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Health & Wellness

One woman flees her marriage after 20 years of abuse
Seven years into the marriage she thought would last a lifetime, Jane Doe’s (name changed) husband delivered the first blow. From what she remembers, prior to that first incident of spousal abuse, he had flown into a jealous rage. Like most women, ...
Breastfeeding in public — why is it taboo?
From the start of humanity, breastfeeding has been the way in which infants are fed. Even Jesus, Moses, Abraham and John the Baptist were breastfed. Breasts were created for that purpose — to feed, nourish and comfort our little ones. So why has so...
Traveling can take a toll on feet
Summer is here with a vengeance, and most Bahamians are busy planning or going on their next vacation. Whether you are planning to walk around amusement parks, shop until you drop, or explore one of the beautiful Family Islands at home, traveling can...
Praise is a powerful motivator
As I have relayed to you my valued readers on many occasions, I listen to Joel Osteen on television just about every Sunday morning. Joel always puts forth a very powerful and indeed positive message as to how people can succeed in all aspects of the...
Lessons and lyrics
Melodic learning uses the defining elements of singing — pitch, rhythm and rhyme — to facilitate the capture, storage and retrieval of information. People of a certain generation can remember well singing the alphabet and times tables, but not re...
Balancing body & health
The poses are really funky — think beyond tree pose and downward dog — think gate pose, revolved side angle pose, feathered peacock pose, warrior pose, ready for liftoff or flight plan, but all the standing and twisting is intentional and helps p...
The giving effect
Philanthropy is the practice of giving money and time to help make life better for other people. As a young child, around the age of seven or eight, I remember my father taking me to work at the famous hamburger van during fairs and local events in ...
When feet stink
Have you ever been close to a friend or family member and when they removed their shoes, there was a strong odor coming from their shoes or feet? Well they probably have athlete’s foot and need to be treated. Athlete's foot is a skin infection cau...
Establish priorities
As I have outlined repeatedly in the past in these articles, if we truly wish to be successful in our personal lives and professionally, we need of necessity to establish a series of goals and objectives, both short and long range, for all areas of o...
Get in touch
It’s one of the oldest healing arts, and today the benefits of massage are varied and far-reaching. As an accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs, massage therapy has also proven beneficial for many chronic conditions including low b...
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