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National Review

Dire straits
Hurricane Joaquin has exposed critical weaknesses in our country’s emergency management system. It has also highlighted a level of incompetence among some of our leaders that should worry us all. To be clear, Prime Minister Perry Christie deserve...
Restoring faith in humanity
Amid the grief over the devastation caused by Hurricane Joaquin and the anger and confusion over the authorities’ response to the storm have come multiple heart-warming expressions from Bahamian citizens and friends of The Bahamas who moved quickly...
Fueling hysteria
In the absence of official information, rumors often fill the void. But irresponsible “official” information is also unhelpful in times of disaster. Such was the case on the weekend when there were widespread reports of at least 30 deaths on Lo...
Letting the chips fall
Friday was an important day for The Bahamas. Amid the scurry over Hurricane Joaquin, police informed that they were taking the accused Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) bribe taker to court. Not long after, Fred Ramsey, a well known insurance e...
Push to remove Minnis
Despite the best efforts of supporters of Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis to prop him up and downplay his glaringly undesirable traits, the majority of the members of the FNM’s House of Assembly team have lost confidence in hi...
Hollow pledge
Three years after his re-election to office, Prime Minister Perry Christie has pledged to take the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) “in a different direction”. This direction, he said, would ensure the PLP is “seen to be by the people, who we r...
Mired in mess
In a climate where political polarization is the most significant threat to national development, it was refreshing to hear Investments Minister Khaalis Rolle acknowledge the realities of today’s Bahamas when he admitted before a group of business ...
Prime Minister Perry Christie should note with interest that Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis is refusing to state publicly whether he intends to challenge him. In June, Davis said he would not challenge Christie if the Progressive Liberal...
Answers needed on PHA hiring
The recent hiring of a foreign consultant in the health field without advertising the position locally flies in the face of the authority of the board of the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) and the government’s stated commitment to “put Bahamian...
They didn’t cause it
Now here’s a question for you My Friend, did you ever hear someone say something like this “That person made me so mad, they caused me to almost have an accident on the highway”? Well My Friend, I’m quite sure that you have indeed heard simil...
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