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Health & Wellness

When stomach pain isn’t gas
Two cups of fever grass tea, one cup each of ginger, green, regular Lipton and a cup of peppermint tea — Jameel Lightbourne consumed all of it in the course of a day, as he sought relief from a “bloated, gassy” feeling. As the day progressed, h...
Enjoy a DQ treat and help make a miracle
For the second year, Dairy Queen (DQ) Bahamas will join DQ stores across Canada and North America in providing hope and healing to sick and injured children, by participating in Miracle Treat Day. For every DQ Blizzard sold on Thursday, July 30, $2 ...
Therapeutic yoga at Bahamas Medical Center helps seniors achieve and maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit
When you say the word “yoga”, for most people, images of super fit, incredibly flexible people bending themselves into pretzel-like shapes pop into their heads. They certainly don’t envision people suffering from injuries and debilitating illn...
Do not ignore bunions
Bunion surgeries have been performed for more than 100 years. Techniques used today now ensure minimal pain, faster recovery and earlier and improved mobility; and they can decrease the likelihood that a bunion will return later in life. A bunion is...
Doing nothing is hard work
Recently my website had to have some maintenance done on it, in fact it had to be completely redone in order to bring it up to date and keep it secure. So to cut a long story short, I was not able to make any marketing calls to potential clients who ...
The challenging reality of aging
Your parents ensured that you were fed, clean and kept safe for much of your life, now the roles are reversed and the child finds him or herself having to care for elderly parents. It’s a shifting situation and role reversal that can be a challengi...
Delete junk
In today’s technological age I’m quite sure that just about everyone understands the title of today’s article as we all have computers or other devices, tablets, smart phones, etc. which allow us to surf the Web, to use the vernacular and send ...
Friends of the Blood Bank pushes to collect life-saving fluid
John Bennet started donating blood at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) since 1959, and to-date the Spanish Wells native has donated more than 235 pints after traveling to New Providence every eight weeks to make a donation. Bennet, a member of the g...
Melanoma of the foot
The next time you clip your toenails, take a closer look at your toes and the rest of your feet. That extra 60 seconds could save your life! Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer. It begins in the cells of the skin that make the dark skin...
Men’s health checks and balances
Men have a shorter life span than women, and as such most women will end up without a man in their lives, but all the man’s money. If men want to keep the money they have earned, it becomes absolutely necessary that they suffer the indignity of a r...
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