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Health & Wellness

New lease on life
Mothers look forward to their children’s milestones — their progression from birth to the toddler stage, then onto adulthood, and eventually the children becoming parents themselves, and the cycle taking place all over again. Shantell Cox-Hutchin...
Inner Wheel of East Nassau and John Bull turn Bay Street pink in aid of Cancer Society of The Bahamas
John Bull’s main store on Bay Street was awash with pink with members and friends of the Inner Wheel Club of East Nassau attending the Pretty In Pink Party to raise funds to assist the Cancer Society of The Bahamas with research and its ongoing can...
Memorable moments at ‘champagne mammoparty’
When women come together to share a life-saving experience while celebrating each other, it makes for a bubbly exchange of laughter, stories and memorable moments. Last Friday afternoon was a day for 20 women or more to hang with the girls as they al...
The fight or flight syndrome
My Friend, do you ever wonder why when certain people really start to annoy you, or you get yourself into a very difficult situation relative to some aspect of your life, you want to either run away from the situation and completely ignore it, or you...
Breast is best
Feeding a newborn formula or even water within the first six months of its birth can expose an infant to health risks that include water intoxication, kidney failure, urinary tract infections, gastric disturbances, seizures and even sudden infant dea...
Four body changes you can expect from eating low carb
Have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen to your body if you stopped eating refined carbs? It’s no secret that refined and processed carbs contribute to weight gain, and so reducing the amount of these in your diet would logically lead to...
Children — earbuds, headphones and hearing loss
There is an ongoing attack taking place in the lives of many children, teens, and college students today that parents do not realize is occurring, and its end result is the destruction of their children’s hearing. With the advent of newer listening...
Dealing with a puncture wound to the foot
A puncture wound is a very common injury of the foot, especially after a disaster, flooding or a hurricane. It usually occurs when a person is walking barefoot and steps on a foreign object, such as a nail or other metal, glass, a splinter of wood or...
Divisiveness destroys
I’m writing this particular article at the height of the political season in the United States, so when you put your TV on, you are literally bombarded with arguing politicians and political commentators as they all seek, it would appear to me, to ...
An annoying, painful disease
Every step is a battle. Every bent knee is painful. Even the most gentle of touches is an excruciating ordeal. Life has never been the same for Dwayne Curtis (name changed) since he was diagnosed with what he calls an annoyance of a disease — gout....
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