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You can change a life
Let me commence here today by asking you a simple question, which of course as usual I want you to answer with complete candor. Now here goes with the question: Are you happy right now with every aspect of your life? Now I would presume that we’ll ...
The Carnival pilgrimage – Trinidad to The Bahamas
Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival has officially launched. Last Friday we got a taste of the songs the Music Masters semifinalists will be bringing to concerts in Grand Bahama and Nassau. And with costume launches galore, now we are truly “Road Ready!” ...
The road was long, but Bahamas Carnival 2017 has finally made it
The Bahamas National Festival Commission (BNFC) officially launches Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival — today! With only 55 days left until the start of Bahamas Carnival, and 57 before we take to the road in the most anticipated part of Junkanoo Carnival,...
Coco-Cola Zero Sugar makes its mark on Festival RumBahamas
The fourth Festival RumBahamas was electric! The three-day festival gave event patrons a taste of Bahamian culture with unique takes on local dishes, top entertainment and of course lots of rum — from global brands such as Bacardi, Mount Gay, and C...
‘Logan’ and ‘Get Out’ — two great genre bending and redefining films
Logan (Rated C)Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Boyd HolbrookGenre: Fantasy/ Science FictionDwight’s rating: 3 Stars   You can indeed teach an old wolverine new tricks! Just less than a year ago, after I proclaimed that fati...
Louis & Steen’s Coffeehouse to host Mardi Gras-themed event
Louis & Steen’s Coffeehouse will bring the New Orleans experience to The Bahamas with the hosting of its first Mardi Gras Day for those people seeking excitement coupled with specialty coffee, delicious Creole fare and jazz music in a fun, rela...
Twenty semifinalists named in Da Bahamian T’ing song competition
The battle for a share of a $70,000 prize purse with the winner set to pick up a $25,000 payday is “hotting up”, with the announcement of the 20 semifinalists in the Ministry of Tourism’s (MOT) Da Bahamian T’ing song competition being named. ...
Hero or zero
I heard someone on T.V. one day say the following, “You can be a hero or a zero” meaning of course, that you can be a great success in life, or on the other hand, you could end up with a life which really amounts to nothing … the choice is your...
Are you prepared for Shebada’s ‘Chixta’ (trickster)?
The storyline: A professional con woman by the name of Sketrella, who also goes by the aliases Gloria and Gladys, decides to con a man known as Useful, who owns his own house, a beauty salon and is the recent winner of $60 million lotto jackpot. Sket...
Searching for the Trini tabanca, and preparing for Bahamas Carnival
If you were on the Bahamasair charter flight from Trinidad to New Providence on Wednesday night you were likely depressed ... and asleep the entire time. There’s no real cure for your Carnival tabanca (a depressive state caused by the end of Carniv...
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