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Remain open


Published: May 16, 2017

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As we all know only too well we have some good times in life and, of course, ultimately we’ll have some not so good times as that’s the way the cookie crumbles, as that well-known saying puts it. Now the real test of anyone and how successful they will be in the end, is of course how they handle the occasional bad times, the down cycles, which we all have to deal with at times, across the board.

Some people are able to handle these down times in a level-headed manner, knowing that the down cycle is just a temporary setback and will not last. Now unfortunately others do not fare so well when things get rough in business, in the employment field or maybe in a personal relationship, and they just recede into their shell and start to hibernate, not having anything to do with anyone. Why, it’s as if they’ve become a completely different person with a whole new, very negative, non-communicative personality that is so very unlike their normal behavior.

Believe me, this sort of reaction is not at all good for anyone as it will keep you in a bad mood, affect your health in a detrimental way and not help in any way whatsoever. So what should I do under such circumstances D. Paul, you may understandably query? Well you’ve simply got to do as we say — psych yourself up. And as the simple title of today’s article puts it, remain open to new ideas and open to assistance from others.

Yes my friend, it may feel temporarily okay to retreat into your shell and continue to feel sorry for yourself; however, believe me, this is not good as it will not help you to find your way back onto the road to success. So, as today’s title simply and succinctly puts it, stay open — open to assistance from others, open to new ideas and new opportunities to succeed and you’ll make it again. Yes you will.


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