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Do you know your destination?
I guess that today’s article is a logical follow up to yesterday’s article on mind travel. You see, obviously if you wish to go anywhere, you must first and foremost determine exactly where you want to go. Now that may sound very simplistic, how...
That almost evil comedy hypnotist — Dale K returns to Atlantis
That almost evil comedy hypnotist Dale K is returning to the Atlantis three months after his last appearance for an encore performance. Dale K has “hypnotized” over 100,000 people in 20 countries over two decades, and will be adding to that numb...
Live the experience at Sapodilla September
Fred Ferguson and Tingum Dem Band, the country’s hottest party band, jump Sapodilla Estates’ Signature Series — Sapodilla September — with a journey through the decades and genres from the 60s to today for one night only, tonight. An eclecti...
Da Good Bad & Ogly
The newest art exhibition of Matthew Wildgoose is expected to create strong conversations when his latest work in “Da Good, Bad & Ogly,” opens at The Central Bank Of The Bahamas on September 15. The exhibition showcases the beauty of The Baha...
Ignorant or arrogant?
I recently put up a post on Facebook with this same theme, ignorant or arrogant. So D. Paul, what exactly were you getting at with that title? Could you perhaps elaborate here today, you may say? Sure will. Let’s face it, all of us were ignorant ab...
Vocals as sweet as honey and as smooth as molasses
It’s been almost a decade-and-a-half since former Visage lead singer Greg Douglas performed on a home stage, but tonight his fans are in for a treat as he will bring the love to the stage at Fantastic Fridays. And those people who aren’t familia...
New ‘Ben-Hur’ stands in shadow of Wyler’s 1959 epic
Ben-Hur (Rated T) Cast: Jack Huston, Toby Kebbell, Morgan Freeman Genre: Historical Action Drama Dwight’s Rating:   Somebody should be fired! Whoever had the bright idea to green light yet another “retelling” of a beloved classic, sh...
Recondition your mind
In the last article, I urged everyone to break barriers and thus break out from perhaps a very mediocre life, or a life of relative poverty to become the winner the Creator placed you on this earth to be. However, so many have been very negatively pr...
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