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National Review

A tall order
Prime Minister Perry Christie and his administration are approaching the halfway mark of their term adrift in a sea of disaffection. Yes, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) inherited a stagnant economy upon coming to office. Yes, the PLP has had t...
Unshakeable perceptions
Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) MPs passed the controversial Gaming Bill last Monday amid a widely-held perception that the Christie administration was paying back numbers men for substantial campaign donations reportedly made. It is a perception th...
Strained relations
The decision by Free National Movement (FNM) Deputy Leader Loretta Butler-Turner to release a statement letting us know that party leader Dr. Hubert Minnis was not invited to a recent political event in North Abaco was a clear sign that the FNM’s l...
Turn hope into faith
Someone posted a video on Facebook some time ago featuring Jim Carey which was indeed most inspiring, to say the least. One particular phrase which really stood out in Jim Carey’s presentation on what life is all about, was when he said the follow...
A deficit of trust
When it comes to the gambling issue, both the governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and the opposition Free National Movement (FNM) have proven to be disingenuous. Oftentimes, it appears their statements on the subject are motivated more by what...
On the attack
Pastor calls PM’s actions immoral, unprincipled Prime Minister Perry Christie finds himself in a contradiction of sorts. He has decided to place on hold the constitutional referendum bills while he consults with the church. At the same time, he ...
Critical role
Dr. Andre Rollins’ relationship with his party is becoming more chilled and strained with each contribution he makes in the House of Assembly. Anytime the Fort Charlotte MP gets up to speak, there is now an expectation that he will lash out at the...
One simple act of kindness
Now let me commence here today by asking you a simple question, which I’m sure I know the answer to; however, here goes with the question. Do you really appreciate it when someone is kind to you and thus does something for you which really brings ...
A contradiction in public policy
It is important for political leaders to be consistent when advancing legislation related to fundamental rights and discrimination. For members of the public to come along with the cause, they need to believe that their leaders believe in what they a...
Rollins must find a new political home
When Dr. Andre Rollins, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) MP for Fort Charlotte, stood up in the House of Assembly in March of last year and proclaimed that he was “absolutely 100 percent heterosexual”, I thought his political career was over. That...
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