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Sun & Ice

Chef Wayne Moncur infuses flavors of The Bahamas into ice cream, gelatos and sorbets at his ice cream parlor at The Coral at Atlantis
  • Pictured from left are tubs of “Well Muddoes” which is for the chocolate lover; the “Inagua Flamingo”, the strawberry treat, and “Mango Skin” which pairs homegrown mangoes with avocado. FARRENO FERGUSON

  • Ice cream topped with a macaron. FARRENO FERGUSON

  •  Children enjoying cones of Sun & Ice ice cream. FARRENO FERGUSON

  • Cones of Sun & Ice ice cream cones — flavors that are inspired by The Bahamas’ warm, temperate climate and unconventional fusing of local fruits and flavors. Chef Wayne Moncur has brought Sun & Ice, a new ice cream, gelato and sorbet experience to The Coral, at the Atlantis. DAVID WJ LEE

Published: Aug 12, 2017

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Every scoop, it’s said, has a story.

“Irie Nuts” — roasted peanuts, almonds and pecans, combined with creamy goodness — was inspired by the small bags of roasted nuts commonly sold on Bahamian street corners by Rastafarians who weave in and out of traffic shouting, “Nuts, nuts! Get your Irie Nuts!” The soursop (guanabana) and caramelized sugar banana is called “Yea Bey”, which in the Bahamian vernacular means “yes” or “I love it”. Other fruit flavors include local fruits such as sea grapes and sapodilla (dilly), mango, avocado and pineapple. And of course the rum flavors could not be left out, as offerings include “Funky Nassau”, “Bahama Rock”, and “Rat Bat”.

Inspired by The Bahamas’ warm, temperate climate and unconventional fusing of local fruits and flavors, Chef Wayne Moncur has brought Sun & Ice, a new ice cream, gelato and sorbet experience, to The Coral at the Atlantis.

Sun & Ice’s ice cream, gelato and sorbet flavors are made fresh, in-house daily, staying true to Moncur’s vision of quality.

Unique flavor offerings will range from soursop and caramelized sugar banana, to sapodilla and maple, benny cake crumble, and allspice potato bread and coconut candy. Guests will find the perfect combination of sweet and savory as they order up sorbet consisting of pineapple and thyme, or take heaping spoonfuls of mango skin gelato, designed with the simplest of ingredients, mangola and avocado. Guava and seagrape, two island favorites of the chef, round off his menu that is filled with unique ingredients.

Moncur says Sun & Ice is reflective of his childhood memories of weekly Sunday visits to the ice cream parlor with his family and that Sun & Ice was created as a “farm to table” concept. The ice creams, gelatos and sorbets he creates consist of simple ingredients — fresh cream, milk and pure cane sugar coupled with organic seasonal Bahamian fruits, to teas, herbs, seeds and spices.

He said each ingredient is thoughtfully selected by himself, and he travels frequently to local farms and gardens throughout the country to create what he defines as flavorful island simplicity.

“I am excited to be joining forces with Atlantis to share with our visitors a taste of the wonderful sweetness of The Bahamas, my home. I am looking forward to taking them on a sensory tour of these blessed islands through Sun & Ice, complete with unique flavors and exclusive culinary experiences,” said Moncur. “People will be able to walk into Sun & Ice and see our beloved island culture come alive to tell a story. They will be able to learn about the local farmer who provided that day’s fresh sapodilla fruit from his tree for our seasonal flavor, and they can taste featured flavors like the one in honor of the Bahamian flag, complete with mangola, black sesame seed and blueberry.”

Sun & Ice ice cream parlor is the first element to be unveiled in the new lobby lounge as part of The Coral’s renovation and re-branding.

The chef behind the unconventional fusing of local fruits and flavors into ice cream culinary heritage evolved from the humble kitchens of his grandmother, mother and aunt. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University, Rhode Island and held the positions of executive sous chef at Atlantis, and executive Chef at One&Only Ocean Club.

Howard C. Karawan, president and managing director of Atlantis, Paradise Island said there was no better person than Moncur to help tell guests the story of the Bahamian culture through his fun, culinary experiences with his native-flavored ice cream, gelatos and sorbets.

Sun & Ice is located in the newly designed lobby of The Coral. The ice cream parlor is open to guests seven days a week from 11:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.


• 6 cups old Bahamian Goombay Punch Soda

•1 cup granulated sugar

•1 cup 100 % pineapple juice

•Juice of 2 lemons

•1 oz. natural yellow food color (optional)

Combine all ingredients and heat in saucepan over low heat until sugar dissolves. Chill in refrigerator for one hour, then follow manufacturer's instructions on turning sorbet in your ice cream machine at home.

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