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Health & Wellness

Medical science fiction now reality
Medical science is continually making advances with the development and introduction of new medications and treatments. But the major surgical advancement that has taken place in the last 10 years is minimally invasive surgery, also known as laparosc...
Juicin’ for your life
Detoxing, cleansing and losing weight to feel better and more energized will be the end goal for participants in the upcoming Juicin’… for life! “Da Biggest Juicer Weight Loss Challenge”. In an effort to promote healthy living and help peop...
The human connection
Ever wonder how people from all over the world manage to communicate and connect to people much different than themselves? I’m sure you’ve seen it many times before. Maybe a walk downtown or a family vacation to a foreign destination may have giv...
Heel pain in children
Heel pain is a common foot complaint in childhood. The number of pediatric patients reporting heel pain increases with the fall and winter sports seasons. Obesity is also emerging as another prominent cause of heel pain, even with students who take ...
Never be jealous of others
Let me commence here today as I so often do by asking you a question. Now here goes with the question. Do you sometimes hear some people say something along the following lines, something like this “I can’t stand that person. Just because she’s...
Lishara’s miracle
Considering Lishara Charlton’s health challenges — she is diabetic and has seizures — her mother, Lisa Clarke, told her daughter that she should consider it a miracle that she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, even though she was born prematu...
Challenging their fitness
After the dust had settled and the mud had dried, more than 70 people had bested the first ever Chickcharney Challenge — an obstacle course challenge that was tough but not impassable. The Clifton Heritage National Park was the setting for the rec...
No better time than now
They say that time waits for no man, and they would be right. It is evident all around us that time goes by much faster than we think. No more evident is that than watching your babies go from infants, to toddlers and then on to big kids in what feel...
The pain in your feet could be a neuroma
If you are experiencing pain in your feet with numbness, tingling or shooting, burning pain into the toes, you may have a neuroma. If you are no longer able to wear your high-heeled shoes because of pain under the ball of the foot, you may have a neu...
Relax — stop being uptight!
As all of my regular readers will be aware of, I am constantly advocating the need for people to meditate on a regular basis. I myself meditate regularly each and every morning upon awakening, and again last thing at night before retiring. I also qui...
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