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Health & Wellness

Strokes and traumatic brain injury in The Bahamas
Strokes There are two main types of strokes. The first type is called an “ischemic stroke”, which occurs when there is blockage in the blood vessels in the brain or vessels leading to the brain. The blockage can be caused by a blood clot (throm...
Pay it forward
I’m sure that the short phrase which is the title of this article is one that you have heard over and over again ‘Pay It Forward’, but what exactly does it really mean? Well to me it means this: Whatever we have gained in life to date whether k...
A misdiagnosis that could have proved fatal
Terrell Cleare, 44, is a survivor of a disease that is almost 100 percent avoidable — colon cancer. And the way to avoid colon cancer is by doing a colonoscopy or other form of colon cancer screening. The first screening is recommended for people b...
Walking in paradise for a cancer cure
The 2015 Walk In Paradise held on Paradise Island proved to be yet another successful event raising nearly $3,000 in support of breast cancer survivors in New Providence. Walk In Paradise was held under the theme “Majestically rising above the chal...
Why are you so angry?
Anger, it is one human emotion that causes more unhappiness, bitterness, sadness and physical aliments than any other emotion. You may think that it is the synonym of hate and the antonym of love, but in fact it’s not. Anger is the outward projecti...
Athlete’s foot is a skin infection caused by fungus known as dermatophytes
Athlete's foot is a skin infection caused by fungus known as dermatophytes. The infection was common among athletes who frequently used public sporting facilities so the term “athlete’s foot” became popular.   Causes: The fungus most com...
You don’t forgetYou don’t forget
Do you have someone in your life whom you’re constantly asking to do things for you, who when you check back with them to ascertain if in fact they have done what they promised you they would do, they say again and again, “I forgot”. Now I know...
Doctors Sharmaine Gray-Stuart and Karis Thompson-Major partner in family medical clinic
Balloons, confetti and blood pressure screenings were how two doctors celebrated the opening and rebranding of a family medical clinic in the heart of the city. Dr. Sharmaine Gray-Stuart, who has been practicing medicine for the past 15 years and who...
Turning a negative into an educational positive
When life hands you too many lemons — you make lemonade — and that was what the faculty at T.G. Glover Primary School did. Following a recent outbreak of scabies in some government schools, one of which was T.G. Glover at which approximately 10 s...
Engineers team with Ministry of Education for STEM summer camp
The young Bahamian engineers, web developers and professionals of Bahamas Engineering and Technology Advancement (BETA) Group, partnering with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology are aiming for bigger and better with their sophomore eng...
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