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BNT’s Christmas Jollification this weekend
The island’s most popular event of the festive season takes place this weekend (November 18-20) at the 11-acre Retreat Garden on Village Road. The Christmas Jollification – an arts and craft festival now marking its 25th anniversary – is a maj...
Peace, prosperity, progress
The title of today’s article is a slogan I heard in a Public Service Announcement on television recently which I thought contained a wonderful Formula for Success in Life, across the board. So let’s take a look at the three words in the title, o...
Miss World Bahamas to host hurricane benefit concert with promoter Ryan Knowles
In the weeks since the devastating passage of Hurricane Matthew through the islands of The Bahamas, Miss World Bahamas Ashley Hamilton has been busy bringing new meaning to the motto “beauty with a purpose” as a champion of the cause of hurricane...
Prepare to be amazed
The Great American Variety Show features comedy, magic, illusions and acrobatics. “America’s Got Talent” Is NBC’s top-rated summer series, which has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique pe...
‘Dr. Strange’ works — and works well
Doctor Strange (Rated T)Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tilda SwintonGenre: Fantasy/ Science fictionDwight’s Rating: 3 Stars   This feels awfully familiar! Thankfully, in a mostly good way! Familiar, in that it seems that a l...
Do you always have to be right
My friend, the title of today’s article contains an extremely important question that I’d like you to ponder for a while and then answer truthfully, do you always have to be right? Well do you? Now you may answer that question like this — well ...
Beyond the Mask
Last year it was all about “luxury” — this year “Beyond the Mask: A Masquerade Ball” is the theme for the 23rd Annual Red Ribbon Ball —at which patrons can kick up their heels and expect to have a fantastic time, but from which funds rais...
‘Into the Inferno’ is a lazy meandering mess
Inferno (Rated T)Cast: Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Sidse Babett KnudsenGenre: Mystery ThrillerDwight’s Rating: 2.5 Stars Likable enough, but also cheesy and kind of annoying! That’s the best way to sum up the new thriller, “Inferno”, the thi...
An evening to remember
An evening to remember will commemorate 40th anniversary of GTC’s Albert Lowe Museum. It’s going to be “An Evening to Remember” featuring a concert by Ronnie Butler Jr., and the launch of “Those Who Stayed” — a coffee table book about ...
Teamwork works
I’m quite sure that just about everyone in my reading audience has heard that well-known saying, two heads are better than one — oh how true that saying is, and indeed I’ll add to that by saying that three, four, five or maybe six heads and the...
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