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Health & Wellness

Sheree Flowers — a work in progress
Every journey begins with that first step. When you’re overweight with shot knees, that journey is extremely difficult. But losing weight and getting healthy was a journey Sheree Flowers knew she needed to take. She tipped the scale at a weight she...
The act of cutting
For most Bahamians the idea of cutting oneself is foreign, particularly to parents. One parent said that the idea of cutting oneself for whatever reason is shocking and just plain crazy; it’s just to get attention. Self-harm is not a new phenomeno...
Back pain and your feet
If your lower back has been hurting, and you don’t remember doing anything to injure it, have you considered that the source of your pain could be your feet? Foot pain is something that many people try to ignore, but if you have been experiencing f...
Think ahead
I always remember someone saying to me, “D. Paul, I know that you always think ahead, you’re not just thinking about today and what you have to accomplish, you know in advance exactly what you’ll be doing in six … even 12 months time because ...
The student's healthy choice lunch box
With summer break coming to an end for the majority of students (some students returned to the classroom just yesterday), students and parents find themselves in the process of returning to the rhythms associated with school — earlier bed times, wa...
WHO estimates more than 800,000 people die yearly by suicide
Suicide is defined as the act of deliberately killing oneself. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 800,000 people die yearly by suicide, which represents an annual global suicide mortality rate of 16 per 100,000. The Bahamas...
Once man, Twice a child
While the attention is often on the elderly relative who needs help because they’re getting on in age and have limitations, the caregivers who take care of them should also seek help to ensure that they too remain healthy, according to a general pr...
CIBC FirstCaribbean’s region-wide Walk for the Cure cancer fundraising campaign off to record start
CIBC FirstCaribbean’s Walk for the Cure awareness and fundraising campaign for Cancer is off to a racing start, having raised $80,000 regionally only a few weeks into the drive, over $15,000 of which has been raised in the Bahamas. The campaign cli...
‘Friends of the Blood Bank’ continue their blood drive
The “Friends of the Blood Bank” Organization continues to arrange to collect lifesaving blood. The organization recently organized collection drives at the Securities Commission and J.S. Johnson, to allow staff at the organizations to donate bloo...
Improving the survival rate
Where children live plays a major role in determining their likelihood of surviving cancer. Countries across the Caribbean tend not have a healthcare system that supports the best possible management of pediatric cancer — from proactive screening t...
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