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National Review

The fight for leadership in 2016
The next general election is likely to take place in 2017. Perry Christie, leader of the governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), and Dr. Hubert Minnis, leader of the opposition Free National Movement (FNM), would like to be atop their respective p...
What if the people don’t want the PLP’s NHI?
Emotionalism does not make good public policy. The government has pledged to begin some version of National Health Insurance (NHI) – we still don’t fully know what it will be – on January 1. In pushing for NHI the governing Progressive L...
Fragmenting opposition best hope for another PLP win
These are not the best of times in The Bahamas. A murder record was set this year and we still have a month left in 2015. Baha Mar collapsed and 2,000 people were fired. The unemployment rate is likely somewhere between 15 percent and 18 percent. Wh...
PM must say if he has confidence in commissioner
From the way our constitution is written, it is reasonable to conclude that the commissioner of police is the second most powerful person in the country behind the prime minister. The commissioner has absolute authority over the police force. He has...
Challenges elevate us
My Friend, let me commence here today by asking you a simple question which of course I want you to answer with complete candor. Now here’s the question. Are you facing some challenges in any area of your life? Now I’m quite sure that many will a...
Firing line
Bahamians desperately looking for leadership in the war on crime had a hard time finding it last week. Once again, we were told by our prime minister what the country “cannot allow”. Once again, Perry Christie has promised to roll out new crime...
The war within
Founding father of the Free National Movement (FNM) Maurice Moore appears to have done more harm than good in his coarse, condemnatory remarks at the welcome party for the FNM’s two newest members — Dr. Andre Rollins and Renward Wells — in Gran...
In the dark
Six weeks ahead of the National Health Insurance (NHI) implementation date, the Bahamian public remains in the dark as to what the government’s plans are in this regard. This is incredible. This is typical of how Perry Christie runs his governmen...
Dumping on the dump
Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader Branville McCartney has every right to be angry and fed up with ongoing fires at the city dump, which is in direct view of his house. He and his family are among those who suffer every time there is a fire a...
It’s all about attitude
I remember well some years ago, a particular young person who was obviously extremely intelligent and it was being predicted by all who knew him, that he was going to go a long way in life. He did well at school with his studies and was involved in ...
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