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The crazy returns

Gea Pierre returns with ‘Crazy Love 2’, the anticipated sequel stage play to ‘Crazy Love’
  • The dapper dons of Gea Pierre’s “Crazy Love 2”. Pictured from left are Donovan Munroe (Stephan), Remardo Russell (Barber), Evan Williams (Dboy), Matthew  Wildgoose (Keith), Mark Gardiner (Craig) and Andre Cartwright (Lil Reg).

  • Kyla Andrews (Keisha) and Remardo Russell (Barber) in a scene from the play.

  • The cast of Gea Pierre’s “Crazy Love 2” are ready to bring the crazy to New Providence next weekend. Pictured from left are Donovan Munroe (Stephan), Alexis Pelecanos (Diva), Remardo Russell (Barber), Philcher Grant (Cassandra), Andre Cartwright (Lil Reg), Shorrell Dames (Vanessa), Evan Williams (Dboy), Kyla Andrew (Keisha), Ontario Richardson (Shawn), Antonique Rolle (Bri) and Mark Gardiner (Craig). PHOTOS: GEA PIERRE

Guardian Lifestyles Editor

Published: May 19, 2017

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I’ve been to a number of plays in my lifetime and have been bored stupid — sometimes to the point where I literally needed toothpicks to prop my eyelids open to make it through the night. Then last year came Gea Pierre’s “Crazy Love”. I went in skeptical and left having experienced almost every emotion imaginable.

I laughed.

I cried.

I celebrated.

I actually developed hate for some characters, as did many other patrons who couldn’t help but shout their opinions to the characters onstage. Yup, you kind of forgot that they were just playing a part.

“Crazy Love” took you through all the intricacies that come with falling in love and the kind of things that develop or transpire. It was a little eccentric, a little off-balance, and for all generations. You got to see the beginning stages of love from the early 20s on up. It dealt with love, divorce, infidelity, miscommunication — everything that could go wrong in love.

Did I say I laughed my head off?

And now one-year later, Pierre returns with “Crazy Love 2” — and no ifs, ands or buts about it — I’m there.

After nine sold-out shows in Grand Bahama, Pierre’s “Crazy Love 2” is coming to New Providence next weekend, and from the feedback of the Grand Bahamians, they say that it’s just as good — if not better than part one.

“We definitely did not disappoint. The audience loved it as much as part one,” said Pierre.

According to the playwright, even persons who didn’t see part one are able to pick up on the storyline because it’s written so that it’s a separate play, but a continuation of the stories of the characters, and also opens new stories, which means that Pierre will be bringing part three to the stage.

“People who did not see part one that saw part two were able to pick up on the storyline.”

The “Crazy Love 2” story picks up eight months after “Crazy Love” ended and reveals characters that have grown in interesting ways.

“We had the breakup of two main characters — Barber and Keisha, so their relationship takes an interesting turn, and you see what happens there — whether they end up together or not. We have Diva, who broke up with the guy who was treating her very poorly, and we may see her go back to him. We have other characters who had a wife last time, who still had a wife, who may not be with his wife this time. And we have three new character additions — two females and a male — who came to spice up these characters’ lives in an unexpected way.”

The cast is comprised of Donovan Munroe (Stephan), Remardo Russell (Barber), Evan Williams (Dboy), Matthew Wildgoose (Keith), Mark Gardiner (Craig), Andre Cartwright (Lil Reg), Kyla Andrews (Keisha), Alexis Pelecanos (Diva), Philcher Grant (Cassandra), Shorrell Dames (Vanessa), Ontario Richardson (Shawn), Antonique Rolle (Bri) and Mark Gardiner (Craig).

While part one tugged on every emotion and audience members could see pieces of themselves in almost every character, Pierre said to expect to run the gamut of emotions once again in “Crazy Love 2”.

During the play’s Grand Bahama run, Pierre said they had a lady in the audience who cried because she was so angry at what was going on onstage; because things had happened in her life. That lady, she said, took in the play three times.

“So I think this one is more gripping because it has more depth to it, so I’m extremely proud of the work I did, not only as a writer, but what these guys did as characters to get you involved in the emotion. We still bring a whole lot of laughter and that sort of thing, but there are still relevant, trendy, fun situations that happen. It’s going to be interesting for the audience to see how the characters have grown up some.”

Pierre believes “Crazy Love 2” is as good as part one.

She didn’t write “Crazy Love” with the thought that there would be a part two and three, but wrote “Crazy Love 2” with the mindset that there would be a part three. She said people will see part three coming in the end of part two.

“It was just so many persons asked us about a part two, and when I thought about it, it was actually the only play that I’ve ever done that the characters could go on and I felt that I could continue to tell their story, so we got back into it.”

Pierre wrote “Crazy Love 2” during Hurricane Matthew, and the resulting drama that she said is reflected in the show’s plot that picks up right after the storm, is also a subliminal message about rebuilding and moving on, which Bahamians are very much known for.

It took Pierre approximately two weeks in the writing process, but a few weeks of going through the characters, punch lines and roles in her head.

“When I’m writing I always look for if it can make me feel something as a writer, then I know that I can somehow convey that same emotion to the audience.”

As she prepares for a successful staging of “Crazy Love 2” in New Providence at the University of The Bahamas Performing Arts Centre, Friday, May 26 and Saturday, May 27 at 8 p.m. nightly, and Sunday, May 28 at 5 p.m., she said she is excited.

Pierre wrote her first production at age 15, and has 22 years of writing experience.

“I’ve written many plays over the years. I’ve been blessed in that they've all been very successful and very well-received. This one is a very different production for me in that it’s more geared towards young people and relevant issues, and the success of it has been extremely overwhelming,” she said.

“Crazy Love 3” is already in the can and will be brought to the stage in February, according to Pierre.

Pierre’s “Crazy Love” won an Icon Award last year; “Crazy Love 2” has been nominated for an award.

Tickets for “Crazy Love 2” can be purchased at Airbrush Junkies, Mall at Marathon; and can be purchased for $35 VIP (wine included) and $25 general, $30 at the door. Free delivery on 10 or more tickets ordered via Whatsapp 5591542.



When: Friday, May 26 at 8 p.m.

Saturday, May 27 at 8 p.m.

Sunday, May 28 at 5 p.m.

Where: University of The Bahamas Performing Arts Centre

Tickets: $35 VIP (wine included), $25 general admission, $30 at the door

Box office: Airbrush Junkies, Mall at Marathon



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