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School calls pastors after ‘demon’ concerns

  • Anatol Rodgers High School.

Guardian Staff Reporter

Published: May 30, 2015

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Anatol Rodgers High School Principal Myrtle McPhee said yesterday that her students have been “experimenting with a homosexual Mexican demon” named Charlie at the school.

So much so, that the school called in pastors to pray for the institution Friday morning.

McPhee said her students followed the instructions to communicate with the demon from YouTube and What’s App posts.

She said students would put a piece of paper down and write yes and no points on the paper and place a pencil in the middle.

“There are video recordings coming from C.C. Sweeting and one coming from C.V. Bethel where you saw where the pencil moved,” McPhee said when contacted for comment.

“To me it looks like it is real. You can’t take chances with this.”

McPhee said she does not know how many of her students have experimented with the demon.

“What is happening is that quite a number of students are experimenting with it in the presence of the other children because they are doing it in the bathrooms or if they get an opportunity when they are alone in a class they experiment with it,” she said.

“The label is that it's a Mexican demon and it tells you to put the paper down, put your points with yes, no and then the children put the pencils down across and then they appeal to Charlie.

“The concept is that Charlie is a homosexual. That’s how it came out.

“So when the students say anything that has a homosexual tone or any sexual tone the pencil seems to move.”

McPhee said she asked about 20 pastors to walk the school grounds at 6 a.m. yesterday and pray for the school.

“If it’s a demon spirit and so many persons have experimented with this demon spirit then we need to guard against it,” she said.

The school guidance counsellor, Samantha Francis-Wells, wrote to the pastors asking for help.

“...It has come to our knowledge that our students are summonsing demons through a spirit called Charlie, which is a Mexican demon,” she wrote.

“My principal, Myrtle McPhee is calling for pastors and ministers to come in tomorrow morning...to pray on the campus and in our classrooms where the students have been performing such acts. Your kind assistance would be greatly appreciated.”

McPhee said she intends to hold an assembly next Thursday in an attempt to “reach each child” about the dangers of “experimenting with social media”.

There have been several YouTube videos and What’s App voice notes and videos of students “conjuring the demon”.

Director of Youth Darron Turnquest described one of the videos as “chilling”.

“What I walked away from it thinking is, ‘Where is the learning experience of this for me?’

“What needs to be the action that we need to be doing?

“I think there is an alarm that has to go off but I don’t think we have to be alarmists.”

Turnquest said students exposure to the Charlie game, by way of the Internet and cellphones, is one aspect that teachers and parents are aware of.

He said: “The question that I have in my mind is, ‘How much is going on that we’re not exposed to?’”

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