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National Review

Hard sell
With a dismal record this term and an unfocused election campaign, Prime Minister Perry Christie has clearly decided that the most effective message for him right now is to place the spotlight on Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis ...
House attendance record revealed
The House of Assembly met 220 times this session. North Abaco MP Renardo Curry was absent 102 times, according to records of the House of Assembly. It is unclear why the MP was absent from the House for nearly 50 percent of the sittings since May 2...
Life around the govt water pump
Beads of sweat dance across the forehead of 29-year-old Prince Williams, who squints in the hot, but not yet brutal March sun, as he fills a jug at a water pump at Scott Street and Rupert Dean Lane in Bain Town. Williams, who has a record for danger...
The House speaker’s interpretation of a House rule on when a seat becomes vacant is clearly absurd. With questions surrounding Elizabeth MP Ryan Pinder’s prolonged absence from Parliament, Dr. Kendal Major has interpreted the rule in question to...
Talking fool
Although West End and Bimini MP Obie Wilchcombe, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Perry Christie and several other PLP MPs voted in favor of a resolution brought by the Ingraham administration in November 2010, approving the issuance of work pe...
Let ‘intuition’ guide you
Most successful people set goals and then have a series of definite plans formulated to achieve these goals one by one, in a given time frame. However, as we all know, so often as we pursue our plans we encounter problems. In other words, as we tra...
A tragic option
On November 18, 2010, after a hotly debated controversial resolution for Parliament to approve the issuance of work permits for 8,150 non-Bahamian construction workers, the House of Assembly took a vote. One by one, each MP indicated whether he or s...
Tough times as GB’s economy limps along
FREEPORT, Grand Bahama — As business leaders listened to Prime Minister Perry Christie drone on for more than an hour about his optimistic assessment of the future of Freeport and the wider Grand Bahama Island during the annual Grand Bahama Busines...
Did met dept. drop the ball?
When Chief Climatological Officer Neil Armstrong wrote to Director of the Department of Meteorology Trevor Basden and Deputy Director Basil Dean on February 15, 2017, he expressed concerns that the department was not properly prepared to observe seve...
Brink of despair
As a 39-year-old mother speaks to us about her desperate efforts at survival after falling on hard times, crouched in the corner of the small, rundown government apartment in which her family resides in an area Over-the-Hill, one of her daughters, a ...
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