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National Review

Crossing the line
The separation of powers doctrine is critical to the orderly functioning of modern democratic societies. It divides the state into three branches: A legislature, an executive and a judiciary. The doctrine dictates that the powers of each branch are...
Conflict and confusion
Last Wednesday, as Prime Minister Perry Christie was telling reporters he had been advised that all contracts related to the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) have insurance, simultaneously, Minister of State for Works and Urba...
It is still about leadership
Approaching its third anniversary in office, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is facing widespread discontent. There is a mood in the country that does not correspond with Prime Minister Perry Christie’s unbridled optimism. The mushrooming deb...
PM ‘concerned’ by Miller’s antics
Leslie Miller is not in the Christie Cabinet these days. However, he still proves hugely embarrassing for Prime Minister Perry Christie, who seems content with letting him operate in a manner that ultimately does damage to Christie’s leadership im...
Is ignorance really bliss?
You know, there are a whole lot of sayings that have been passed down from generation to generation which so many of us repeat like parrots again and again without even thinking about their actual contents. We just blurt them out whenever it seems ap...
A nat’l disgrace
We have just lived through a weekend we hope we do not see again anytime soon, if ever. A calamitous failure of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s (BEC) power generation system on New Providence triggered an island-wide blackout on Friday. BEC...
Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis owes the public an explanation on exactly how it is he came to mislead the Parliament of The Bahamas. This is a critical issue that goes to the heart of his own credibility. As a Queen’s Counsel with prime...
Auditing the auditors
Days after The Nassau Guardian revealed the damning findings of a forensic accounting into the Public Hospitals Authority’s (PHA) supply of pharmaceutical drugs and medical supplies, PHA Managing Director Herbert Brown wrote Minister of Health Dr. ...
A year on, aragonite answers remain elusive
More than a year after the government started a review of the country’s aragonite sector and how we can reap greater benefits from our natural resources in general, there is still no report available, Minister of the Environment and Housing Kenred ...
Believing is the key
Now at seminars which I have facilitated all over the globe for many, many years; I have of course always taught the absolute need for positive thinking in order for people to be able to bring their goals to fruition. In both group discussions and in...
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