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National Review

Something stinks
Something stinks, and it is not just the New Providence Landfill that has been at the center of plans by Stellar Waste To Energy (Bahamas) for a $600 million waste-to-energy plant. The letter of intent (LOI) for Stellar that was reportedly the one r...
PM asks Gomez to step aside
Prime Minister Perry Christie has asked Damian Gomez to step aside as the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) does not intend to renominate him for South and Central Eleuthera, National Review has confirmed. Gomez has communicated in his branch’s What...
PLP mockery
Sports Minister Dr. Daniel Johnson has admitted that although he presented Prime Minister Perry Christie with a replica gold medal which he said was from Bahamian Olympian Shaunae Miller, Miller never actually asked him to give Christie any medal. I...
Insult and outrage
Sandals Resorts International commences a job fair today, one week after it made the positions of more than 600 workers redundant as it started what Sandals officials said are critically needed renovations at its Cable Beach property. While the move...
Global deception
I put up a post on Facebook recently stating, that I honestly believe that one of the greatest problems facing the world right now at the beginning of the 21st century is ‘Deception’. Yes indeed, this ‘Global Deception’ is a major problem fa...
Against the tide
While there is a genuine widespread belief that attorney Alfred Sears cannot beat Prime Minister Perry Christie for the leadership of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), Sears’ announcement a week ago that he will run for the top post rejuvenated ...
Favored son
There are endless examples of the shameless hypocritical maneuvering of politicians that have caused so many Bahamians to become disgusted with many of these men and women on both sides of the major political divide, but one example immediately came ...
Cuban fiasco costs taxpayers $150,000
As a result of Bahamian authorities’ ill-considered decision to hold two Cuban men unlawfully for three years, the Bahamian taxpayers have been billed $150,000, plus taxes. But that might only be the beginning. As Fred Smith, QC, sees it, the Bah...
Politics, expediency and selective outrage
On March 4, 2014, nearly two weeks after Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller made his infamous comments in the House of Assembly that he used to beat an ex-girlfriend until his hand hurt, we approached Minister of Social Services Melanie Griffin to get her t...
In a pickle
The Official Opposition has declined to take an official position on the debate that has erupted over parliamentary privilege and citizens’ constitutional protection, but former Attorney General Carl Bethel has concluded that Supreme Court Justice ...
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