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Health & Wellness

A test too important to forget
In a country where studies have shown a significant predisposition for young Bahamian women to develop breast cancer, women old and young, with or without a family history of the disease, are keen to have their annual mammogram. With so much attenti...
Breezing your way through pregnancy
It's a fact that pregnancy takes a toll on a woman's body. It can tire you out, make you feel sluggish and just plain ‘blah’ sometimes. With women having powerhouse careers and many extracurricular activities, they are sometimes choosing to push ...
Clubfoot describes a range of foot abnormalities that children can be born with. A baby's foot is twisted inward and is out of shape or position. With clubfoot, the tendons (tissues that connect muscles to the bone) are shorter and tighter than usual...
Pay attention to your people
I bumped into someone whom I had not seen for quite some time a few days ago and we had lunch. I asked him how things were going at work and he promptly informed me that he had actually left the company he used to work for and joined another company....
Laparoscopic surgery is the future
Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) allows surgeons to perform complex procedures on some of the smallest patients through the smallest incisions possible, which makes it the future not only of pediatric surgery, but surgery in general, according to ped...
For the love of our boys
Almost seven years ago, I gave birth to my first child, a boy. From that moment on, I learned how beautiful and amazing it is to be a mother of a boy. I was fortunate that I was not alone in raising my son. Being a female, you can imagine my apprehen...
Unlimit yourself
Now some may be puzzled as they initially read the title of this article “Unlimit yourself” saying to themselves or another, why in the world would I limit myself, after all, I want the very best for me and my family. So I really don’t understa...
Protect your feet from the summer heat
As we enjoy the long, hot summer, we think only of long strolls on the beach and the feel of sand through our toes. We never think of the dangers that might be lurking outside with all that fun, sun and sand. From playing sports on the beach and swim...
One woman flees her marriage after 20 years of abuse
Seven years into the marriage she thought would last a lifetime, Jane Doe’s (name changed) husband delivered the first blow. From what she remembers, prior to that first incident of spousal abuse, he had flown into a jealous rage. Like most women, ...
Breastfeeding in public — why is it taboo?
From the start of humanity, breastfeeding has been the way in which infants are fed. Even Jesus, Moses, Abraham and John the Baptist were breastfed. Breasts were created for that purpose — to feed, nourish and comfort our little ones. So why has so...
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