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National Review

Failing to deliver
On January 1, Latore Mackey posted on his Facebook page: “Happy 2014! I love you all!” The following day, he posted something more serious: “Recommendations and proposals in the fight against crime.” Mackey ended by asking: “If not us, ...
The great sex debate
In its report to Prime Minister Perry Christie more than a year ago, it seems the Constitutional Commission anticipated furor over its recommendation that “sex” be included in the definition of “discriminatory” in the constitution as one of t...
Political theatrics
Two weeks ago, in this space, we encouraged Prime Minister Perry Christie to show greater leadership. That was in relation to the matter of Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works Renward Wells and his signing of a letter of intent (LOI) wi...
A bad signal
The decision to reappoint former embattled College of The Bahamas (COB) President Dr. Rodney Smith to the top post of the future University of The Bahamas will “come back to haunt the college”, according to Dr. Roger Brown, the former COB registr...
Physical & mental wellness
I do believe, that in recent times there has indeed been an awakening among the peoples of the world about the vital importance of physical wellness, in keeping our bodies in tip top physical condition so that we will not experience ill health too of...
Tipping point
Once described by Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Perry Christie as a candidate with “talent and tenacity”, Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins has demonstrated both, but perhaps not to Christie’s liking. In the House of Assembly last W...
War path
In the last two weeks, there has been open political combat playing out in the House of Assembly with multiple clashes between certain “new generation” politicians and the more seasoned members, who struggled to present a united front with the na...
An argument before its time
A package of controversial constitutional amendment bills appears set to get the approval of members of Parliament today, but the reform effort continues to face serious opposition among Bahamians. Among the arguments now being advanced against gend...
‘A great political sin’
The late Edmund Moxey died without ever receiving a formal apology for all the wrongs against him. “There is a lot of healing that needs to be done, and not for the sake of Edmund Moxey, but for the nation,” his son, Pastor Mario Moxey told Nati...
The cycles of life
My Friend, believe me when I tell you, that during my lifetime I’ve had some most wonderful, blissful, enjoyable, successful events take place which have indeed been most rewarding and satisfying. However, to be totally honest with you, I’ve als...
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