett, president of The Bahamas AIDS Foundation, joined Scotiabank employees to create their version of a new trend that has rocked social media, and involves doing nothing whatsoever in recognition of World AIDS Day on December 1. B...
Hearing aid styles
When it comes to hearing aids, many people with hearing loss are self-conscious and desire to have a hearing aid that is inconspicuous and cannot be easily seen by others. Hearing aid manufactures have therefore tried to meet this demand by coming up...
Best shoes for diabetic feet
For most people a bad shoe day may mean a blister on the little toe or painful spot on bottom of the foot that goes away within a couple of days. But for people with diabetes, wearing shoes that don’t fit can cause serious problems. In fact, poorly...
Smooth sailing
I’m quite sure that just about everyone has seen a video or movie of people on a sailing boat gliding along smoothly in an azure blue sea as the sails catch the wind which propels it along at a smooth, fast pace. This surely is a beautiful sight to...
The future of health care
The future of primary care — health care provided by the doctor who sees the patient first and provides basic treatment and who will determine whether a patient needs to be referred to a specialist — is basically the future of health care accordi...
Trotting for tots
An unfortunate event turned out to be the motivation for a special event — Trot for Tots 242. In June 2016 Rhaine Russell was admitted to the children’s ward of Princess Margaret Hospital with a skin rash. She was hospitalized for approximately t...
Traversing the hearing aids market
I am often asked by people how they would know which kind of hearing aid would be best for them, as there are essentially tens of thousands of different possible hearing aid manufacturers, numerous hearing aid styles, unlimited hearing aid features a...
Diabetic foot ulcers are very serious and can lead to many months or even years of suffering and an early death
A diabetic foot ulcer is an open sore or wound that occurs on the foot of a person with diabetes. It is very serious and can lead to many months or even years of suffering and an early death. In fact, a person with a diabetic foot ulcer or an amputat...
You never lose, you learn
I was listening to a politician on television one day who was being interviewed at the time. The interviewer brought up the question of the fact that this particular politician had ran for office before and lost, so why run again for the same office,...
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