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Collie: Disciplinary tribunal has not yet met

Guardian Staff Reporter

Published: Feb 17, 2017

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A tribunal of the Free National Movement (FNM) that was supposed to review the actions of Opposition Leader Loretta Butler-Turner and six other FNM MPs who wrote to the governor general last year to have FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis removed as leader of the opposition has ”not gotten about its hearing yet to consider expulsion”, according to FNM Chairman Sidney Collie.

Collie’s comments came yesterday as he responded to Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins’ statement that he is prepared to do all that he has to do to make amends with the FNM to ensure the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) does not win the next election.

Rollins was one of the “Rebel Seven” who ousted Minnis.

He said despite Rollins’ actions, he is still an FNM because he has not been expelled from the party.

“He is still an FNM,” Collie told The Nassau Guardian yesterday.

“The disciplinary committee has not met and there has been no proceeding against him, and even though he is a member of the Rebel Seven, he has not been expelled from the FNM.

“Now I believe by that statement, I can only conjecture by that statement that he wants to come back into the good graces of the FNM.

“But as far as being a member of the FNM, he has not been expelled, and as far as I am aware, the tribunal hasn’t even gotten about its hearing yet to consider expulsion.

“So for what it’s worth, as far as I’m concerned, he’s still an FNM.

“In the minds of many people he may not be in good standing, but he is still an FNM.

“...Until one of the so called Rebel Seven is expelled formally or one of them nominates against an FNM candidate which would [mean they] automatically lose their membership, they are still members.

“That’s all there is.”

Back in December, Minnis said a three-person tribunal had been appointed to review the actions of the seven FNM MPs.

On the same day the MPs in question wrote to the governor general, Minnis called on them to resign or face disciplinary action.

The MPs refused on the grounds that they had done nothing wrong or undemocratic.

On Wednesday, Rollins said, “It was said in the past that Mr. Perry Christie, the Right Honourable Member for Centreville, was prepared to swim in his vomit to return to the PLP.

“Well, I would tell you this for the record right now, I would never swim in any vomit.

“But if I have to get back to the Free National Movement and run in this next election to make sure that the PLP has no chance, no chance whatsoever at regaining power, let me tell you something, that is something I would be prepared to do.

“And I would say this...laugh all you want members on the side opposite, but when I say I am prepared, I speak for myself.”

Minnis first referred to the MPs as “rebels” and said they were “cancerous” to the party.

He has made it clear he wants them to leave the party.

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