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Health & Wellness

The inherited blood disorder without a cure
Sickle cell disease (SCD) is an inherited blood disorder — it is caused by a genetic abnormality in the gene for hemoglobin, which results in the production of sickle hemoglobin. When oxygen is released from sickle hemoglobin, it sticks together an...
Teaching good hygiene habits
As a mother, business woman, employee and wife, things do tend to get in the way of being able to truly dedicate yourself in all of the places that you think are important, and teaching good hygiene to your kids can sometimes be pushed to the wayside...
Family Medicine Center move puts increased focus on lifestyle medicine
Family Medicine Center (FMC) and Diabetes Education Network (DEN) are ushering in a new era of healthcare having recently opened the doors to their newly constructed facility on Blake Road earlier in September. “This building is more than a bunch ...
Fractures of the fifth metatarsal
Fractures (breaks) are common in the fifth metatarsal — the long bone on the outside of the foot that connects to the little toe. With an increase in public interest in physical fitness, clinical practitioners are diagnosing metatarsal fractures wi...
Dismiss the negative voices
One of the very important things which I heard my mentor Earl Nightingale say many years ago, was that 95 percent of the people are negative … he was of course absolutely correct in his assessment. As a matter of fact, sometimes I think that he ma...
Major public health problem in the spotlight
Suicide is a major public health problem. There are almost 1 million suicides per year according to World Health Organization (WHO) statistics. That number roughly corresponds to one death every 40 seconds, making suicide among the three leading caus...
Things you can do to make a teething child more comfortable
Just when sleeping schedules and feeding schedules have seemed to normalize and you feel that your family life has finally reached normalcy, your baby begins to teethe. Research suggests that teething begins in a baby around four to seven months, but...
Five signs of a foot problem in your child
Foot and ankle problems in children are common but often go unnoticed. This is because the signs and symptoms can be subtle, and sometimes children can’t explain what’s wrong or what they are experiencing. Thousands of children recently returned...
Talk it or walk it
I’m quite sure that just about everyone has heard the phrase, you can talk it or walk it, or perhaps it was put like this don’t talk the talk if you’re not prepared to walk the walk. So what do these phrases really mean, the uninitiated may que...
The bane of women’s existence
Cramping, bloating, fatigue, irritability — indications to women and girls that “Mother Nature’s monthly gift” known as her menses is about to be dropped like a bomb. For many women, their monthly menses may be the bane of their existence; ye...
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