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Health & Wellness

The importance of flossing
Periodontist Dr. Antoine Clarke encourages flossing as one part of a regular hygiene routine that also includes brushing teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day. He says the main purpose of flossing is to decrease plaque (bacteria...
Wellness expert urges new look at how diabetes is treated
For patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes, the daily prick is as predictable as the changing of the tides. But the wave of wellness that is sweeping the medical industry may just be changing the way doctors treat diabetes. And one local expert who ...
Mommy and Me workouts: Creating a healthy, active bond between you and your child
Parenting is an important full-time job that requires the distribution of an endless amount of love, affection and guidance. As a parent, it is important to build a community of supporters who can alleviate any stressors associated with parenting, in...
DQ’s Miracle Treat Day raises $11K to assist people affected with Down syndrome
Children and families affected by Down Syndrome in The Bahamas will benefit from $11,000 raised during DQ’s Miracle Treat Day as the treat company earmarked this year’s money to assist The Bahamas Down Syndrome & Friends Center, Stapledon Sch...
CIBC FirstCaribbean soca party strikes a chord for cancer awareness
In the midst of the fun and revelry of CIBC FirstCaribbean’ Soca Party for the Cure cancer fundraiser, three sisters recounted the story of losing their sibling to cancer earlier this year. Standing side-by-side, Jan, Nell, and Dorothy remembered ...
The Browns pay it forward
A decade ago, Janet Brown’s husband, Gerard Brown Sr., lost his battle with cancer. During his illness, and in the Brown family’s time of need, there were people that showed them kindness. Yesterday, they reciprocated in a tangible way with a $10...
Surprising facts about dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke
Living in high temperature areas creates many self-proclaimed “experts” about the heat index, dangerous temperatures and related illnesses, such as dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. But, some facts about the body’s reaction to hot w...
The importance of organ donation
Each brain dead cadaver could potentially help 10 people in their battle with health challenges through the potential donation of a kidney to two people, a liver, a heart, maybe both lungs, as well as both corneas, and sometimes bone and skin, accord...
Amber Spa manager: The sun is one of the biggest culprits in rapidly aging your skin
Everyone wants to look young, but if you don’t have a skin care regime, as you age, it will definitely show in your face. And it’s for this reason that spa manager Carlethia Thurston says people should now be taking extra care of their skin from ...
Know yourself
Six years ago Cherise Armbrister (name changed) found a lump in her breast, went to the doctor and insisted on having a mammogram when the medical professionals told her she didn’t need one. Today she’s thankful she was insistent, because the bre...
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