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Don’t be afraid to ask for help


Published: Mar 21, 2017

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Pride is something that I feel has its pluses and its negatives. In other words, it’s as many would describe it, a double edged sword. This simply means that it has its place, its good points and its minuses, its destructive parts. It is my personal belief, that once a person knows exactly who and what he or she is in reality, which is an awesomely talented, special and unique ‘Child of God’ like no other in the world, and thus being aware of this indisputable truth sets goals, works hard, and becomes immensely successful in life; well then, that person should quite rightly be extremely proud of their accomplishments, for they have earned the success they sought.

However, as we all know, pride can have its dark side too. This kind of pride I refer to as ‘False Pride’. This is the kind of pride which keeps a person back from admitting that they have a serious problem which needs to be A. admitted B. fully defined, and C. adequately dealt with with the assistance of the appropriate professionals. Yes my friend, please don’t let ‘False Pride’ stand in the way of you getting the professional assistance you may need to effectively deal with a serious problem you may have, which is causing you all sorts of strife in your life.

Yes indeed, as the title of this article simply and succinctly puts it, ‘Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help’ when you really need it, which we all do at times. So often there are a whole lot of loving and kind friends and relatives who could and would help you, if only they knew the real picture.

Yes my friend, we all make mistakes in life, which sometimes can lead us into the depths of failure. When this happens, don’t let ‘False Pride’ keep you there forever. Instead, learn to swallow your pride, thus seeking the professional assistance you really need right now to deal with your specific problems as soon as possible.


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