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Clearing the fray
A great latte is a perfect balance of milk and espresso. But when a barista is able to incorporate latte art — like a heart or a leaf — into their latte-making artistry … well that just adds a little something extra to your latte drinking exper...
Bahamas National Youth Choir to host encore performance
The Bahamas National Youth Choir (BNYC) is preparing for its yearly international tour and will host a one-night only repeat performance of its 27th Annual Concert Season The repertoire includes performances from popular Broadway musicals like The W...
Excellence recognized
Greatness never happens by accident or coincidence — but with conscious effort to work harder, be stronger, smarter, and more dedicated in an effort to manifest the highest and truest expression of oneself. “It is a chosen life trajectory that i...
Fifth Aliv Bahamian Icon Awards Lifetime Achievement awardee is the man behind the Bahamas National Youth Choir
Mention the name Cleophas Adderley Jr. and most people think Bahamas National Youth Choir (BNYC) — and while Adderley himself says it’s difficult to separate one from the other — he’s so much more. He’s a person who loves life, loves God, a...
‘The Mummy’ reboot leaves a lot to be desired
The Mummy (Rated C) Cast: Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Russell Crowe Genre: Action/Fantasy Dwight’s Rating: Pretty Awful Some of the latest research suggests napping has numerous beneficial properties. A siesta can rejuvenate ...
Patrice Murrell is living her passion
Patrice Murrell has always done what was expected of her. She earned a master’s degree and worked a 9-to-5 job in the financial sector that would ensure she would be financially set. But she struggled too, as she yearned to indulge her passion and ...
The curated lifestyle experience known as ‘The White Party’
Real estate agents Ryan Knowles and Shamon Campbell are gearing up to host one of the year’s most touted events in an ever-growing trend to market high-end homes, the curated luxury, lifestyle experience known as “The White Party” which combine...
The good, not so good ‘Wonder Woman’ news — and what piqued my interest
Wonder Woman (Rated T)Cast: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, David Thewlis Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction Dwight’s Rating: Not bad Okay, so there’s some good news and some not so good news! The new film “Wonder Woman”, currently whipp...
Final day to register for Courtney Celeste Spears’ ArtSea dance convention
Through ArtSea, professional dancer Courtney Celeste Spears (granddaughter of Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group President Andrea Sweeting) is looking to continue to bring a high level of the art to the country of her mother’s birth, through...
Durelle Art History
The Bahamas: Forgotten History” an art exhibition, takes viewers on a journey through history, with periodic stops allowing the viewer to pay attention to aspects that have contributed to the country’s cultural and social development. Artist Dure...
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