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Get to know SheNa Di
heena “SheNa Di” Smith’s goal is to always give the audience music they can relate to as she makes her mark on the music industry. Growing up SheNa Di, 34, was known as the young girl with the voice. It’s a vocal ability that she tuned into ...
In search of ‘Trinkets & Treasures’
In a novel approach to mixing the atmosphere of a fair with serious fundraising, nearly a dozen charities and causes will come together on the grounds of Collins House on Friday and Saturday with booths filled with extraordinary goods from furniture ...
The Bahamas to be featured in upcoming episode of ABC’s hit romance reality series ‘The Bachelor’
The beauty of The Bahamas will be the backdrop of romance as The Exumas will be featured on an episode of “The Bachelor” currently celebrating its milestone 20th season. On ABC’s hit primetime reality series, one lucky man is offered the chanc...
‘Ride Along 2’ sequel ‘surprisingly’ disappointing
Ride Along 2 (Rated T)Cast: Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Ken JeongGenre: Comedy, Action-AdventureDwight’s Rating: 1.5 Stars Here we sadly go again! Yes, we knew there’d likely be a sequel to the 2014 comedy/action-adventure, “Ride Along”, especial...
Good sport or sore loser?
As all of my regular readers will know, I write a whole lot in these articles about winners, and indeed there’s no doubt about it, we all like to be winners in all that we undertake in life. However, let’s face it, at times it’s inevitable that...
Songs, sand and sea
It’s one of the most anticipated annual events on Elbow Cay, where people from around the world come to enjoy warm weather, sea breezes and performances by some of Nashville’s best musical talents. The Fourth Annual Patrick Davis Hope Town Songwr...
Bahamas Artisan Connection launches organization with seminar
Giving local artisans a leg up on international competition is the name of the game for The Bahamas’ first privately coordinated co-op for local creatives. The Bahamas Artisan Connection (BAC), founded by Chevette Williamson, Chelsea Johnson and D...
‘The Revenant’ is one of the most impressive movies of 2015
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson Genre: Thriller, Adventure Dwight’s Rating: 3.5 STARS Get out your book of superlatives. You’ll need them for, “The Revenant”; one of the wildest, most shocking, most violent, most vi...
Promises, promises
Let me commence here today by asking you a question, which of course I do want you to answer with complete honesty. Now here’s the question. Are you, yes I’m directing my question to you; are you a totally reliable person? In other words, when...
It’s Veronica Bishop
Nobody had to tell Veronica Bishop she could sing. She always knew she could. As a 10-year-old growing up on Cat Island when she had to go into the field to cut bush so that her family could plant the corn, peas, potatoes, cabbage and tomatoes, that ...
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