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 Techo Christmas Gifts for the geek in y our life

Everybody has a geek that they need to buy from. Custom Computers have everything that a geek would need.

 An ipad for you

Everyone needs an ipad

Store: Custom Computers

Price: $987

 A new phone

A new iphone is just what your son or daughter would love

Store: Lime

Cost: $456

 Tulips just for her

Bunch of Tulips

Store: Arawak Flowers

Price: $76


Rhinestone necklace with gold clasp

Store: John Bull

Price: $654


Sequins are hotter now than ever before and there are few textiles that scream happy holidays like shimmering sequins!

 Jewel Tones

This holiday season, the deep, bold hues of ruby, emerald and sapphire are the hot picks for your wardrobe.

 Heavy Metal

Pump up the appeal of a simple little black dress with heavy metal accessories that will turn heads.

 The Leather Tote

The classic tote is roomy enough for all your wares yet stylish enough to become a focal point in your look all by it- self.

 Chunky Knit Sweater

Snuggling up in a warm, over-sized sweater makes the holidays feel that much more cozy.


For those who prefer their sequins in smaller doses, a sequin separate such as this blazer is a great option.

 Blackberry Bold

 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, boasts a 3.0 and 2.0 megapixel rear and front camera respectively.

 iPad 2

iPad is the only product in its category that has the ability to take advantage of the Apple Store’s 500,000 applications ranging from games, lifestyle, social networking and education.

 Kindle 3

the Kindle 3 stands apart from the rest with its ability to read seven document formats whilst maintaining an average price online of $139.

 iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S is double the speed of its predecessor, while its graphics render up to seven times as fast.

 5 steps to dumping debt

Tackling debt requires discipline but it can be done! Follow our five steps for a better financial life in 2012.

 Are you living beyond your means?

Rather than trying to live beyond your means, learn to be satisfied with what you have and improve on it!

 Saving for retirement

Keep in mind where your retirement income will likely come from and plan ahead.

 Get the facts on life insurance beneficiaries

Remember, life insurance is one of the most flexible estate planning tools available.

 Exercising wise

Remember: A strong body makes the mind strong – Exercise today for a stronger tomorrow.

 Eating wise

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are! Remember to keep to a healthy diet for better living

 Savings wisdom

Remember: A penny saved is a dollar earned. Start today for a more comfortable tomorrow

 Hurricane Sandy

Home surrounded by flood waters.

 Hurricane devastation


 Hurricane devastation

House destroyed during Nassau Hurricane of 1926

 Hurricane devastation

Boats underwater and severely damaged from a hurricane

 Hurricane devastation

Salem Baptist Church destroyed after the 1929 Hurricane

 Hurricane devastation

House badly damaged after Hurricane Andrew in 1992


 Hurricane devastation

Dock damaged in North Eleuthera during Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

 Hurricane devastation

A collapsed dock from the force of a hurricane

 Hurricane devastation

Roof of Trinity Methodist Church downtown destroyed during 1929 Hurricane.

 Hurricane devastation

Seventh Day Adventist Church destroyed during 1926 Hurricane.

 Hurricane devastation

Hurricane devastation

 Hurricane devastation

Boat and dock debris

 Hurricane devastation

Boats pushed up onto the sand

 Hurricane devastation

Long Wharf after the Hurricane of 1929.

 Hurricane hunters

Despite the dangers, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Hurricane Hunters are re...

 Hurricane devastation

Evacuation Routes

Always know your evacuation route before the hurricane hits.  When phones and the internet go down in the middle of the storm, it can be difficult to find this information in an emergency. 

 Hurricane supplies

It is always important to check your supplies long before forecasters say a storm is coming.


A western New Providence family helped neighbours to safety as flood waters from Hurricane Sandy raged through their neighbourhood in 2012


 Baillou Hill Road

Electricity poles fall along Baillou Hill Road during Hurricane Irene in 2011

 Hurricane Ike

Then Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham talks with then Opposition Leader Perry Christie as they surveyed damage to the island of Inagua following Hurricane Ike in 2008

 Secure your windows before the storm

 Toys for girls

A-Dora the Explorer ; B- Barbie Princess Charm School; C- Baby Alive

 Toys for boys

A- Bey Blade; B- Hero Factory; C- Pirates of the Caribbean Lego

 Toys for girls

A- Leapfrog Explorer Learning Tablet; B- My first princess ride scooter; C- VTech computer; D- Monster High Dolls

 Toys for boys

A- Raw Superstar Wrestlers; B- Remote control Helicopters; C- Learn & Groove Guitar

 Toys for gamers

A- Microsoft X-Box 360; B- Sony Playstation 3; C- Nintendo 3DS.

 Medical Insurance protects you

Medical insurance is meant to protect you when you need it most. Without medical insurance, a serious illness or accident can wipe you out financially and put you in debt for many years.

 STIs are a serious health issue for young people

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) represent one of the most significant health problems amongst teens and young adults.The most common STIs seen today are chlamydia and gonorrhea.  Genital warts, herpes and syphilis can also be seen.  Testing is simple and can be done at routine doctor’s visits.

 Heart Health Month

February is Heart Health Month: Are you taking care of yours?

 Taking charge of the flu

The flu season may have started early this year but it’s not too late to get a flu shot to prevent catching this illness that can leave you suffering with a fever, cough, runny nose, head and body aches and fatigue.

 Change your lifestyle

A minimum of 150 minutes per week is recommended as a means of a healthy level of physical activity.

 Impact of obesity

Medical research has consistently identified obesity as a major risk factor for certain cancers, heart disease and diabetes which collectively account for approximately 70 percent of all deaths in The Bahamas annually.

 Obesity is a major health issue

Chronic diseases driven by lifestyle account for more than 70 percent of deaths and hospitalizations and are projected to increase dramatically over the next 10 years.


 Healthy and compassionate eating

Being vegan doesn't mean missing out on delicious meals. Consider the wealth of produce that surrounds you!

 Extreme Fitness

For a bigger challenge, consider a boot camp-style outdoor fitness program.

 Working out on the cheap

Working out should not crash your budget. Use the world as your gym!

 Benefits of yoga ‘extensive’

Consider taking up yoga and benefit from the various positives it can bring to your life