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National Review

Hot mess
The catastrophic failure of the power grid in New Providence is not simply explained. On the one hand, the much discussed problems of maintenance and repair loom large in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. On the other hand, the decisions about overtim...
Misguided priorities
As Hurricane Matthew pummeled New Providence on October 6, several forecasters had to be evacuated via two airport fire trucks as the Forecast Office at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) was unable to withstand the category four storm. Th...
The good in us
On Saturday morning, as many New Providence residents frustrated by the nightmarish wait for power to be restored to their homes and businesses took to Facebook to offload on Bahamas Power and Light (BPL), various community organizations were busy ad...
Minnis’ ineptitude shines forth in storm’s wake
On the Saturday after the all clear was given, Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis joined Prime Minister Perry Christie on a tour of Lowe Sound, North Andros, and West End, Grand Bahama — the areas most impacted by Hurricane Matthew. It was a good...
So near and yet so far
My Friend, have you set some goals for yourself which you’ve almost achieved, and yet a series of road blocks, so to speak, keep popping up as you endeavor to finally reach your goal? Now I’m quite sure, that the answer to that question will ind...
Last rites
The so-called ‘gang of six’ is no more. After launching an unsuccessful bid to get rid of Dr. Hubert Minnis as leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), four of the six are bowing out of frontline politics. Loretta Butler-Turner has managed t...
The third evil
The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) ended its two-day convention on Friday night with its leader, Branville McCartney, pledging to “take this country back” and telling Bahamians they finally have “a real option”. Choosing the lesser of tw...
The divine right of kings
There was something wholly unsettling and highly hypocritical about the story Prime Minister Perry Christie shared last week about his family’s meeting with the writer of the vile song that recently became the subject of a police probe. To be clea...
A waste of time
The House of Assembly’s Committee on Privilege must have a lot of time to waste. It has embarked on a futile exercise targeting Dr. Fabrizio Zanaboni, the CEO of Stellar Waste to Energy. You might recall that Stellar is the company at the heart o...
Without a purpose people perish
I remember many years ago when I was facilitating a seminar and the participants were busy setting up their goals for the future and writing them down in their workbook. I was checking up on what they were writing and offering my assistance to the pa...
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